CrabAppleLane Sunday - Saints-Dolphins - October 25, 2009


The Saints are in Miami for a game with the Dolphins today. The game plan for both teams is rather simple. For the Dolphins, the plan is to run the ball and keep the Saints offense off the field. Peyton Manning and the Colts only needed 15 minutes to ring up 27 points and the offensively-challenged Jets duplicated the feat in 26 minutes. For the Saints, the goal is to get the Dolphins offense off the field a few times early in the game and get ahead. The clock is only the Dolphins' friend today if they're ahead or at least close. I guess I need to say it every week. If the Saints take care of the ball, they'll take care of the Dolphins. Oh, and one more thing:

GEAUX Saints

Today's QOTD (I love that "Make them stop throwing the ball!!!" bit) is on the same website that has this gem:

There were some questionable calls that impacted the game and while I hate to "go there" ...

Whine about the refs on one hand and then advocate dirty play on the other. I suppose it's better than complaining about the perfect playing conditions in Dome stadiums to the point of suggesting they should be banned but only after your team lays an egg.

I offer one from my ride yesterday. This is the Bogue Falaya.

Bogue Falaya - October 24, 2009
Bogue Falaya - October 24, 2009

Quote of the Day
After the first thirty-eight touchdowns I would have just sent someone to hit Brees every play, high/low/late/more than once! doesn't matter. Make them stop throwing the ball!!!
Jesse Bartolis

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "You want to gain respect and make a statement about yourself Miami, win this game. This is a game you can win, go get it done."


Beautiful photo. The reflection of the sky and clouds makes it. Very nice, Rob.

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