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350 Z Anniversary Edition

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Zoom Zoom

Dear Santa.........

The Cow Palace


Eat More Chicken

Katrina sure created some interesting photo ops.

Hapiness Is A Warm Gun



This picture was taken the day I bought my 870 Remington from Bennie who bought it from Karl. Today Lars and I went on a guided quail hunt and I finally got to shoot it. I'd like to say I dropped a quail with the first shot but, sadly, it took a few shots before I put one in the bag. Lars, on the other hand, nailed one with his first shot. It won him 5 bucks (which I put towards the purchase of his shells)! We ended up with 14 in the bag. Sorry to say we forgot the camera so no trophy shots. It was a real blast and I'll definitely return.

A Wrench You Wear On Your Head

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Heavy Metal

Anybody out there had the chance to wear the new Polish hat? I can't remember the name of it.

'Bout That Time Again

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I'm dying for a good bonfire. You know, when you have to rotate like a pig on a spit to keep both sides warm. And you wake up in the morning with your eyebrows singed (not to mention a few brain cells). There's definitely no shortage of firewood. Deep down I really am a pyromaniac.

I Wanna Go Home To The Armadillos


Future Road Kill

Here's one of the anniversary pictures Katie doesn't like to talk about.



I don't know where in Louisiana this was but this pond lizard was spotted by a pilot and someone was lucky enough to have a camera.

Mmmm Backstraps

Venison Anyone

Attempt To Locate

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Anybody heard from Steve? His house was in Waveland between the beach and the RR tracks. Pretty much ground zero. Steve, if you're out there, go towards the light.

Katrina=More Work


Found these pictures on Offshore Diver.

Hard to Port

This is down by Fourchon.

Mars Attacks

Shell's Mars TLP.

Off Balance

I heard that at least 8 platforms disappeared. Don't know who owns this one.

Chaguaramas Bay


Trinidad 029.jpg

The bay in Chaguaramas is full of boats of all sizes.

Bluff Top B&B


Watch Your Step

A view from the bottom.

Bluff Top Bed And Breakfast


Great View

This B&B is on a 300' bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. The first morning we ate breakfast with two other couples who were celebrating anniversaries as well. In talking with them it came out that the husband of one couple grew up with our friend Richard Bell while the wife of the other couple had worked at Global a few years ago. Small world! The covered table on the porch, where we ate breakfast, is a solid piece of cypress.

I'd do it again

Katie and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary in Natchez, MS. This picture was in the Quitman Lounge at Monmouth Plantation where we had dinner. Great food!

One Joint At A Time



Another shot of the 50 inch pipeline being laid through the jungle. This is not the line Global's working on, but we see it everytime we fly offshore. The triple canopy jungle is beautiful. One of the pilots pointed out mahogany groves to me. The crown of a mahogany tree is gold and really stands out in the sea of green.

Beaucoup Dinky Dow

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Pat Jeffries at Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad. Lots of live-aboard sailboaters put in here because it's south of the hurricane corridor in the Carribean. Our barge was tied up here gearing up for the job.

Big Bambu


Ian Griffin.jpg

Ian Griffin holding up a large stand of bamboo in Trinidad.

Life Support Technician


Gas Passer.jpg

This is Bruce Redding. He's SUPPOSED to monitor the temperature (among other things) to keep the chamber at a comfortable level. In a helium atmosphere the difference of 5 degrees is like a 15 or 20 degree change in air.

50 Inch Gas Line


Chopper Shot.jpg

The government is laying this pipeline through the jungle. One of our chopper pilots flew us the length of it at treetop level. That was cool!

Lay Barge Cherokee

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Trini Sat Crew.jpg

Work goes on at a blistering pace in Trinidad. All the blisters are on our butts though. British Petroleum has managed to turn a 30 to 45 day job into a lifetime career for everyone involved. We've been there since the first of June and I don't know when we'll finish. Pays good though! I spent 54 days on this last hitch. 17 of them in a hotel in Port of Spain. Got to see a lot of the country and eat a few shark sandwiches. It was all good until somebody pirated my ATM card and clipped my account for 5 grand. The bank says it's going to reimburse me but I haven't got it yet. Katie arranged with the office to fly me from Trini to Spokane WA for my dads 80th birthday. I spent a week there and just got home last night. Dad got a kitten for a present and he's absolutely nuts about it. Might be a new lease on life! Sunday is our 23rd anniversary. We're going to stay in a bed and breakfast in Natchez MS for a couple of days. I'm gonna try to post a few more Trinidad pics. DSDE

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