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Today's QOTD is from a Wikipedia article about the Radium Girls. I had never heard of them until Marie cited them in her post. What that company did is truly disgusting.

Tidbits on last night's ESPN Fantasy Football Auction.

1 day until football season ...

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Quote of the Day

The U.S. Radium Corporation hired some 70 women to perform various tasks including the handling of radium, while the owners and the scientists familiar with the effects of radium carefully avoided any exposure to it themselves; chemists at the plant used lead screens, masks and tongs. US Radium had even distributed literature to the medical community describing the “injurious effects” of radium. The owners and scientists at US Radium, familiar with the real hazards of radioactivity, naturally took extensive precautions to protect themselves.
Radium Girls by Wikipedia

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "On Friday, September 2, at 11:00 a.m. at the corner of Clinton and Jefferson streets in Ottawa, Illinois, a statue of a young woman holding flowers in one hand and paintbrushes in the other will be unveiled."

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Also disgusting that the State of Illinois didn't help the problem years later.

The high school where I worked a couple years back did a play about the "Radium Girls. It was horrifying watching the workers lick their paintbrushes. (You wanted to yell, "Stop!" at them.) It was well done--but really, really sad.

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