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Today's QOTD mentions the game between LSU and Ole Miss played on Halloween night in 1959. I've posted about that here. A funny thing happened as I was searching and re-reading what I had written about it then and that is I had forgotten all about the comment on that post by Richard Noyes. I don't remember how I responded to him or even if I responded to him. A moment's search revealed that the book, Guts in the Clutch, has been published and I put it on my Amazon Wish List this morning. I had no idea. Wonder if he used that paragraph he inquired about. For what it's worth, I was two and a half years old when that game was played. My account of it is mostly from my Dad sharing it with me and from Peter Finney's 75 Years of LSU Football, which I think is probably out of print. I have no idea how historically accurate it is but I know it's pretty close. The game is legend in Louisiana and personal accounts of it have been handed down from generation to generation as ALL great sports stories are. If someone could find the original broadcast in its entirety and put it on DVD, people would line up for it.

As for LSU-Florida, the Gators have more experience and they may or may not have Tim Tebow but they don't have more talent, speed, or great athletes. 15-20 of the guys you'll see on the field tonight are NFL-caliber. I don't think Tebow will matter much. I think the Tiger defense can hold Florida to a reasonable score if the LSU offense has any success against the Florida defense. If they don't, the game will get ugly in a hurry. As for the atmosphere, there is nothing like a big game at Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night, except the Army-Navy game at the Vet in Philadelphia. Catch it if you can. Oh, and one more thing:

GEAUX Tigers

Quote of the Day
The LSU-Florida game brings the highest combined rankings for a matchup in Tiger Stadium since 1959, when No. 1 LSU beat No. 3 Ole Miss, 7-3.
Rachel Whittaker, The Daily Reveille

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "At this point, the question is not will Tim Tebow play tonight at LSU. It is how much will he play."

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