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Fantastic account of yesterday's Twins-Tigers game at the Detroit Free Press. Not often you see a line like the QOTD or one like this:

Two dozen plays could have decided this epic. We still don't know which one did.

Tip of the cap to the Twins and Tigers on delivering a game worthy of its stakes. The experts say the Twins are cannon fodder for the imposing Yankees tonight and maybe they are but the pressure in that series is squarely on the Yankees. The Twins are playing with house money.

A little vaccine hysteria courtesy of Dan.

The "new conservative Bible". There are a few cheap shots in there, of course, but some of them are good for a laugh. The one about the fishes and loaves still has me laughing this morning.

Can I just say that ranking NFL teams is irrelevant. The NFL HAS a playoff system. They have Number One right, though. The Colts are playing fantastic right now mainly due to the presence of Peyton Manning, who is playing some of the best football I have ever seen. He is a great player by any standard and it looks like he wants a few more championship rings.

Quote of the Day
If you had to make a list of the remarkable events in the Twins' extra-inning, extra-game, extra-painful elimination of the Tigers on Tuesday, the indoor rain would be ... what, 47th on the list?
Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "It took the entire team to win this division and it took the entire team to win this game."


Re: the new Conservative Bible - "shankethed" may be my new favorite non-word. That list is pretty hysterical and sadly ironic.

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