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The Barkers might remember how we used to change everyone's name by replacing the beginning consonant with "Sn___". For instance, Joel became Snoel, and Bobette became Snobette. And somehow Suzanne, more commonly known back then as Suzie, became Snoozy... which eventually evolved to Sneeze. Anyone remember how that got started? ~ Patsy ~



Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl.





Re: House On Pasadena
Wasn't there also a rope that we could swing from... Tarzan style?

What it's all about

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This blog (That's net slang for web log) need not be limited to Remember When. You may post whatever strikes your fancy. Speaking of Remember When, do you remember this snapshot? I think we were playing War Lords or something. That's my brother, Dave, zonked out on the couch.

atari (19k image)

Here goes...

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OK, here goes. I have the best family in the world and that's all I'll say for my first time.

Well maybe not. Memories are great. They make us who we are and keep us going.

Laurendines on Pasadena Ave.


I have the vaguest memory of playing on a rope that was strung from tree-to-tree, or was it tree-to-fence, in the backyard at Aunt Rosie's house. Was the object of the game not to be thrown from the rope while someone shook it as hard as they could? I can't remember... I also seem to recall that it was impossible to stay quiet when we were supposed to be sleeping because there was always something to laugh about.


Cheryl, I have a vivid audio memory of the sound of the screen door at your house... Any time I hear a similar sound, it always makes me smile. I remember the clover growing tall along the field across the street from your house, and I remember how Bobette always found zillions of four-leaf clovers and I could never find any. It's been rough following in the footsteps of such a talent! I also remember walking towards the back pasture, walking unseeing into the electric fence which promptly knocked my lights out. And I remember scrambling under the barbed wire to get out of the pasture because someone yelled that the cows were coming... and I still have the scar where a barb ripped my leg open. Funny... these sound so negative, but they really are fond memories for me.


I remember one weekend... I'm guessing I was about 6 years old... when I was spending the night at the Barkers' house. Joel and I were getting settled into the sofa bed and he told me this story about the fuzzy balls on our blanket... how they creep up on us while we're sleeping. He said he got his information from either Mickey or Jamie, who then confirmed his story. If I could only remember which sister it was, I'd know who to send my therapy bills to!

Games We Played


Cheryl commented (at the other blog that I was experimenting with) that she remembers playing Murder In The Dark, but what she really enjoyed was the all-night card games and playing jacks. I remember enjoying card games, but I was some kind of lousy at jacks!

Welcome Family!

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Please feel free to share your memories, current events, or whatever thoughts come to mind. Doesn't have to be earth-shattering or anything. Just talk. And, by all means, invite/encourage other family members to participate. If anyone runs into a problem with this site, please e-mail me privately.

Sunday, April 20, 2003


Today is Easter Sunday. Hope everyone had a great one.

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