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The Saints released Jon Stinchcomb yesterday. He's been a fave here for a while now. Jon is a good guy in a tough business. He may have other opportunities this season but I think he'd be better off if he took time off and healed before he pursued any of them. He played through a knee injury last year. He had surgery during the offseason to re-attach his quad muscle and he still doesn't look fully recovered from it. The 49ers ran around him Friday night fairly easily. Good Luck, Jon.

Mathis Warren, 1 Week


Mathis is one week old now and doing great. He is eating and sleeping very well. He is waking up once each night to eat and then not again until 7:00 am when I bring him to my bed to eat so that we can sleep in until 8:00, when the boys start stirring. Stephen has even gotten to spend some "Dada time" snoozing with Mathis until 9:00 several mornings. Much to his dismay, Stephen goes back to work on Monday. The house will come alive a little earlier each morning, which I'm not looking forward to, and I'm hoping
that Mathis doesn't get that memo. Baby Mathis seems really laid back so far and I hope it continues. We went to church this morning with all three boys and we felt like the center of attention after the Mass. It was so fun to have everyone welcome our new little boy to the community. Mathis is pictured here in an outfit that Stephen wore as a newborn. Somehow I missed pulling it out in time with the other two. Also, Mathis' belly button fell off today so he got to have his first real bath.

Mathis Warren - One Week
Mathis Warren - One Week

Happy, Happy

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Happy Birthday, Katie
Happy Birthday, Katie ... Again :)

Have a day ...

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Mathis Warren


Mathis Warren was born at 5:06pm Saturday. He was 6lbs. 8oz. We showed up to the hospital at 3:00. Kellie was very quiet in the car but, come to find out later, the car ride was terrible for her. She couldn't get comfortable and the contractions were getting pretty difficult. She told me later, that she was very ill with me every time I had to bring the car to a stop. At the hospital, the contractions were hard and pretty consistent. The midwife, Dianne, came in and suggested the shower to Kellie. The warm water helped a lot and seemed to be just what Kellie needed. It was time to push when we moved back into the room & Kellie did awesome. I got to catch the baby & announce that it was a boy. I had trouble at first getting a good view. His umbilical chord was in the way and his feet were flailing around. I think Kellie was a little disappointed to hear it was a boy, but I love the idea that we don't have to buy any new clothes. Not to mention, I hear girls can be a little least that's what my parents say! :)

My folks brought over the boys to meet their new brother after dinner last night. Barrett wanted to know why it wasn't a girl, & they both brought their little brother a pacifier. Wyatt seemed content keeping it in his pocket, but Barrett tried shoving it in Mathis' mouth a few times. We're still at the hospital and will have to remain so until 7:30 tonight. School starts Monday, and I'm planning on going for the first day, but then taking the rest of the week off.

Mathis Warren
Mathis Warren

Mathis Warren
Mathis Warren

Mathis Warren
Mathis Warren



It was eight years ago today. 1481 entries and 6234 comments later, here we are. The blog has slowed down considerably since the early days but I hold out hope that it can start up again. It was worthwhile even if it doesn't. It's been a lot of fun.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed.

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