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HDNET has a program called "Nothing but Trailers". The title says it all. It's a full 30 minutes of movie trailers. Sometimes, they do an "Ultimate" trailer show where they show older movie trailers or trailers to obscure movies you may not have heard of. I heard of In Bruges that way. Bruges is described as a medieval city in Belgium. The city is featured throughout the film and is magnificent. This movie is a very dark comedy about two Irish hit men hiding out "In Bruges" after their hit doesn't go according to plan. A great film has a lot of little moments. This one is almost nothing but great little moments and I need more films like this in my diet. In Bruges is one of the very best movies I have seen in a long time.

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You can't sell horse tranquilizers to a midget.
Ray, In Bruges

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Quote from said blog: "Now the end for the In Bruges Fansite is really approaching, simply because all that is left to report will be the outcome of the 2009 Academy Awards."


I kind of liked it but it was a little too violent for my taste. I did enjoy seeing the old city as the setting.

I saw this one at the DVD store on Monday and had only vaguely heard of it...did it fly under the radar cinema-wise?

I've been to Bruge twice - absolutely one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. They do great chocolate and wonderful beer there too, just to top things off :)

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