Thoughts on a regular season

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Thoughts on a regular season

Postby Rob » Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:39 pm

To be perfectly honest, I think the 3 close losses skew the season somewhat and maybe raised our expectations too high. Florida and Alabama were superior teams but LSU hung with them pretty much on talent alone. Simply not enough experience to win those games. Ole Miss was not a superior team but that game was lost on coaching. That's going to happen sometimes. Mississippi State and Arkansas both outplayed LSU but they couldn't pull out the win. In all, the Tigers are a deserving 9-3 team and will have a chance at a double digit win season and a top ten finish. A good recruiting class is coming in and they have talent at all positions except QB, which is the most critical one. I've seen enough of Jarrett Lee. He shouldn't be a starter or first backup. If Jefferson can't make major improvements in his game between now and the spring, I'm looking elsewhere for a QB. Probably looking elsewhere even if he does improve. He took another late sack yesterday at a time when that was the main thing he couldn't do. Personally, I don't think Jefferson will ever be much more than we've seen this season. He is simply too indecisive. With a lot of returning talent, a lot of high expectations, and a coaching staff with feet to the fire, will the Tigers and Miles have the guts to turn over the reins to a new QB with no experience? Tough call.
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