Typical Tuesday (May 27, 2003)


Got a perfectly fuzzy answer from a technical support person a few days ago. They must go to school for that. I sent a follow-up question to see if I could get any clarification but I'm not optimistic. As with most things technical, I'll probably end up figuring out or stumbling across the solution, myself. It's like being in school. They're the teacher, I'm the student. They want to give me clues in bits and pieces and want me to learn how to do it for myself whereas I don't want to waste any time or brain cells learning to do something that I will probably only do once.

On another front, I did have some luck with fixing my finish mower. I didn't need any new tools. What I really needed was a day to step back and think about it. That device may yet work for the other issue, too.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Saudi authorities nab 60 kilos of TNT, 50,000 pieces of ammunition... and 64 barrels of booze. Given the pickle you're in, my brothers, I'd consider moving the alcohol police over to TNT duty."

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