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Happy Birthday, Jacob


We celebrated Jacob's 9th Birthday Sunday. We had Hillbilly BBQ, coleslaw, baked beans, 7 layer dip, eggplant dip, and cream cheese with pepper jelly, and a Coldstone Creamery cake with Jacob's favorite ice cream, Oreo Overload. There was plenty of food! It was a good turnout and my little house held up nicely with all those extra people! It helped that it was a nice day outside and the kids spent most of it outside. Katie gave Jacob a movable garden that he absolutely loved. He planted flowers (don't know what kind!) and some broccoli. He said since he's growing it, he'd eat it...maybe! My sister gave him a Snuggie. When I suggested it to her, she balked. I told her he's been begging me for one for a long time now and he loved it. He's laying in my bed with it right now, watching a movie! He has requested spinach quiche for his birthday dinner so I'm making that tonight since he has an early football practice tomorrow. Both boys are playing football this year and it's killing us. We're at the park 4-5 nights a week. Phil is set to open his next restaurant in Hammond next week so he's been very busy with that. He's expecting big things for this restaurant so keep your fingers crossed for us!

Here's some pictures from today. Jacob and David posed for a picture, since they share the same birthday and the same middle name!

Katie and Jacob
Katie and Jacob

Happy, Happy

Happy Birthday, Dave
Happy Birthday, Dave

Almost sorry I beat you yesterday in fantasy football. Again. Almost.

Homecoming at Covington High School


Patrick flew to New Orleans on Friday afternoon to attend Marlee Clayton's homecoming game on Friday night and to attend her homecoming dance on Saturday night. Marlee is Mary Catherine's best friend. Patrick met her in July when we were all together in Florida. He spent the night at Aaron's Friday night and then met up with Marlee Saturday afternoon to go back to her home in Bush to get ready for the dance. That's the extent of my knowledge. I received these pictures when I got home from church a little while ago. He returns home tonight at 7:00 and . . . I'm sure he is already dreading "the inquisition" I will conduct. I just have a need to know details - is that SO wrong?? From the pictures, it appears he is having a good time!

Patrick and Marlee

Marlee and Patrick

PoPo's Bike


It's been a hot minute since I have last shown you what the boys are up to. Barrett is into absolutely everything and has been practicing all sorts of new sounds. You heard his animal sounds at the beach, his snake impersonation (one of my favorites), and now with my dad's new toy, Barrett says what the motorcycle does - "VROOM!" And Wyatt is beginning to not just lay there anymore...which is nice. He has been rolling over from his stomach to back for about a month now, but just did it the other way this weekend. Here are some pictures and a video. (The orange outfit & hat are actual Harley wear, that Nonnie & Grandpa got Barrett last year. Barrett never got a chance to wear it before he was too big, not to mention no one had a Harley.)

Stephen and Barrett
Stephen and Barrett

Luke is 3!


We celebrated Luke's 3rd birthday last weekend, Sept. 12. He chose a Madagascar cake because he loves that movie. He's quite adorable when he sings, "I like to move it move it!" Joey's brother, Mike, and his new bride, Cherie, came home that day from their 3 week honeymoon in Paris and South Africa. They had some great pictures and stories to share of their safari adventures. The baby Jackson is holding is my friend Gina's little girl, Sophie. She's 11 months old and betrothed to Jude. Gina is the oldest friend of my sister and I. So Jude will marry Sophie and Savannah and Sophie will be in the same dancing school and in the same grade. Oh the plans we have for these children :) !!

Samuel and Luke started preschool last week. I really like the school they go to. The teachers are all very sweet and caring. They both go 3 days a week for a few hours. Just enough time for me to tackle a few projects. I would like to run a million errands, but that is the time when Savannah takes her best nap so I don't want to interrupt that unless really necessary. She doesn't do very well in her carseat- mostly screams. Samuel was the same way as a baby. She started turning over from her tummy to her back two nights ago. She's so cute when she does it. I'll put her on her tummy and then when she flips over she gives me the biggest smile.


Polina, Samuel, Joey, Luke, Jackson and Sophie, Jacob and Jude
Polina, Samuel, Joey, Luke, Jackson and Sophie, Jacob and Jude

Labor Day 2009

Happy Labor Day

Got plans?

Happy, Happy

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth

Have a day...

From this evening's bike ride

Near CrabAppleLane - September 1, 2009
Near CrabAppleLane - September 1, 2009

Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed to see such sport
And the dish ran away with the spoon

I think it could probably clear the oak tree but I think it needs more of a running start to jump over the moon. For the sake of this image, I kinda wish how now brown cow was a Holstein. Probably would have turned out better.

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