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Ford's MyKey; Not sure about it. Aside from their questionable usefulness, my guess is those keys will get lost and be so expensive and difficult to replace that the adult keys will end up in the teenager's hands. I don't think technology just for teens will solve the problem of teen auto fatality anyway. And if it is that good, why not impose it on everyone? The article says that teens comprise 12% of the auto fatalities. Where's the love for the other 88%?

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Quote of the Day
Most teens don't drive new vehicles; they drive more affordable, used vehicles. And not many parents, especially in this day and age, are able to buy a new car with this technology.
John Nepomuceno, Research administrator with State Farm Insurance

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Quote from said blog: "Loving it that the oldsters, now known in polite society as the politically correct "seniors," are finding their voice."


I understand the desire to keep kids safe, but like you I'm skeptical of all of this technology to basically spy on and remotely control your teenager. I know it's easier said than done, but talking and teaching and a gradual earning of trust seem to me a better way to go.

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