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Naturally, the root canal therapy I need requires a specialist and, of course, it won't be covered by insurance and, it has to be done relatively soon because the pain and swelling will only get worse. ALL health care plans should cover dental procedures that are absolutely necessary but can't be done by a dentist. Live in pain or go broke? I'm not in that position yet but some people surely are. It's an awful choice. (Note: After some shopping around this morning, it looks like this procedure may not break the bank. It will definitely dent it, though.)

There's a film clip at the New York Times that features a game that I saw live and remember vividly. In the 60s and 70s, the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs had a type of rivalry that doesn't exist in the NFL any more. They really hated each other. When they played, it was almost always televised here. All of their games were great but that one was amazing because quarterback Blanda led the comeback for the Raiders at the age of 45 and placekicker Blanda kicked the game-winner. Kansas City Head Coach, Hank Stram, had sent his tallest player to the goal line to try to block the kick as it came down over the crossbar. It was a 52-yard attempt and it didn't figure to clear the crossbar by much. It didn't. That Chiefs player almost blocked it. If you're old enough to remember the old AFL and you think of those times and players, Blanda leaps to mind just like Joe Namath, Lance Alworth, and Len Dawson. He was one of their original colorful characters. R.I.P., George Blanda.

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Quote of the Day
I signed with Houston because I knew Bud Adams (the team owner) had a lot of money
George Blanda, NFL Hall-of-Famer

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Quote from said blog: "Pulpal access revealed a necrotic pulp chamber."

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Good luck with the dental work. I'm staring at that sort of thing myself. Grim.

Before December 28, 1975, when the Cowboys replaced them, Oakland was the team I most hated in the NFL. The only exception was George Blanda. Who could hate George Blanda? RIP indeed.

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