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On this day – July 24

1948 Saw “Romance on the High Seas” again.
1949 Bought dress pattern and brown corduroy.
1950 Johnny and Bill came over.
1952 Went to Pop Concert with Jim Bridges.
1957 Robbie says da-da.
1958 Gave Robbie a haircut.
1959 Saw “Cat on Hot Tin Roof” and “Buccaneer.”
1960 Patrick James, Jr. born. 8 lbs 6 oz. Had a perm at
Josie's. Real fuzzy – Daddy called me “Orphan Annie.”
1961 Katie's naval cord dropped off – 13 days old.
1985 Bought girls Swatch watches, school shoes, and sox.
1987 Blood pressure 110/70; pulse 68.
1988 Braces for Angela and Christina.
1989 Picnic at Katie's for birthday boys Lars and Stephen.
1990 Had sigmoidoscopy. Everything is good.

Carol, look how pretty!

Cubed Flowers - July 17, 2010
Cubed Flowers - July 17, 2010

You sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers in a cube because of something I said about how beautiful arrangements can be in a cube. Well, I got this lovely dozen roses for $8.00 at a local grocery store and they look stunning in my new vase!

Thanks again!

Independence Day - July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day
Happy Independence Day

Got plans?

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