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Had plans today but the rain is putting a damper (No pun intended) on those activities. All of the images below were taken during the light rains except the last one. That one was taken from beneath my front yard oak tree when the heavier rains started.

CrabAppleLane Tomato Garden - March 14, 2009CrabAppleLane Tomato Garden - March 14, 2009
Like last year, it looks like early planting weather is perfect again. Rain water is better than our well water but not much better. The garden needs a good soaking the first few days until these plants can establish themselves. Looking good so far.

CrabAppleLane Irises - March 14, 2009
CrabAppleLane Irises - March 14, 2009
My sister gave me these out of her ditch in Madisonville, LA. They prefer my pond.

CrabAppleLane tiller - March 14, 2009
CrabAppleLane tiller - March 14, 2009
This tiller has been a pain to attach to my tractor for most of the years I've had it. It was pressed into service this past Wednesday when my smaller, more convenient tiller died. My tractor is not rated for an attachment this large or, at least, John Deere doesn't think so. I bought it used and it came with a rinky-dinky PTO drive shaft. I've since replaced it with a considerably better (And a little too expensive) one. It was not nearly as hard to attach Wednesday as it has been in the past so it now rests in a much more accessible area. Glad I didn't get rid of it.

CrabAppleLane Front Yard - March 14, 2009
CrabAppleLane Front Yard - March 14, 2009
As I was retrieving the mail, the rain really started coming down. As I was heading back inside, I stopped under our front yard oak tree and snapped this image of the front yard. The Bradford pear is in full bloom although that's hard to see. Not sure why I like this one but I do. You can see the camellia blooms on the ground to the right despite the obscuring rain drop on the lens.

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Not only is it plodding and completely predictable, the carnage is rendered slowly and quasi-reverentially, making the whole brutal experience come off like torture porn.
Claudia Puig, USA TODAY

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Lovely to see shots of your yard coming into bloom.

What are those round things under the bamboo canes in your tomato plot?

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