CrabAppleLane Sunday & A Guilty Pleasure

How to describe The Good Guys? It's kind of a buddy cop show. Jack Bailey, played by Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks' son, is a decent cop. They've partnered him with Dan Stark, played by Bradley Whitford. Stark is an old school cop who doesn't do anything by the book. He and his former partner solved a big case many years ago and the department is pretty much forced to keep him on even though they think he's washed up. Stark is a loose cannon and Bailey is basically his babysitter. They've been assigned to the property crimes division aka cop purgatory mainly to keep them out of trouble. From there, they stumble and bumble their way ala Inspector Clouseau into bigger crimes. It galls their superiors and their colleagues. It's ridiculous and it will absolutely make you cringe sometimes but I dare you not to smile. The Good Guys will grow on you.

The Saints take on the Falcons today in the SuperDome. The two teams are old rivals. It figures to be another tight one and it also figures to be very physical. Both teams are pretty good and know each other very well. I expect the Falcons offense to have some success against the Saints defense. I'm very interested to see how the Falcons defense handles the Saints offense. They've played well in the first two games but Drew Brees is a few rungs up the QB ladder from Dennis Dixon and Derek Anderson. That will be the key today. The Falcons are a popular choice to upset the Saints today in the SuperDome and they seem to be a very confident bunch. It's a good test for the Saints.

GEAUX Saints

I offer two images from CrabAppleLane taken just a few minutes ago.

From the CrabAppleLane back deck - September 26, 2010
From the CrabAppleLane back deck - September 26, 2010

CrabAppleLane hummingbird heading back to her perch - September 26, 2010
CrabAppleLane hummingbird heading back to her perch - September 26, 2010

5 song iTune shuffle from the CrabAppleLane Black Sabbath playlist:

  1. Snowblind - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Vol. 4 (Remaster)
  2. Dirty Woman - Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy
  3. Paranoid - Black Sabbath - Paranoid
  4. Wheels Of Confusion / The Straightener - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Vol. 4 (Remaster)
  5. Symptom Of The Universe - Black Sabbath - Sabotage (Remaster)
Quote of the Day
I guess in this world, we don't have a lot of people with backbones. Just because somebody pay you money don't mean they'll make you do whatever they want. I mean, that means everything is for sale. I mean, I'm not for sale. Yeah, I signed the contract and got paid a lot of money, but just because, that don't mean I'm for sale or a slave or whatever.
Albert Haynesworth, Washington Redskins

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "This game is a proving grounds for the Falcons."

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