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Guessing not too many have actually been wondering but here's the skinny and, mostly, it's because of my knees.

After 3½ years of searching, we finally pulled the trigger on some new living room furniture. We didn't replace everything because we couldn't afford to but we finally made a start. What we have is so uncomfortable for me now that we really had no choice. We're awaiting delivery in a few weeks.

We have replaced both of our standard toilets with "comfort height" models. It was getting harder and harder to lower myself down to the standard height when my knees were sore. Was no bargain lifting myself out of them, either. What was inescapable in replacing these toilets was the fact that water-saving toilets have improved dramatically in the 17 years since our house was built. The one we installed upstairs claims it can flush 16 golf balls at once. I'd be tempted to test that if I wasn't hooked to a septic system. :) It also has a non-slam seat and is much quieter than the one it replaced. Both models we bought claim to be non-clog. So far, no clogs. That, alone, makes me wish I'd done this 10-15 years ago. It is not nearly as expensive to do this as you might think and we even had a professional plumber do it for us.

I'm probably going to miss French Quarter Fest this year for the first time in many years. I'd pretty much have to go by myself. One of the many wonderful facets of chronic knee pain is the twinge one or both knees sometimes develop while I'm driving. It's not the kind of pain that sends you to the emergency room. It's the kind that irritates the sh*t out of you. Sitting still to drive enhances that irritability. I could mitigate that pain and irritability with modern medicine but I couldn't drive.

Finally, the fallout from the Saints "bounty" program, as the league and most detractors call it, or "pay for performance" program as the Saints and their supporters call it, continues to be dragged out by NFL Commissioner Goodell. Here's what I thought just before he announced that the Saints appeals had been denied. Hope there isn't too much homerism coming through. Goodell still hasn't announced player punishments. I'm not sure what audience he is playing to any more. The fans? Former players? The courts? The other 31 teams? Future players? At the rate he's going, he might want to bring a food taster with him when he comes to New Orleans in February for the Super Bowl.

About today's QOTD: I'm a bit embarrassed to say I've never heard of the United States Luxury Liner.

5 song iTunes shuffle:

  1. Rock 'N Roll Widow - Wishbone Ash - Live Dates [1973]
  2. Gone, Gone, Gone - Bad Company - Desolation Angels
  3. Waiting For The Man - Nazareth - Play 'N' The Game
  4. Love Bites - Def Leppard - Hysteria
  5. Beloved - April Smith & The Great Picture Show - Songs For A Sinking Ship

Quote of the Day

As we approach the Titanic's 100th anniversary on Sunday, the doomed luxury liner seems to be sailing across every television and computer screen. Amidst the rapt attention paid to a British ship's tragic end, the most famous ocean liner that never sank still bears the proud name United States. Though sadly overlooked by most Americans, our nation's flagship still serves as an enduring symbol of American postwar power, pride and innovation.
Susan Gibbs, USA Today

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "This week we acknowledge and pay respect to the 100th Anniversary of the Maiden Voyage and subsequent loss of the R.M.S. Titanic. She set sail on April 10th, collided with an iceberg late in the evening of April 14th, sinks April 15th, 1912, at 2:20 a.m."


I'm thinking of replacing my oval office too, but I'm thinking I'll do it myself. It looks pretty straightforward. I know, famous last words. :)

Sorry to hear about the continued knee troubles. I hope you can find some relief soon.

My sister got a "tall boy" for her husband's birthday present this year. I secretly suspect she really got it for herself. hehe

Rob, good luck with your knees. I've got it, too.

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