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This guy has been visiting the bird feeder for a couple of months. He has a white patch on his face, white ears and white feet. I searched the Internet and finally found out that he's a Mississippi phase of fox squirrell. This is the only place they are found with this coloring.


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Home sweet home

I told an old friend I was coming up to Idaho to hunt elk and he graciously offered us the use of his cabin. It sits right on the St. Joe River and was stocked with beer and food which he insisted we "get rid of" for him. That's my bell partner Jared and his brother Joel.



how now brown...

A friend we were hunting with shot this huge cow. It was as big as a 6 point bull we had seen taken earlier. We finally got her in the truck an hour after dark.



run into it

This is a great invention. They've come a long way from the last one I saw. The drum holds about 400 ft. of cable and it took 4 pulls to get this elk up to the road.

Look at the grouse, look at the grouse



I didn't get totally skunked in Idaho. We shot 7 or 8 grouse and a pheasant.




I don't remember who sent me this picture but it's a dandy. It would make enough gar balls and brown gravy to feed a small army.



Hoot man!

Corey takes in the wildlife of Trinidad.



Gone native

Mark Mariner is coo coo for coco puffs.



Life's a beach

This was a rough job. Day one of two and a half weeks on the beach in Trinidad. With pay!



Needs Bib

My bell partner and I had just woke up on our last day of decompression when I realised our depth didn't compute with the amount of time we had left. I asked the rack operator exactly what time we were due out and recieved stunned silence........He had spaced out on our deco and we drifted up quite a ways. We ended up having to go on BIBS and suck O2 for a half hour. Only the second time I've ever had to do that. It extended our decompression by a couple of hours. Everything came out fine except for the facial tics.

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