Congratulations to the Boston Celtics

Also, congratulations to the LSU Tigers, who once again staved off elimination with a 9th inning rally. Trailing 5-0, they scored a run in the 7th, a run in the 8th, and four runs in the bottom of the 9th to send Rice home and give themselves another shot at North Carolina. It’s still uphill for the Tigers but, like their football counterparts, they keep plugging and good things keep happening. Oh yeah, one more thing:


Now, about this post’s title: We’ve all seen this. Young men wear something they call shorts well below their waist. These shorts would be a good 6-8″ below the knees if worn at the waist. Men my age wear them like that and they don’t look bad. Young men wear them so far below their waist, though, that they have to actually hold them up with their hand to be able to walk. Usually, a substantial portion of their boxer shorts underneath are exposed as well. I think it looks ridiculous but it should also be noted that no one would or should ever take fashion advice from me. If that’s the style, so be it. No complaints from me. However, I must confess that I do laugh when I see something like this in the morning paper (Not sure but free registration may be required). Seems two boys (16 & 14) got into a car chase with police, wrecked the vehicle they were driving and several others, and then got out and took off on foot. That article picks up the story thusly:

As the “two young men” bolted from the Trailblazer to make a run for it, said Salzer, one was delayed because “his pants fell down to his ankles and he had to pull them up before he ran.”

Any takers?

78 days until football season …

Quote of the Day

Surely at some point Tuesday afternoon, doubt and despair must have quietly crept into the LSU dugout.

It didn’t stick around, though.