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Last Call for April 2003


Quote from the April 29, 2003 Howard Kurtz column: "It seems this morning that bloggers have taken over the world."

Where are my spoils? The reality is that blogging is a phenomenon that is sweeping the internet and is as diverse as people. Some take themselves very seriously but most do not. This one aims for the latter. The blogging community is very similar to the old BBS community. Blogs and BBS's are both for the people they belong to (The blogger or sysop). And both may or may not try to lure readers/users to their site. My BBS started out as a member of Fidonet to be a communal place for other computer users in my local calling area to play games and discuss a wide variety of topics with other computer users locally and globally. I kept it up for a good while even after most of my BBS users moved on because I was still connected and the connection was important to me. The BBS community and Fidonet are still around but are on the wane. Most of its users and sysops have moved on to the internet. It just couldn't evolve to anything that very many people cared to be involved in.

Hump day is here yet again and it is the last day of a pretty good month business-wise.

At the moment, I'm wondering what the blog will do tomorrow. This is our first month of blogging. Hopefully, the archives will be manageable. If not, we'll figure something out.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "The number of lawyers and legal professionals that have taken up blogging in Louisiana is incredible."

That is something I did not know. -Rob

Rant Tuesday (April 29, 2003)

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I'm going to have to invest in something that prevents pop-ups. They are becoming excessively annoying. That's a term from my BBS sysop days. Some sites are so booby-trapped or so poorly designed that you have to close your browser because you can't close the pop-ups as fast as they are being generated. Sometimes I click through one of the pop-ups accidentally when I'm really only trying to close another pop-up. And that just adds to some twit's statistics so he can tell his webmaster that his methods really do work. One of his other justifications is the same justification that spammers use and that is that they're only annoying people who weren't going to look at their site, buy their product, whatever. I touched on that philosophy earlier. That philosophy is even more excessively annoying.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "And the thing is -- at some point harmless hobbies get obsessive...."

Monday, Monday (April 28, 2003)


I caught the tail end of the Auto Club 500 yesterday in California. I love the way Kurt Busch races. He is the fastest rising star in a sport full of fast rising stars. NASCAR's future is very bright indeed. A bonus: Busch helped the Red Ryders.

The NFL Draft is over. The Saints didn't fare all that well in my estimation. Their primary needs were on defense but they only drafted three defensive players. They did OK at defensive tackle which was a primary need area but they failed miserably at middle linebacker, which was another urgent need area. Things may work out for them but this draft will not help them sell season tickets.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Why are all the new game shows called "reality" shows? Never once in real life have I seen someone voted off the island."

Sundays and mirlitons


The mirliton project is finished for this season. If the site works out for the mirlitons and for me, I will make it permanent. If not, I will relocate it. It looks a lot like a clothesline. You mostly see clotheslines only in movies now. They once were part of the American landscape. Everyone had one in their backyard. Image below.

mirliton (72k image)

I'm debating on whether to do yard work today. The side of me that likes the work and the result is working against the side of me that wants to skip a week when I can. Soon enough, I won't be able to. When I lived on a 45 X 120 lot in Metairie with St Augustine grass, skipping was out of the question. I had trouble pushing the lawn mower over two weeks of growth. Living on 5 acres with centipede grass and a lawn tractor, I have taken a different attitude altogether. Centipede doesn't grow as fast or thick and is not as susceptible to disease. On the down side, there is nothing quite like cool St Augustine on your bare feet.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "The internet is the ultimate "15 minutes of fame" place. 10 years ago the thought of random people reading what i have to say would have freaked me out. It still does. So I write this for me mainly. That may explain the odd dull bit. Enjoy the internet, and don't forget to be amazed by it because it's still amazing."

Saturday Work (April 26, 2003)


A half day of work is in order on this Saturday. Good weather and Jazzfest will probably keep business down a bit today. That's my opinion but I hope I'm wrong. I need a few good days to end the month.

This is about as political as I'll get here. I confess. I like the Dixie Chicks. I don't own any of their cd's but their rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl was one of the best I've ever heard. They made some comments that riled some of their fans.

Al Barger has a humorous take on it that's pretty close to my own. My only quibble with it is that they still have the right to bitch about overreaction. Don't buy their records, picket if you want, but vandalism and threats cross a line. That's just not right.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog is a definition of blog, itself: "Blog: contraction of "web log," i.e., personal journalism web site."

Arbor Day - April 25, 2003


Happy Arbor Day! I don't think I ever knew anyone that celebrates this day. Fridays are always welcome here even when I have to work on Saturday like this week. Got a little further along with the mirliton project (See April 21 entry) last night. It's almost finished.

On another front, tomorrow is Draft Day in the NFL. Tis one of the days NFL fanatics live for. The Super Bowl is the other. I'm only a half-fanatic. I won't watch every minute of it but I won't totally ignore it, either. Fantasy Football is only a few months away.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "On Southwest Airlines, for breakfast, you get the following nutritious meal option: Chips Ahoy."

Security and tomatoes


After 40 minutes of downloading security updates for two computers, I have just a few minutes to compose a blog. No matter, I am up to the task. On the subject of security, I wish Microsoft and the hacker community would just settle their differences. Can't they annoy each other without annoying the rest of us?

My tomato plants look like they are turning the corner. They're starting to look very healthy now. We should be picking in about 30 days or so. I have one extra plant in case any died. It looks like I won't need it. I will probably plant it in a remote area of the yard and let it do its own thing to see what happens. A friend once let his grow on their own (Without staking) and they turned out OK.

Blog of the day here (Wasn't easy to choose this morning).

Quote from said blog: "My dog keeps trying to drag me out into the yard and bury me, and the cats are starting to give me those thoughtful, eager looks that can only mean they’re beginning to think of me not as their mommy, but as dinner."

The Economy for April 2003


Hump day has arrived. We're finally starting to get busy at work again. Maybe the economy is starting to recover finally. It couldn't stay down forever. My very modest retirement portfolio is in the toilet but a good, solid year would get it back in shape. Dollar cost averaging is lost on some and I think people bailing (baling? Even after looking in the dictionary, I can't decide) now will regret it.

The blog of the day for April 23, 2003.

Update: Quote of the day from that blog - " Here's a true fact: I have broken the chain on EVERY SINGLE CHAIN LETTER I have ever received, both paper and online. I have not died. I have never had a run of bad luck that was caused by breaking the chain. And I have never, ever had a disco ball fall on me while dancing."

Blog, blog, blog .....


The goal here is to blog every day. Much like the Sean Connery character in Finding Forrester, I hope to just write and have thoughts come to me in the process. Sometimes that works for me, mostly it doesn't. If I get any better at this, these early entries will serve as evolutionary evidence.

New Projects


The mirliton project got underway this evening. The wife always wanted a mirliton vine so she will have two soon. I like them batter-fried fine but stuffed doesn't do a thing for me. I'll have a picture of this fiasco when I'm done.

Found a very good blog sight here. Some, but not all, are political in nature. They are mostly irreverent.

Easter 2003


It's Easter Sunday. Nothing much to blog about today. I plan to rest my sore back and knees, watch some movies, finish reading a book, and do some walking around the yard. For today, no plans are good plans.

New Thing


After a long day of yard work and errand-running, I finally have a little time to blog. I spent the early morning setting up another blog. It is not ready for public consumption yet. My tomatoes are still looking pretty pitiful but most of the yard is starting to look pretty good, particularly my wife's rose garden. She has a pink and a red rose that have been down for three years now and they are gorgeous. I took some pictures of them today and will try to upload them with this entry.

rose0403 (51k image)

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and will have to be a day of recharging my batteries. It's been a busy few weeks both at home and at work.

Good Friday (April 18, 2003)


Skipped a couple of blogging days. Don't know how people do it every day. Got a little mouse scurrying somewhere behind my wall as I type. Will have to do something about that tomorrow. Have never figured out where they get in but they always end up in the same area making the same noises. Just now, I'm waiting for the glue to dry on a hummingbird feeder that I'm trying to repair for the umpteenth time. Probably ought to just spring for the $8 or so to replace it. "Umpteenth" passes my spellchecker. I always thought it was a made-up word like "spellchecker", which doesn't pass.

Today is Good Friday. Business figures to be slow with many places closed today. I'm going for the shrimp po-boy for lunch as per tradition in New Orleans. Lots of seafood will be served today.

Just surfing the net about The Great Escape brought me here. I have the DVD of the movie version of this event but the real thing is quite a bit more inspiring. Another interesting WWII site here.

Taxes, taxes, and more taxes


Today is tax day. My return and my check will enter the post office mailbox this morning. I hope this is the last year I'll have to pay. Short blog this morning because I'm running a bit late.

Bumper Stickers and the Grind


Seen on a bumper sticker: It takes a lot of balls to play golf the way I do.

Back to the grind today after a pretty spectacular three day weekend. Unfortunately, I do not feel rested at all.

Looks like the Red Ryders will fall out of first place for the first time this year.

CrabAppleLane Birds


I have two hummingbird feeders out. They each have six feeding stations. At this time of year, two hummingbirds will squabble over them. Later in the year just before they migrate south, I'll put a third feeder out and I'll have dozens patiently waiting their turn. They're a joy. In some book I read, they're described as "fearless and pugnacious". That about sums it up.

I also have a nesting pair of eastern bluebirds in one of my bird houses. They had to squabble with chickadees to secure it. Chickadees give up quite a bit of size to the bluebirds but they make up for it with persistence and attitude.

Lazy Saturday (April 12, 2003)


Today figures to be a lazy day here. Got some yard work I want to do and have some maintenance to do on some of the lawn equipment that I've been neglecting. Hope to plant another row of tomatoes, too. I'm in no hurry to do any of it.

Speaking of tomatoes: The torrential rains and the unseasonably cold weather here in Bush have not done mine any good at all.

Went to the French Quarter Festival yesterday but did not take a single picture. I'm a bit disappointed about that. The food was fabulous.

French Quarter Festival

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Looks like the day I ordered came in. Should be very nice today in the French Quarter. Hope to do some shopping whilst there. I don't get down there as much as I would like. Looking for whirly gigs, wind chimes, wind socks, and perhaps something to hang on our wall. Hope to take a few pictures as well. Will post them to the blog if I do. Time to go!

Images of what and SPAM


Hard to escape the very compelling images coming out of the middle east yesterday.

The rain in Spain falls mainly on Bush, Louisiana. Every low spot, every tire rut, every ditch, and anything in my yard that can hold water is holding water. Enough with the rain already!

I have email addresses at hotmail, yahoo, and bellsouth. I do not use them and have never given them out to anyone. I check them periodically just to see what's there. Nothing but large volumes of spam. So where did the spammers get those addresses? My guess is hotmail, yahoo, and bellsouth. Spam will not kill email but the cure I and others may have to implement for it will kill some good cells along with the cancer. There is no reason for spammers to care about that because they didn't expect positive reaction from people like me anyway. So what if they turn off people who are already turned off?

Skipped a day


Syracuse came through for me Monday night. I had no particular reason to pull for them other than they helped me out on a pool. They probably won because every fiber of my being thought Kansas would win. I have found sometimes that genuine resignation improves my luck. It must be genuine, however.

CrabAppleLane is enjoying an upsurge in visitors, quite possibly because of our listing on GreyMatter. Usually, we don't get this many visitors until football season starts. Hope the new visitors (The ones from Finland, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic must be scratching their heads) are enjoying what they see. Although attracting large numbers of visitors to the site has never been a priority of CrabAppleLane (No commerce here yet), it is still fun to see that people are finding their way here on their own with the very little energy I put into that effort. Thanks to all of you.

Still alive


Still alive in the CrabAppleLane NCAA Pool. Just barely though. I need Syracuse to win the championship. I don't think any team can stop that runaway train of Kansas, though. The Aaron's 499 at Talladega is running today. Short entry this morning. Lots of yardwork to do before going to a company picnic later today.

NCAA Finals


The NCAA Men's Basketball Finals are tonight. I am pulling for Syracuse for quite corrupt reasons but I think Kansas is going to win easily.

French Quarter Fest is this weekend. I cannot believe they've been doing it for 20 years now. We went to the first 3 or 4 but have not been since. That will change this Friday, weather permitting.

Random Thoughts

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The NCAA Final Four gets underway today about 50 miles south of here. Although I can't win the CrabAppleLane NCAA Pool, I am pulling for Syracuse to win so I can get 2nd place. Unfortunately for me, I think Kansas will win the whole thing.

Rumor has it the Saints are interested in giving up their two first round picks for a higher pick. Dumb, dumb, dumb.... There are no players in this draft that Al McGuire would call "aircraft carriers". There is not a single player that would have so much impact that he would be better than the two quality players we could get later. Did the Ricky Williams thing teach anyone on Airline anything?

Just for the record: My favorite restaurant on the NorthShore is The Abita Brew Pub. My only quibble with them is their non-smoking room is too small.

On another note: I am tinkering with the look and feel of the blog as I go along. I have basically no idea of what I'm doing or where I'm heading with this but it's been fun so far.

NFL Schedule, etc


The NFL announced their schedule yesterday. Once again, the season starts on the Thursday after Labor Day. That's September 4 for those without a calender handy. Our beloved Saints open their season on Sunday, September 7 at Seattle.

The blog went public today. That is to say it is now linked to the main page. Search engines will find it soon. Those interested in contributing (Thoughts, not money) should drop me a line. The blog is currently envisioned as a sampling of random thoughts on whatever strikes the writer's fancy.

New Day


Not knowing what to do next, I forge ahead anyway. I still do not know what I am going to do with this particular resource or forum but the thought of having an online journal for a few selected friends and family intrigues me. Glenn Reynolds and Michael Moran have interesting blogs but they're political and they do it way better than me. Moran's has been MIA for a while now.

A fantasy football blog would be something that could be done but is not of great interest to many. By the way, CrabAppleLane's Fantasy Football site is here.

At present, only a handful of people know of this site. If and when I decide on a purpose for it, I will take it public. I use the term "purpose" very loosely here. It need not have a specific purpose. It needs to be fun and worth my while. That's its only goal.



I love to watch the Hummingbirds just hovering for hours
They look like mini helicopters pollinating flowers
And yet I still feel sorry for the little Hummingbirds
They always have to hum because they never learned the words

Al Yankovic



The 3rd Annual CrabAppleLane NCAA Tournament Pool is going on here

Brand New Blog in Cyberspace

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I have no idea how this will work but I am going to give it a try.

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