June Bugs

The clog in the main line that had filled up my bathtub got fixed yesterday morning in time for me to shower and make it to the dentist. I used some parts off of my old lawn mower (A previous victim of my bad luck) to fix my newer lawn mower (Current victim of my bad luck). That seems to have done the trick and the yard got done yesterday. There was some more bad news when the weed whacker wouldn’t start. It did not deter me. My usual diligence in weed whacking makes for very few spots that really need it and I took care of those by pulling up the grass and weed by hand. I’ll work on the weed whacker another day. I’m a little tired of fixing things at the moment. All in all, it wasn’t that bad a day. It ended up at Isabella’s Pizzeria for dinner. That leftover pizza is calling me but I will try to resist until at least 10AM. A Sunday pizza brunch: Life is good.

Speaking of the yard, I call this thing the purple buttercup. I have no idea what it is because I threw away the insert that came with it. It had a single bloom on it when I bought it as a temporary pot filler a couple of months ago. It has bloomed profusely ever since and I wouldn’t mind getting a few more. It has been a very pleasant surprise.

Sixth in the mirliton series below.