CrabAppleLane Sunday Departmental News - June 3, 2012 Issue


From the WOW: Had-To-Steal-And-Share Department: Click on the image to enlarge.


From the Everything-Wilts-In-The-Louisiana-Sun Department: I offer visual evidence below.

CrabAppleLane Vegetable Garden - June 3, 2012
CrabAppleLane Vegetable Garden - June 3, 2012

From the Just-Go-To-The-Dentist, Dumbass Department: Think pulling a tooth with string and a doorknob is dumb? Well, it is but there is dumber.

From the SEC-Is-Looking-Good Department: All 8 SEC teams in the NCAA Baseball Tournament are still alive and 6 of them, including the LSU Tigers, have won their first two games and have advanced to their regional finals. The Tigers path to Omaha looks very clean but this is baseball. You never know. If the Tigers advance, they'll host a Super Regional against the winner of the Coral Gables Regional, where host Miami was routed and eliminated in two games. I think the Hurricanes had the weakest regional, too. No one expected them to be gone first.

From the It-Used-To-Be-Called-Fraud Department: It's called "strategic default" when rich people do it.

They stopped making payments several months ago, Good said, because the mortgage company refused to discuss the matter with them because they were current on their payments.

My guess is the mortgage company thinks they'll do better at auction than they would with a "loan modification" and it will send a clear message to the next homeowner thinking about employing that strategy. There are enough struggling homeowners out there who honestly can't make their mortgage payments. That's where my sympathy lies. The ones who stop making payments in order to get a better deal ... well, I'm OK with them losing their house and good credit.

From the Dumb-Idea Department, NFL Division: I know it's hard, NFL, but just say no. Chicago is a great city and they absolutely have the infrastructure and capacity to handle a Super Bowl. What they don't have is the facility. Soldier Field is easily the worst stadium in the NFL. Too small, too close to the lake, and the only turf I've ever seen that was worse was Wembley Stadium's in London but they have an excuse. Theirs wasn't built for American football. Part of me hopes the New York Super Bowl is a disaster so this notion that a Super Bowl can be held anywhere is put to rest forever. A Super Bowl should be held in as close to perfect conditions as possible. When the game is over, people should be talking about the game, not the turf, the weather, the stadium, the city, etc.

From the CrabAppleLane Bullet Point Department:

  • 94 days until football season ...
  • About today's QOTD: I love good, dark lyrics.

5 song iTunes shuffle:

  1. Can't You See - The Marshall Tucker Band - Greatest Hits
  2. Rockstar - Nickelback - All the Right Reasons
  3. Tall Cool One - Robert Plant - Now And Zen
  4. Closing Time - Semisonic - Feeling Strangely Fine
  5. Hope You're Feeling Better - Santana - Abraxas

Quote of the Day

Gonna take a freight train
Down at the station, Lord
I don't care where it goes
Gonna climb a mountain
The highest mountain
And jump off
Nobody gonna know
Marshall Tucker Band, Can't You See

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "At the Tavern of Inner Beauty
the beer is cold
the whiskey Irish
& the door is always open


Good blog post concept.

I wonder how that guy's tooth is now.

Re Solider Field, sorry, but I can't help but laugh and wonder if Rahm isn't sending a super secret message to old man Ricketts that no one else can decipher or hear. I don't know what that message would be exactly, but that's what popped into my mind when I read the article. Unlike the message he's sending to the people of Chicago, which you don't have to live there to hear that loud and clear.

Saw Marshall Tucker Band in the mid-70s at an indoor ice skating rink on a Friday night. The place put what appeared to be sheets of drywall over the ice, which the audience sat on -- no chairs.

(You probably already know this, but I was referring to Ricketts wanting the city to give him big money for Wrigley Field, in case you thought I wasn't making sense, which I may not be, anyway.)

One time I went to get a second opinion on something and ran across a surgeon who lit up a smoke while he explained to me how he did the procedure. He had seen the pack of Marlboros in my breast pocket and invited me to have a smoke too. That was thirty years ago but even then I knew that it was just wrong to smoke a heater with your patient. I went with the first surgeon.

Still not watering the garden at all?

Well, back then people didn't curse and make the sign of the horns at smokers. And my doctor said I should quit, but he didn't get all freaked out on me. Nowadays you have the Surgeon General saying preposterous stuff like "One cigarette can kill you." It's insane.

Next you'll see the following headline:


That is, until Mayor Bloomberg gets a hold of them!

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