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Friday night's allright for fightin'

I am going to start my calling again at 8. I have three pages of names and numbers to call about this sewage plant that is discharging 80,000 gallons per day of treated waste into the ditch in front of my property. I have left two messages for the agent at DEQ, who was assigned to my complaint, to call me. I wanted to add to my complaint of sewage coming onto my property, that the noise of the generator is deafening. It will be worse when winter comes and takes all the green off the trees and shrubs. It is like having a loud, insistent bug orbiting your head and you canít swat it and you canít escape it. Most annoying. They can muffle that a little.

I spoke with the VP of the company with the plant. She was ugly and pushed her weight with me. She said they have permission to discharge into the ditch and they arenít going anywhere. The further brush off she gave me was to tell me be glad itís just temporary. They have until the end of 2005. Oy. I am not sitting well with that. I am going to yammer until they bore under the highway and send the effluent to the ditch over there like they said they would. Either they are liars, or mean, or stupid. Maybe all three.

At least, the smell went away for the time being. I learned from the parish engineer, who was instrumental in helping them get their permit, that they were pumping raw (as in untreated) sewage for two weeks into that ditch. He said that plant is a mess. Oh great!! The VP of the company used to work for the DEQ, and that was one thing she did immediately apologize for and tried to explain to me how they should have put in sludge from another plant in this one to get the process activated. Didnít Janine tell them all that if/when they malfunction, the Mangunos were invariably going to suffer. Yes, if all works well, it should be safe for me to walk on my property through the discharge, but do all these plants work well, all the time. No.

They are making me feel like a genius.

Happy Belated birthday to Patrick. 11 will be a good year for you. I just know it.



I got two wrong on this quiz. That's a bit embarrassing, actually.

The 35 and unders will have difficulty.

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Dad

Miss you



I'll see some of you this afternoon.

Oooh ooh that smell

I was getting used to the intermittent loud hum of the compressor of the sewage treatment plant. Every so often it cuts off and I hear the sounds of nature. I have my windows open to conserve air condition and because that is the way I like it. Well, we got a rude awakening this weekend sitting on my front porch. All the smells I associate with a sewage treatment plant permeated my house and property. Michael wants to move. It rained a lot yesterday and the forecast is for downpours today and maybe tomorrow too. There is no seperation between my ditch and front yard, therefore the waste is not contained as I told them it would be "not contained". Idiots. I am wishing ugly things for them.

Meanwhile, drumroll.... Julia is getting her elastics off in 2 hours and 45 minutes. It is all I can do to sit here and not jump up to make some mooshy foods in preparation for the opening of her mouth.

I have an audition for a casino commercial this afternoon. Mom, I wish you could have shown me what a "winner's" face might look like. I have no idea what I would look like winning because I can't imagine me ever winning. Maybe I can think of those idiots in planning and zoning that approved this sewage treatment plant being right here - getting their due. JACKPOT. YEE HA. AAAAHHHHH. I AM SO EXCITED. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. WOOO-HOOO.

Kill Bill: Volume Two

My take on Kill Bill: Volume Two is posted here.

Happy, Happy


Happy Birthday, Patsy!




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New entry on The Reunion Blog.



Did I use that title before? All you North Shore people, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, who is turning 80 today, is giving a free concert at the trailhead on Koop Dr. from 6-8. He is an awesome musician; blues, zydeco, rock. He doesn't like being pigeonholed into one type of music he said in an interview last night on the local access channel. What a character. Bring your lawn chairs and join us.

Tomorrow night we will go to the Bogue Falaya park for a free concert by the La. Philharmonic Symphony. Aaron is required to go, but I would go anyway. I love classical music too.

Robbie, I can't believe you don't like the jazz fest, which starts today, as much as you like the f.q. fest. How was that by the way? I listened to a lot of the music from the fq fest last weekend on WWOZ. Loved it.

4 more days until we get the elastics off. Julia will still have the hardware in there and is told not to chew yet, soft foods only. I can't wait. She looked weak and wan again last night. I am challenged to find good, nutritious food for her. And then smoosh it to infinity.

Had Polina yesterday. Enjoyed every minute of it. Elizabeth dresses her so adorable, with a fountain ponytail and bow in it. She knows just how to make those cute faces too so you don't worry about the unravelled toilet paper on the floor or her playing in the water in the bathroom. A couple of times we had a scare when I would be talking to Julia in the kitchen or something and realize that Polly wasn't with us in the room. I don't know how we would keep up with it on a daily basis. Elizabeth can tell you that no new-fangled safety and child-proof feature in the world is a match for that clever girl. She is gifted. She is good as gold, though, really. She likes to be sung to. And we walked in the woods and looked at butterflies. She is very much a parrot these days. Cute as all get out.

Joan's Son


Below is Joan's son, Mark (in the red pants), who won his tag-team match on Sunday night. His wrestling name is Tad Chile.

Tad Chile

Laura's 100 lb son was trying to show off his six pack to Mark. Brian says his
is a six pack of juice boxes!

Photo from Laura

Paint my feeder


painted bunting
We had a rare visitor to our feeders this week, a Painted Bunting. I wish I could say this was taken by me but I got it off the Web. We did set up a blind in the kitchen window and snap a few shots but as we are still using 35MM we won't know if we got a good shot until we have it developed. As the feeder hangs only a foot or so outside the window they might be spectacular. Or not!

What's new


Hi, a few weeks ago Janine, had asked what I have been up to, well, I have been working more and and coming hope so tired that I just veg out in front of the tv. I usually get up around 3:30am and on my way to work where I stand all day I am a cashier at a major grocery store and yes I really like my job. I don't drive so I usually take the bus, not for the past six weeks though as the busses have been on strike. I had to walk which really hurt my foot. Th e busses started running today Yippee!!! I work on some craft projects when I am not worn out.
What do you all do for work? Talk to you soon!

Julia's Wires



This is Julia smiling to show her wired jaw. It looks like she has braces to me. I saw her yesterday and she looked healthy still. Kudos to Janine for being so creative in the kitchen and for keeping Julia's appetite up.

Joey and his partners shot a commercial for the business recently. You can check out the interview/commercial here. It is part of a show that comes on every Sunday at 11Am on Cox channel 10. The show is called New Orleans Bride and highlights different vendors in the bridal industry. When you click on that link, click on John's Tuxedos to see the interview/commercial.

Brianne's Prom


This picture was taken at Brianne's photo opp at one of the boy's house that was in their group. They had a limo, which took them to downtown Atlanta to dine at Daley's Restaurant. This is the only picture I have of the event though, because Kellie and I had Cirque du Sole tickets and were unable to stay the whole time. My dad is going to make an attempt at posting some pictures after scanning them onto the computer later on tonight. So I hope you enjoy this one, because it'll probably be the only one you see...

Brianne & Stephen

But doesn't Brianne look pretty?!

From the Box - Part Two

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So my friend, Tony, calls me at work one day. He says, ďDo you want to ride on the Goodyear Blimp?Ē. Thatís a toughie. Of course I said yes!

April 4, 1991

I believe it was the Goodyear America although I am no longer certain of that. Here it is below at lakefront Airport.

Goodyear America

The City of New Orleans from the blimp below.

New Orleans

The wheel below is what the pilot used to tilt the nose up or down. These are not high tech machines. Itís essentially a mechanized hot air balloon.

Pilot at the wheel

The high tech landing below involves a bunch of guys running up to the blimp, grabbing the ropes hanging from the blimp, and pulling it to the ground.


See what I earned.

From the Box - Part One

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Katie & Lars - Christmas 1989

Christmas 1989

CrabAppleLane Blog

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Click here for an entry I enjoyed making this morning.

Cherry Cobbler went in.


I made Crawfish and Corn Bisque last night, which we all ate and liked. I made homemade rolls again. The lettuce was nasty and had to be thrown away. I also made Grandma's Mock Artichoke and even though I pulverized it into nothing, Julia couldn't get that through the wires. Shoot! But, hey, the Cherry cobbler can be mushed and strained with whipped cream. It is a lot of work to do that to get a little portion for her to eat as Michael found out when he did the deed for her 2nds.

She spent the night out Thursday night and it took me most of a half hour to pack her up with her little containers of foods. Michael helped with labeling and dishing. We had a list of what she was taking. What we left off was her toothbrush and toothpicks. She barely ate any of what we packed. What she did eat was items that she has been adamantly refusing around here; banana strawberry applesauce and yogurt. She said it was because it was the right kind of yogurt. I am not falling for that. Now I know she has been obstinate.

Jacob is coming up to stay with us today and to spend the night too. I can't wait. We love having him here. Jackson has been at Joe's since yesterday. Christina is going to her friend's Mom's wedding tonight. I am going to my circle supper. Michael will be fine if he can watch "COPS". Julia is the best at child care.

See, Mom? You shouldn't have encouraged me. There. Let's see other writers out there. Tell us about your day. I know you are out there. My mother told me. Plus, I ran into Kevin at Wal-Mart a few days ago and he asked me how the croaker was. He asked Julia how she was faring with her jaws wired shut and I told him "I was managing just fine, but it has been hard on me." He told me he already knew how I was doing. Oh, yeah.

Spam Comments


We got hammered with comment spam last night. More than half of them were blocked but a few new types got through. It appears Nancy and Laura got the brunt of the new ones. Sorry, ladies. I've removed all of them and those particular comments won't bother us again. This is a never-ending battle.

Definitely a fourth week.


Dr. Brandner told Julia be glad it isn't six weeks when she and I both looked dejected after he told us that. Yes, of course, I have sympathy for the wired girl, but that girl is causing this kitchen to be in upheaval. I am always trying to stay one meal ahead of her. She has to eat often since it is small portions that she ingests at any of those times. It is getting dicey in here. Yesterday, she ate smooshed/strained red beans and a small dish of mashed potatoes. That was for lunch and then dinner too. There were many other things in between. All of her previously tight pants are kind of hanging on her.

Picked up Matthew and Shelby on my way from the doctors office in Slidell. They spent the night. We started to watch Wizard of Oz, but nobody argued when I sent them to bed at 10. Dorothy had just gotten on the yellow brick road. It is very hard to watch a movie at night without popcorn. Julia wouldn't let us have any. Some things have to be eaten when she isn't around. She is ruling the roost and I must grab control back or I will be forced to be on a liquid diet too. David will pick them up after he gets off of work this evening.

Michael has an attitude about the croaker fillets that David gave me. I was going to fry them this evening for dinner. All you fish-eaters, would you eat croaker? What is wrong with that. Michael infects me with his attitude. Why can't it be the other way around?

Happy, Happy!


Happy Birthday, Sue!

What? 29 again?

What was I thinking?


So I'm sitting here at 11pm procrastinating yet another assignment. Why did I go back to school? I HATE school. Somebody put me out of my misery. I feel so superior to all those "undergrads" in my classes, why should I have to actually grace them with my presence, nevermind the fact that their average in the class is much higher than mine! I feel so old going to school with all these co-eds. What's up with having to see their thongs and lower back tattoos? Thongs are not just for the model sized bodies anymore either, all shapes and sizes wear them and show them. I get to spend all summer looking at thongs and tattos and Lord knows what else in the hot weather! My summer schedule sucks. Thank goodness it will all be over July 27th. Woo-Hoo!! It looks like I definitely won't be able to come to the reunion because of my schedule. Not that I have an aversion to missing a class or ten, but that on top of my fundage problem make for a good reason not to come.

I'm off to watch another episode of Sex and the City. My best friend Gina got me hooked on it. I never watched one episode while it was on the air, I refused to get sucked into the hype. But she bought the entire DVD collection and I decided to see what the fuss was. I am ashamed/happy to say I'm hooked! It goes with my new female empowerment attitude and my new fondness for cosmopolitans with grey goose vodka, thank you Gina!!

San Diego was nice


Joey & Angela at Cabrillo National Park in San Diego

This picture was taken at Cabrillo National Park in San Diego. It was a beautiful setting. We enjoyed San Diego much more than Los Angeles. Back to work tomorrow. Only 6 and a half weeks to go. Yippee!

Ferrara Family Photos


These from todayís mail. Thanks, Mom!

Iím not real happy with the way I look in the picture below but everyone else looks great. It was taken at Katieís house last year but I forgot exactly when or what the occasion was.

Ferrara Family

This one below turned out nice, though.

Mom and Dad

Reunion Update

Added something to The Reunion Blog. Not much but thought there should be one entry showing.

And the results are....


Mediocre at best! The caramel rolls couldn't even compare to my mom's, but at least I can say I tried. One pan was fairly decent, the other was overdone. In my defense.....I think they would have been better had I not tried the overnight version. Thankfully, there were plenty of other treats there so no one went hungry. I brought m&m and chocolate chip cookies to distract my siblings just in case the rolls didn't work. I didn't want a scuffle on Easter! :)

I'm sticking to the cookies!!! Happy spring! It will be 70 here on Wednesday. Yahoo!

Happy Easter

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French Quarter Fest

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French Quarter Fest is next weekend. Patsy will probably not be able to go but I'd like to. Anyone going? Interested in company? I'd like to go Saturday but Sunday is available, too.

Easter at the Tompkins


Hello! I thought I'd finally try to post a message. Happy Easter to everyone! I am enjoying my spring break---seeing friends, exercising, reading, playing with Mary and Baby Murphy, and relaxing. The family is gathering at Mary and Eric's house for Easter this year. I'm in charge of the caramel rolls since my mom's still wearing her cast. I'm quite sure I can't measure up...but hopefully, they won't flop completely! I hope all of you enjoy a wonderful Easter with your families! Take care!

Katie (Tompkins)



Kinda sad but I'd say Timothy had a good run.

Today's the 1st follow-up


Julia goes to Dr. Brandner today for a follow up visit. This is day 10 with her jaws wired and the wires, actually elastic bands, are stretched out. She showed me how she can seperate her upper and lower a little bit. It still wasn't enough to get my delicious cucumber soup in there, even though it was pureed and liquified to death. It still had particles that kept clogging up the spaces that the food goes in. Her appetite is finally picking up and she has hit upon a few things that she likes; Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup and jello, lately with whipped cream too. Of the jello we have made all flavors except lemon. The soups I have made so far are Potato, Garlic with Tomato Soup, Cream of Broccoli, Cream of Spinach, and last night's Cucumber soup. She turned her nose up at the Garlic soup. Michael and Aaron hated the cucumber soup. I mean - hated it. I have been going over recipes in Epicurious.com and calling out titles of soups to her. She mutters back "no" or gives me a look that says that to everything. I think she is being contrary. I have become very proficient at eye language in the past week and a half.

I am working a 2nd day today as an "extra" on a pilot shot in the French Quarter. I had never done this before Monday, which was a 16 hour day. It was an interesting process and the standing around waiting, visiting with other actors (which reminded me of jury duty), being fed and paid (which won't come for weeks), and watching how a film is made is going to forever change my viewing habits. It will have to be a very good movie or t.v. show for me to not think of what went into making a short scene. I ran away from gunshots many times, watched a one-minute parade scene bunches of times, and witnessed a fist fight breaking out a million times. Tonight the setting is a Bourbon Street bar, Razoo's. I guess I shouldn't say anything more about it since I might interject my opinion of the pilot which probably wouldn't be prudent.

I have a page-turner, "Secret Life Of Bees", so off I go.

The Boy Can Fish!


Joey and I took my sister and the boys for a short boating expedition yesterday afternoon. We thought we would take advantage of the beautiful weather and Daylight Savings Time. We launched at Bayou Segnette in Joey's little mud-boat. We took a leisurely stroll down the bayou and looked for alligators. We saw a few, which excited the boys. Joey brought two fishing poles- Jackson has been begging him to take him fishing. Joey caught the first fish, a small bass, and then Jackson caught the perch that's in the picture-all by himself! He was so pleased with himself. It was such fun. My sister and I would duck and hang low each time Jackson would cast, but on the whole, he did very well for his first time! I was impressed.

Jackson's Fish

I spent hours last night and tonight trying to figure out how to upload my pictures from my digital camera and then trying to figure out how to send them by email. The guy at CompUSA who sold us the camera tried to sell us some classes on working the darn thing too. I scoffed at that idea, thinking I could figure it out. After the last couple of nights, however, $30 for a class isn't seeming like a bad investment. They say time is money- well I've spent more than $30 of my time already!

Joey and I are headed to San Diego to visit our friend, Aimee. Our friend, Mark, is also going with us. We leave on Thursday morning and return on Monday. I have to figure out how to work this camera before then. I'm going to miss the Easter celebrations. Take pictures of the egg hunt for me.

Time Magazine


Time Magazine article on family/baby blogs.

Pamela Paul interviewed me by phone from New York for this article. She didn't use anything we talked about. She seemed more interested in baby blogs than family blogs. Still, it was fun.

What about trampolines?


I don't know if I want to make a rule that my people can't jump on trampolines anymore, but I have been hearing some stories about them since Julia's accident. Yesterday, when I picked up Julia's books from school, her teacher told me of her brother breaking his neck and becoming a quadraplegic forever after a fall on or from the trampoline. A woman in the waiting room of the surgeon told me her son broke his leg in two places on the trampoline. Our scout leader told me she, a sister, and their friends jumped on their trampoline all together all the time and survived with no injuries. Her telling me that and my recalling how often I jumped on a trampoline and never got seriously hurt make me think that I don't want to over-react because of this or the other stories I have been hearing; broken arms, ankles, neck... I have been hearing from many that they have a rule in place about "No Trampoline-jumping". I wonder if I should make that rule with my children. It was a freak accident and there should only be one on a trampoline at any time.

I vacillate. Sue jumped off a trampoline and landed on her back. I will never forget her silent scream look - staring up at the sky. She wasn't intentionally jumping off the trampoline; it just happened that way. That was the end of Grandpa Ferrara's taking us there for a fun interlude during the holiday gathering. Before that incident, Grandpa was talking about getting us one for our home. Grandma said, "yeah get 'em one, and you'd better get 'em a doctor too." It confirmed my feelings of her being a spoil sport. Now, I am getting in touch with my inner grandma. Hmm. What do y'all think?

Bubba, 9/11/01-3/31/04


The allure of Highway 22 and Bubba's insatiable curiosity got the best of him. He was a fun, frolicky fellow and will be missed at our gatherings. So sorry for your loss, Katie and Kevin, Lars and Amy. R.I.P., Bubba.

The Mangunos

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