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This guy has been visiting the bird feeder for a couple of months. He has a white patch on his face, white ears and white feet. I searched the Internet and finally found out that he's a Mississippi phase of fox squirrell. This is the only place they are found with this coloring.


Rob said:

I had one similar to this on my feeders. He was much darker, almost black, and he was much bigger than the gray squirrels. He had that white patch on his face, though. I walked out the front door and around the west side of the house to try to get a picture of him but I spooked some of the gray squirrels and he took off about a second after they did. He overtook them, was 25 feet up into one tree, jumped to another, and was totally out of sight in about 10 seconds. Have not seen him since. Great picture, Kevin. Good to see you blogging again.

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