Dualing Residences

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Dualing Residences

Postby Rob » Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:29 pm

News that New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton has bought or is going to buy a house in a Dallas suburb. Said news isn't going over well in New Orleans. Earlier reports had him commuting from Dallas to New Orleans. Current ones have him maintaining dual residences. At some point in the article, this statement appears:
I can't imagine Saints owner Tom Benson is too happy about that.

We can talk about Benson's dual residences some other time. What bothers most fans, including this one, is where he's moving. Payton enjoyed his time in Dallas and he likes the area. He eventually wants to retire there. He's made all of that abundantly clear and if he was moving to a suburb of Memphis or Chicago or Kansas City, I don't think anyone would be worried. I am, though, and here's why: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants him. There is no doubt about that. Jerry Jones and Tom Benson are both billionaires. Jones will not offer Payton anything Benson couldn't match. However, he could quite possibly offer something Benson won't match and Sean could lose his mind just long enough to take it. Not a big fan of this move, Sean.
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