Mexican Adventure

The rumours of the death of this BLOG have been greatly exaggerated. I'll try harder! I'm not saying I'll be on it like a cowboy on a mailorder bride but I will try harder. I've been working in Mexico this year on a rotation that works out to 35 days on and 28 off. Our first hitch started off with a few days on the beach so instead of sitting around the pool drinking rum four of us rented a car and drove up the Yucatan Peninsula for a little sightseeing. We went to some Mayan ruins called Edsena. It was just us and several hundred iguanas. Those suckers are fast! Being the only ones there allowed us to climb right past the "NO CLIMBING" signs. Those were some industrious people! I say people because there was a sign there that assured us that the ruins were not built by aliens. That's my bell partner Jarod Pankey on the left and Brett Crotty on the right. Eric Hansen took the picture.

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