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Took in the National D-Day Museum yesterday. Wow! It was my first time. The presentations are fabulous. Itís a bit overwhelming. There is one 7-minute presentation (The decision to go) that I really liked. I know I missed some of the smaller treasures trying to see everything I could. A return trip is a must for me. Patsy enjoyed it, too.

Things June (June 1, 2003)

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Anyone know what this is? We've been calling it the purple buttercup but I know that's not right. I bought it as pot filler (Just something temporary until I figured out what I wanted to use the pot for) a few months ago. It was inexpensive and had a single bloom on it at the time. I promptly threw away the insert that came with it like an idiot. It has bloomed continuously and profusely ever since. I wouldn't mind getting a few more.

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