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From the Last Straw Department: We hadn't eaten in one of our former favorite restaurants in over a year because we had been so disappointed the previous two times. We decided to give them one more try last night. Three strikes, they're out. Mine was pretty mediocre and fairly expensive. Patsy's was a little more than fairly expensive and inedible. She was hungry when we left. Unforgivable.

From the Where The Hell is The Rain When You Want It Department: I tied up the tomato bushes and got in a round of fertilizer last Saturday in anticipation of rain last weekend. It has not rained here since I did that. Somewhere, someone with a leaky roof is wishing they had my power.

From the Next Project Up Department: Clean up the garage and make room to park the tractor inside. Long, long overdue. Will probably have to throw away some of our most prized possessions junk.

From the Fine Line Department: The lawsuits being brought against the NFL by former players are walking a fine line between compensation for injury and gold digging. Not sure when or if the NFL had and withheld information on concussions from the players. IMO, only players playing between the moment that information was known to the NFL and the moment everyone had that information should be eligible for compensation. The rest are just guys who didn't prepare for life after their playing days. I'd like to see the NFL and the players help those guys, too, but let's call that what it is. Charity.

From the Tired But Feeling Good Department: Actually got some things done in spite of having to work yesterday. Replaced the battery and a battery terminal in the tractor and got the finish mower attached Friday evening. Got the yard done this evening even without an edger and lawn mower. Will need to replace the lawn mower soon and fix the edger whenever.

From the Marie Is Always Right Department, Internet is Awesome Division: She suggested last week that my problem might be just the card and not the camera. Since then, I have been too lazy busy to check. That's all it was and the sunset image below from the CrabAppleLane back deck is the result. Thanks, Marie.

CrabAppleLane Vegetable Garden – April 29, 2012
CrabAppleLane Vegetable Garden – April 29, 2012

About today's QOTD: Anyone know who Guy Cecil is? I'm getting credit for support. If not lifting a finger, reading his email, or contributing a dime to any campaign constitutes support, I'm thinking I might have done more of it over the years.

5 song iTunes shuffle:

  1. The Dirty Glass (Live) - Dropkick Murphys - Live On Lansdowne, Boston MA
  2. Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin - Presence
  3. I Dug Up A Diamond - Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - All The Roadrunning
  4. Before You Accuse Me - Eric Clapton - Unplugged
  5. Chain Of Fools - The Commitments - The Commitments

Quote of the Day

Robert — Your support has allowed us to go on the air and defend the first of five Democrats Karl Rove is attacking with his $1.2 million smear campaign.
Guy Cecil, "Confidential" Email

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "In The Return, the writers seemed to fake us out, at first making us believe that August W. Booth was Baelfire, Rumpelstiltskin’s son, and then seeming to reveal that he was not. But could the writers have been doing a double fake out? Could August really be Baelfire after all?"


Love the pic. Good call, Marie.

It was such a dry winter that I've avoided complaining about the rain these days, but it's starting to cramp my style. We finally caught a break today and the first thing that happened was the throttle cable on my lawnmower broke. No chance to get another until tomorrow. Oh well. I may have a shot tomorrow before the rains return.

I've had a couple of disappointing meals at a local pizza/hoagie shop the last month. They might get called out too.

Thanks, Rob, but truth be told, I'm rarely right. I'm glad it worked, though. That is a wonderful photo.

Regarding the rain, and the place, and the equipment problems: "King Harvest (Will Surely Come)." At least if you use a little imagination. However, the song says nothing applicable to bad restaurant experiences.

"King Harvest (Will Surely Come)." There's something in there about equipment problems ("my horse Jethro"), lack of rain ("hey rainmaker can you hear the call?") and what I've always heard as a Southern setting ("listen to the rice when the wind blows 'cross the water"). Nothing about bad restaurant experiences, though.

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