CrabAppleLane Sunday - January 29, 2012 Issue


Some TV ...

chuck.jpgFive years of Chuck ended on a bittersweet note Friday night. Patsy and I are big fans of the show. I'm sorry to see it go but it really did run out of steam towards the end. The first couple of seasons were very funny, very warm. The Chuck character was so much more fun to watch when he was geeky and insecure and trying to get the girl who was way out of his league. Confident, gun-toting Chuck wasn't as much fun. It was a great show for a while, though. By the end, it was just a good show.

Some personal stuff ...

Spent most of the day yesterday furniture shopping for our living room. We're getting more and more discouraged and disgusted with that process every day. Some of the online reviews we've read of the brands and products we're considering have been so overwhelmingly negative that I have to believe there is something to them. Our last buying experience in this area was also negative so our insecurity is just mounting while our current furniture continues to annoy us ... and continues to kill my knees and back. My $99 desk chair is the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house.

Speaking of knees, my left arthritic knee is in a bad way. Swollen and painful. I didn't contribute to this list of potential symptoms but I could have. I have them all. Tramping all over several furniture stores yesterday didn't help. I'll be seeing my orthopedist this week about them. Hopefully, all I need is a dose of cortisone. My right non-arthritic knee is sore mostly from compensating, I think. As I've said here a few times, there is little doubt in my mind that knee replacement surgery is in my future but I want to postpone it for as long as possible.

Some silly stuff ...

I unknowingly observed the "Twitter Blackout" yesterday.

I wonder how John Kerry got my email address. One paragraph sums up the gist of it:

We know all too well whats coming. Republicans will attack, assail and lie to destroy President Obama and usher in one-party rule. If the thought of President Gingrich leading a GOP Congress scares you beyond belief, then Im asking for your urgent help.

Says here a Gingrich-Obama election would have more people voting against one guy than voting for the other.

And some football stuff ...

The smart money says the Indianapolis Colts will be releasing Peyton Manning in the not-too-distant future. He'll have quite a few interested suitors and he'll command a sizable contract even though no one really knows if he'll ever be healthy enough to play again. Good Luck, Peyton ... and please stay in the AFC.

I will not watch the Pro Bowl today. If one of my favorite players gets hurt, I don't want to see it. Two of the Saints All-Pros, Carl Nicks and Drew Brees, don't even have a contract for next year. They'd better be careful. Brees dislocated his elbow in this game one year.

Finally, some CrabAppleLane Sunday stuff ...

I offer three from the backyard on this gorgeous CrabAppleLane Sunday.

CrabAppleLane Trail - January 29, 2012
CrabAppleLane Trail - January 29, 2012 Needle bed coming along

CrabAppleLane Trail - January 29, 2012
CrabAppleLane Trail - January 29, 2012 From the worms perspective

CrabAppleLane Backyard - January 29, 2012
CrabAppleLane Backyard - January 29, 2012 Nothing but blue skies

5 song iTunes shuffle:

  1. Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks, 1964-1971
  2. Make It Last - Montrose - Montrose
  3. All Over You - Live - Throwing Copper
  4. Stargazer - Rainbow - Rising
  5. Crossroads - Ry Cooder - Crossroads

Quote of the Day

She really worked me over good
She was just like Jesse James
Yeah, she really worked me over good
She was a credit to her gender
She put me through some changes, Lord
Sort of like a Waring blender
Warren Zevon - Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "I didn't ask my mother to buy me a trumpet or violin. I started right on the water hose."


Love the pics, they look like spring is coming.

I hope the knee feels better. You know your own situation, of course, but my only advice is to not let it go to the point where you lose too much range of motion, regardless of pain. I learned from my hand problems that once that happens the rehab can be worse than the initial surgery.

I never was a big fan of the Pro Bowl, but I'm even less a fan now that they've stashed it before instead of after the Super Bowl. Talk about going from yada yada to ridiculous.

Very mild up here too. After three or four pretty tough winters it is nice to catch a break. I suspect next year will be back to normal.

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