Blah Monday


The headline said, Philadelphia Soul wins ArenaBowl XXII, 59-56. The 59-56 part didn't amaze me quite as much as the XXII part. They've been at it for 22 years? Doubt I've invested more than a minute and a half of my TV time in those 22 years. Carry on.

Spent a portion of a lazy weekend gearing the website up for fantasy football aka procrastinating from doing the yardwork.

38 days until football season ...

Quote of the Day
Now I'm the Sexiest Man Alive's chunky cousin.
Matt Damon

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Super Chef got a sneak peak of the premier episode that addresses tough questions like: What is the best way to cool your mouth after eating spicy food?"


What is this "ArenaBowl" of which you write? ;)

(btw-is it my browser or does your "remember personal info?" not drop a cookie like it's supposed to?"

My browser at work (IE) doesn't handle the cookie here for some reason. My browser at home (Firefox) does and I have no idea what to make of it. I'll ask around on the MT forum.

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