I offer a few from around the yard on this beautiful, but hot, CrabAppleLane Sunday.

CrabAppleLane Big Leaf Magnolia - July 27, 2014
CrabAppleLane Big Leaf Magnolia - July 27, 2014
CrabAppleLane Cardinal - July 27, 2014
CrabAppleLane Cardinal - July 27, 2014
CrabAppleLane Backyard - July 27, 2014
CrabAppleLane Backyard - July 27, 2014

It felt good to get that Chinese Tallow tree down yesterday. I ran out of daylight so I couldn't finish the cleanup. That's my task for today. I transplanted two of these Chinese Tallow trees from my sister's yard in Madisonville many years ago. They were just saplings then and I planted one in the backyard and one in the front yard. I have since cut both down. They're pretty but they're also pretty invasive and susceptible to rot. This one in the backyard was going to rot if I let it. It will be replaced by the Big-Leaf Magnolia.

39 days until football season ...

5 song iTunes shuffle from the CrabAppleLane Five Star Playlist:

  1. Nothing Else Matters - Lissie - Covered Up With Flowers - 2011
  2. On Every Street - Dire Straits - On The Night (LIVE) - 1993
  3. Warrior - Wishbone Ash - Argus - 1972
  4. Ballroom Blitz - Sweet - Rock Of The 70's - 1974
  5. Liar - Queen - Queen - 1973

Quote of the Day

I think it's unfair to expect very high-income homeowners who paid a fortune to live in their building to have to be in the same boat as low-income renters, who are very fortunate to live in a new building in a great neighbourhood.

David Von Spreckelsen, Senior Vice President at Toll Brothers

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "If the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey is anything to go by, the film looks to be awful. From the offset, it's packed with sexist film tropes and lazy stereotyping."

Never read the book. Probably won't see the movie. Apparently, it's a thing, though. -Rob

CrabAppleLane Saturday


Tree removal project resumes today if I can start the chainsaw. It's got some issues. I've been slowly removing a troublesome Bradford pear tree. It's too close to the house to just cut it down and let it fall where it may. Professional estimates ranged from the uninsured $450 to the fully-insured $560 to the totally ridiculous $900.

The Saints veterans joined the Saints rookies at training camp Thursday for conditioning tests. "Tight end" Jimmy Graham turned in the best time, which was very encouraging because he missed all of the OTAs and mini-camps waiting for his contract to get done. In Friday's first practice, projected starting wide receiver Kenny Stills left the field with an injury. So begins several weeks of breath-holding for ALL NFL fans. The Colts lost a RB for the season yesterday and the 49ers lost one today. No team is immune from it. It's Russian Roulette. The chamber lands on someone every year.

About today's QOTD: "Responded digitally" ... I like that.

40 days until football season ...

5 song iTunes shuffle from the CrabAppleLane Bachman-Turner Overdrive Five Star Playlist:

  1. Let It Ride - 1973
  2. Hold Back The Water - 1973
  3. Don't Get Yourself In Trouble [Live] - 1973
  4. Gimme Your Money Please - 1973
  5. Not Fragile - 1974

Quote of the Day

In the ceremonials before the third game of the American League Divisional playoffs between the Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics, a Red Sox relief pitcher named Byung-Hyun Kim heard prolonged boos from his home-team Fenway Park fans when his name was announced, and responded digitally.

Roger Angell, The New Yorker

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "Anthropologists are good at critiquing other anthropologists and themselves. We have a lot to be guilty about and we do a good job of pointing that out. The politics of anthropology, and the politics of the politics of anthropology are a major part of what we do. In fact, we're so good at doing it that I think at times we forget what we have actually done wrong. We spend more time reading dismissals of our ancestors than we do the ancestors themselves."


It was 45 years ago tonight that I watched Neil Armstrong take that first historic step on the moon. Where does the time go? I've since reconnected with someone who was in that room that night. It was her living room. Her older brother, my best friend at the time, has since passed ... entirely too young. He was only six months older than me.

Offer a few from around the yard on this overcast CrabAppleLane Sunday:

CrabAppleLane Big Leaf Magnolia - July 20, 2014
CrabAppleLane Big Leaf Magnolia - July 20, 2014
So far, so good
CrabAppleLane Texas Star Hibiscus - July 20, 2014
CrabAppleLane Texas Star Hibiscus - July 20, 2014
Really putting it out tehre
CrabAppleLane Crepe Myrtle - July 20, 2014
CrabAppleLane Crepe Myrtle - July 20, 2014
Have always loved this shade

Lost CrabAppleLane for a few hours overnight. Appears my domain registration had expired. Back in June, I had signed up for "Private Registration", which I assumed included registration. It doesn't. It only keeps your information private. It's no secret why billing, marketing, and merchandising has gotten so complicated. It's because there's money for them in the confusion.

Saints' rookies report to training camp today being held this year at the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Veterans report Thursday. This is Sean Payton's idea. He spent some time there a couple of years ago. He even caddied for his friend, Pro Golfer Ryan Palmer, in The Greenbriar Classic. Training camp in Louisiana is always well-attended and moving it is not the most popular thing they could have done but, if it helps the team, most fans will be OK with it. Not sure why rookies have to report 4 days ahead of veterans. I'm sure there is some orientation involved but 4 whole days' worth? There is a lot of excitement here over this year's Saints team. They were pretty good last year and they've made improvements on both sides of the ball.

46 days until football season ...

5 song iTunes shuffle from the CrabAppleLane "Moon" Playlist:

  1. Shootin' For The Moon - Sonny Landreth - South Of I-10 2
  2. Moon River - Louis Armstrong - Sings Back Through The Years
  3. Moonshadow - Cat Stevens - Cat Stevens: Greatest Hits
  4. Sisters Of The Moon - Fleetwood Mac - Tusk
  5. Between Sun & Moon - Rush - Counterparts

Quote of the Day

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Neil Armstrong, Astronaut - July 20, 1969

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "The sad fact is, the Apollo 11 mission would never happen today."

Probably true ... and very sad, indeed. -Rob

I offer three from CrabAppleLane this afternoon:

CrabAppleLane Texas Star Hibiscus - July 13, 2014
CrabAppleLane Texas Star Hibiscus - July 13, 2014
Just starting to bloom
CrabAppleLane Dragonfly - July 13, 2014
CrabAppleLane Dragonfly - July 13, 2014
Wish these moquito hawks would eat more moquitoes
CrabAppleLane Hovering Hawk - July 13, 2014
CrabAppleLane Hovering Hawk - July 13, 2014
Looking for its next meal or, more likely, soaring because it can

The World Cup final is well into the second half now and Germany and Argentina are dead even at nil ... otherwise known as scoreless or zip, zero, or nada here in the US. I know ... big surprise.

Started on a tree removal project a couple of weeks ago. So far, so good. Haven't done any damage to the house although a nice hydrangea Patsy has been cultivating took a bit of a beating yesterday when one of the branches fell on it. Got a ways to go but I'm optimistic I can get it all done. Doubt anyone would ever hire me to do this. I'd charge too much.

darkplaces.jpgJust finished Dark Places today. I was just a little bit in when I almost put it down. This is not really my kind of story. It's very, ahem, dark and everyone in it is horribly damaged. If that wasn't enough, there's an event that happens almost immediately and it's the kind of event that always puts me off. Finally, the rest of the story then takes a while to unfold. Normally, I would have been "three strikes, you're out". Maybe it is a little too long but the last third of the book compelled me to the finish. It's a tough read for quite a while but I enjoyed it. The end wasn't perfect but that's appropriate because it shouldn't have been. As I was looking for some links and graphics to go with this entry, I discovered a movie is in the pipe and is due out on September 1. Curious casting choice, though. In the book, the main character, Libby Day, is short. In fact, her size works both for and against her in the book. The casting director chose Charlize Theron, who is an Amazon, to play her. This will be a pretty long movie if they can squeeze even 50% of the material in. It's one I'll probably have to watch alone.

Secured tickets for the Saints regular season home opener versus the Vikings. The last game I attended was the Tampa Bay game in 2007. Looking forward to it. The Saints and SuperDome have enhanced the gameday experience and made some additions, such as the Rebirth Statue, since 2007 and I can't wait to see them in person.

53 days until football season ...

5 song iTunes shuffle from the CrabAppleLane Five Star Playlist:

  1. Wake Me Up When September Ends (Live At Foxboro, MA 9/3/05) - Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends (Live) - 2005
  2. One Headlight - The Wallflowers - Bringing Down the Horse - 1996
  3. Rebel Yell - Billy Idol - Rebel Yell - 1983
  4. Beggars Day - Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog - 1975
  5. Pigs (Three Different Ones) - Pink Floyd - Animals - 1977

Quote of the Day

I was not a lovable child, and I'd grown into a deeply unlovable adult. Draw a picture of my soul and it'd be a scribble with fangs.

Libby Day, Dark Places

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "So I'm trying to look forwards and focus on the second half of the year which is full of Win on an epic scale. I want to tell you about it and then ask you a question."

CrabAppleLane Sunday - Burger Edition


Just two from the yard today on a hot, CrabAppleLane Sunday.

CrabAppleLane raccoons - July 6, 2014
CrabAppleLane raccoons - July 6, 2014
Not the best image - Couldn't go outside for fear of disturbing them
CrabAppleLane Spring Garden 2014 - Almost all gone - July 6, 2014
CrabAppleLane Spring Garden 2014 - Almost all gone - July 6, 2014
Harvested one last tomato and pulled up the bushes
Peppers are still producing - Patsy made delicious
stuffed peppers last night. They're beckoning me now

Just a few of my preferences for the burger aficionados out there: Here nor there but I butchered "aficionado" on my first try. I guess I've never seen it or used it in writing because I was off by a mile. Anyway, back to the point. I'm a fast eater. It comes from years of eating at my desk and it's something I wish I'd never learned to do. I only state that because I get burgers these days that I have to finish with a knife and fork because the bottom half of the bun has disintegrated. Put that on the "don't like" side of the ledger and is the biggest burger sin in my book. Not wild about ciabatta bread or Hawaiian buns on my burger, either. They're too sweet and better-suited for pulled pork and other BBQ sandwiches to balance the sauce. The bun should complement the burger, not compete with it. Sesame seeds are preferred but not a dealbreaker. Thickness of the burger is irrelevant to me. If it's cooked all the way through, I like them thick or thin and anywhere in-between. Burgers blended with pork or pork sausage are fine by me, too. I like cooked chopped onions on some burgers and I like raw chopped onions on some burgers. I don't care for sliced onions and fried onion rings on a burger ... well, just not for me, thankyouverymuch. Oftentimes, I prefer no onions at all. I like cheese on my burger. I like cheddar best but also Havarta, American, Swiss, Provolone, and most of the "Jack" cheeses. Lettuce, tomato, pickles, and cole slaw are OK on my burger but not required. Please don't put Romaine lettuce on my burger or any other sandwich of mine for that matter. I can tolerate it in a salad but it doesn't belong on a sandwich. As for condiments, I'll take mayo but just a little and ketchup but just a drop or two except for the onion burgers at Lee's. For those, I want mustard and those onions only.

Jimmy Graham had his grievance go against him this week. The arbitrator ruled he was a tight end but he left himself wide open to appeal by coming up with an arbitrary 4-yard benchmark. He determined that Graham lined up within 4 yards of the tackle more often than beyond 4 yards so that made him a tight end. Alrighty then. Despite that silliness, I don't think it's going to make much difference. The Saints are going to do right by him. They always do. They're not cheap. New Orleans is now one of the places players want to be and it's because they're committed to finding the best players, putting them on the field, and putting them in position to have success. Having an elite head coach and quarterback add to the attraction. This deal will get done and everyone will be happy.

60 days until football season ...

5 song iTunes shuffle from the CrabAppleLane Last Five Five-Star Purchased Playlist:

  1. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell - 6/26/2014
  2. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison - Blowin' Your Mind! - 6/24/2014
  3. We Just Disagree - Dave Mason - Let It Flow - 6/8/2014
  4. Can't Play Dead - The Heavy - Can't Play Dead - 6/7/2014
  5. Hush - Deep Purple - Shades of Deep Purple - 5/28/2014

Quote of the Day

The architecture of the U.S. Supreme Court Building is rife with turtles. There are turtles holding up the lampposts in the courtyard and turtles engraved in the stone decor. You can buy turtle coffee mugs at the gift shop. The turtle is said to represent the slow and deliberate pace of justice. This is an institution, the turtle tells us, that moves slowly, deliberately, and removed from the knee-jerk pace of the political branches.

Dahlia Lithwick and Sonja West, Slate.com

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a blistering dissent opposing the conservative majority's decision to let small, private companies refuse to pay for health insurance that covers birth control."

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day
Happy Independence Day

Got plans?

Down and out in Brazil


So they played for 90 minutes of regulation time with neither side scoring a goal and then all hell broke loose in extra time. I found World Cup Soccer a little more exciting this time around than last but that's about as much as I can say about it. It would compare to horse racing for me but only if the Triple Crown races were run every four years. Kinda fun while it lasts but it's over in a few weeks and I'm back to the countdown. The BOTD had a few gems but I like this one best:

"The first two steps were electing a socialist President and instituting national health care," he said. "Once soccer replaces football, our work will be done."

64 days until football season ...

5 song iTunes shuffle from the CrabAppleLane Five Star Playlist:

  1. Scarborough Fair/Canticle - Simon & Garfunkel - Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits - 1966
  2. Set Fire to the Rain - ADELE - 21 - 2011
  3. War Pigs/Luke's Wall - Black Sabbath - Paranoid - 1970
  4. I Walk the Line (Live) - Live - Live At the Paradiso, Amsterdam - 2008
  5. Where the Devil Don't Stay - Drive-By Truckers - The Dirty South - 2004

Quote of the Day

Why the U.S. could only conjure up such an effort after going down is largely due to Klinsmann's refusal to use his subs earlier. It was only after the U.S. was 2-0 down that Green, the final sub, came on. They certainly could have used some fresh legs earlier, regardless of who entered the match. It's a question that will certainly haunt the U.S. team as it looks back on the night.

Jeff Carlisle, ESPN

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "A ten-year European plan to gradually phase out American football in the United States and replace it with soccer is "very much on track," a spokesman for the European Union confirmed today."

CrabAppleLane Sunday - Last of June


I offer a few from around the yard before I go out and try to do some damage, probably to myself, with the chainsaw.

CrabAppleLane Tomato Garden - June 29, 2014
CrabAppleLane Tomato Garden - June 29, 2014
It's coming up next weekend
CrabAppleLane Dragonfly - June 29, 2014
CrabAppleLane Dragonfly - June 29, 2014
Feasting on insects - Wish he or she was feasting a little more
CrabAppleLane Spider - June 29, 2014
CrabAppleLane Spider - June 29, 2014
No idea what kind
CrabAppleLane Big Leaf Magnolia - June 29, 2014
CrabAppleLane Big Leaf Magnolia - June 29, 2014
Moved it out of the dirt. Worried roots may be coming out of the bottom

SmuckersPB.jpgTried Smucker's All Natural Peanut Butter earlier today. Full disclosure: I grew up on and have always bought Jif. Not sure why I had to do this except that it was in our pantry. Patsy wants to switch. Let me start by saying that the picture to the left is not accurate. The peanut oil separates. The top quarter-inch or more of my freshly-opened jar was peanut oil that spilled out onto the floor. This stuff is very difficult to use. You need to stir and blend the daylights out of it so that it isn't dripping off of your knife. Even after what I thought was an excessive amount of stirring, it still wasn't particularly solid. As far as taste goes, I like Jif better. This was not a great peanut butter experience and I think all peanut butter experiences should be great. She likes it, though. We'll be having two jars in the house from now on. Hers and mine.  

MP3 v iTunes v CDs - I have decided after overpaying by $4 for a album download that I will start price-shopping more actively when I want music from now on. The album I downloaded Friday was $4 higher at the iTunes store than it was at Amazon. In the past, they were always roughly the same. Not so much any more.

67 days until football season ...

5 song iTunes shuffle from the CrabAppleLane Five Star Most-Played Playlist:

  1. Wayfaring Stranger - Red Horse - Red Horse - 28 plays
  2. Back from the Grave - Chromatics - Kill for Love - 27 plays
  3. Kicks (Re-Recorded) - Mark Lindsey, Paul Revere & The Raiders - 20th Century Rocks: 60's Rock Bands - Wild Thing - 24 plays
  4. Disappear - Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo - The Revival Tour 2012 Collections - 23 plays
  5. I Will Think of You - Laura Browne Sorenson - Marilyn Drive - 23 plays

Quote of the Day

The witness said an angry man "just turned around and he started shooting at the crowd. He seemed pissed off at some dude, pulled the gun out and started shooting at the guy, then turned around on the crowd and started shooting at us."

John Pope, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "This one -just like the game of life- is all about extremes. The middle-ground need not apply here. Nothing about a normal, routine, ho-hum day defines you."

Saturday Stuff

The War to End All Wars started 100 years ago. I'll repost part of something I posted in 2011. The image below is from the Library of Congress archives. It reminded me then of a passage I read in high school about the German Army passing through Brussels during World War I.

Ger. in Belgium -- on the way to the front (LOC)
Germans in Belgium -- on the way to the front

All through the night, like a tumult of a river when it races between the cliffs of a canyon, in my sleep I could hear the steady roar of the passing army. And when early in the morning I went to the window the chain of steel was still unbroken. It was like German troops advance the torrent that swept down the Connemaugh Valley and destroyed Johnstown. This was a machine, endless, tireless, with the delicate organization of a watch and the brute power of a steam roller. And for three days and three nights through Brussels it roared and rumbled, a cataract of molten lead. The infantry marched singing, with their iron-shod boots beating out the time. They sang Fatherland, My Fatherland. Between each line of song they took three steps. At times 2000 men were singing together in absolute rhythm and beat. It was like blows from giant pile-drivers. When the melody gave way the silence was broken only by the stamp of iron-shod boots, and then again the song rose. When the singing ceased the bands played marches. They were followed by the rumble of the howitzers, the creaking of wheels and of chains clanking against the cobblestones, and the sharp, bell-like voices of the bugles.

Richard Harding Davis


headphones.pngIf you've ever seen the wireless headphones at the department store and wanted to know who would use them or why, here it is. Patsy and I keep different schedules. I tend to stay up later, especially on weekends. We also don't share the same taste in movies for the most part. There are a handful of movies each year that we both want to see but, mostly, we can't agree on much. The best times for me to watch the intense action movies, thrillers, and other CME that I like are on weekends. I can stay up late, turn out all of the lights, and crank it up. Because of that device to the left, I can now do that without disturbing my wife or my cat. I paid about $100 for them. They weren't the best or most expensive set but weren't the cheapest set available, either. I didn't know how much we'd use them or how well they worked. We've had them for about a year and I haven't even replaced the batteries that were included. If I ever have to replace these headphones, though, I think we'll look at the better, more expensive ones because we use them so much.  It was a great investment. We only need one set. She uses them to watch her soap opera or one of her Hallmark Channel movies while I read, sleep, or just need quiet and I use them when she needs the same. Almost a marriage saver ...

About the World Cup: Not really a fan here so take that into consideration when I say this. The US team has played three matches so far. They won one, lost one, and tied one. It is the very definition of average. They advanced. And one more thing ... GEAUX USA.

68 days until football season ...

5 song iTunes shuffle from the CrabAppleLane Five Star Playlist:

  1. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell
  2. How You Remind Me - Nickelback - Silver Side Up
  3. I Want To Take You Higher - Sly & The Family Stone - Rock: The Train Kept A Rollin'
  4. Soldier Of Fortune - Deep Purple - Stormbringer
  5. Warrior - Wishbone Ash - Argus

Quote of the Day

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918) Canadian Army

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "I write this for the last time at my dad's lovely little cottage in west Cornwall. It has been a tough slog, but dad has finally found a home that he likes and so will no longer be returning here. My half term began on Friday and since then I have been restoring and emptying this home ready for tenants to move in."

Biting commentary

The World Cup has center stage in the sports world right now and, if it needs wider support from Americans, it needs to lose some of its silliness. Just some examples I've been seeing and reading about:

  • There are some who are suggesting that America and Germany actively play for a draw in their upcoming match, which would guarantee both teams advance. Some even went so far as to suggest the German head coach of the US team might try to arrange one. As a sports fan, I can't imagine how such a conversation would go. There are times in American sports where it is not particularly important to one or both teams that they win. In those cases, it is almost OK to rest stars. Almost. If either team does that, fans who paid full price for their tickets should get a partial refund or a free beer or something. They don't, of course, but they should. That said, the guys or girls who do play in those games are playing hard and playing to win. On the field, how do you purposely try not to win? How do you not lose by doing so?
  • Then, the flopping. Flopping or play acting or whatever you call it is when someone exaggerates injury or contact for the purpose of getting a foul called on an opponent or to get an injury timeout. It got so bad in the NBA at one time that rules were invented to try to curb it. Those are rarely called. International soccer has elevated it to an art form and it works. There are rules against it in soccer, too, but it almost never gets called, either. The NFL has it, too. Players fake injuries to slow down the other team. This one is harder to call. One team is playing in a rushed mode so the other team doesn't have time to substitute or catch their breath. That's when injuries and cramping muscles occur naturally. Difficult to distinguish fake injuries from real ones in those cases. The best way to deal with flopping on the soccer pitch is for the officials to ignore or penalize the obvious fakes. American sports are moving in that direction. World soccer is only encouraging flopping by not doing the same.
  • And finally, the biting. WTF is that about? Disqualify him or, better yet, turn your back when someone knocks his teeth down his throat.

71 days until football season ...

5 song iTunes shuffle from the CrabAppleLane Five Star Playlist:

  1. The Jean Genie - David Bowie - Aladdin Sane
  2. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison - Blowin' Your Mind!
  3. Smoke on the Water (1989 Original Mix) - David Gilmour, Brian May, Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi, Bruce Dickinson, Paul Rodgers, Ritchie Blackmore, Chris Squire, Alex Lifeson, Keith Emerson, Roger Taylor, Geoff Beauchamp, Geoff Downes & Bryan Adams Smoke on the Water - Rock Aid Armenia All Stars
  4. Lil' Red Riding Hood - Laura Gibson - Little Red Riding Hood
  5. Ohio (Live) - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - 4 Way Street (Live)

Quote of the Day

Simply stated, Luis Suarez is a biter. Why, exactly? It's impossible to say without a psychiatric evaluation but when an adult bites three opponents in the last four years clearly that man is, at his very core, a biter. No clearer way to put it.

Mike Prindiville, ProSoccerTalk

Blog of the day is here.

Quote from said blog: "Just in time for your summer drinking needs, the aptly-named Glover Park Beer Garden opens on Wednesday."

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