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Eagle Eye was yesterday's CrabAppleLane matinee. This is one I wanted to see when it was in the theater but it just didn't happen. Eagle Eye qualifies as big budget CME, a perfect afternoon's entertainment. The best advice I can give you for this film is to just take the ride. The whole movie is driven by a voice on the phone, one that is reminiscent of George Orwell's Big Brother, only amped-up a few degrees. To say what that voice can do is impressive would be an understatement. The setup for it comes in one throwout line early in the movie about cell phones. The characters are mostly irrelevant. This film is all about having fun with the technology and the possibilities, however remote, that any of this could happen in real life. It's the type of stuff that the tin foil helmet types thrive on telling us about. I still enjoyed it. The BOTD has a similar take ... more or less. :)

59 days until football season ...

Quote of the Day
She could probably derail a train, she could probably turn a train into a talking duck.
Jerry Shaw, Eagle Eye

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Quote from said blog: "There are plenty of special effects. There is enough suspense and drama. And even something to listen to while everything moves, shoots, thinks, and explodes."

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I just read Daemon by Daniel Suarez. It reminded me a bit of Eagle Eye a bit. A computer genius dies and a bit of malware he's planted starts trying to make the world a better place -- based on his thoughts of what that world should look like.

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