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Hollywood (June 30, 2003)


Hollywood Homicide is a hoot. Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett are a lot of fun together. Itís a buddy picture in the 48 Hours/Lethal Weapon mold only it doesnít take itself nearly as seriously as those two.

Sorry to see Kathryn Hepburn go. She had a great run, though. Not a lot of female leads were able to stand toe-to-toe with Spencer Tracy or Cary Grant. She did it easily.

Fun stuff at Fark.

Pet peeve: A web page that has a link to itself. What good is it? Gets its hit counter up? 1) What good is that? --- And --- 2) Isnít that a pretty sad way to do it?

The end of the month is the start of a short week. Inching ever closer is this.

It has been raining just about non-stop since we got home yesterday afternoon. What a mess.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: ďit was nearly midnight when i crawled into bed, aching from hours at the computer, wanting sleep but too wired from the day and the heat. the window was open and the air felt finally cool."

Update: Still raining as I type, courtesy of Tropical Storm Bill. Go away, Bill!

It's Sunday (June 29, 2003)


Weíve been watching Mike Hammer on the Mystery Channel lately. I donít know how that many episodes got filmed. Itís pretty lame. I guess it is kind of mesmerizing in a car accident rubberneck sort of way. Iíve watched at least 20 episodes. 500 channels and this is what I find myself watching. Can't wait for football season.

No yard work this weekend. It's a little too wet (Actually, it's more like "too lazy" although it did rain pretty good Friday night). If I get home from the movies and the errands early enough, I might still give it a go.

Our plans today are to take in a matinee. Awful rhyme. Sorry. Weíre going to see Hollywood Homicide. Weíre both Harrison Ford fans.

Our resident food enthusiast, Priscilla. She eats CHEEZ-ITS. Well, who doesn't? I like Goldfish better, though.

And 67 days until football season ..............

10th image in the mirliton series below.

mirl10 (40k image)

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Itís good if youíve never seen a zombie movie or read Day of the Triffids, and, well, because people getting their brains sucked out by zombies is just fun isnít it? I refer you to the under rated Resident Evil."

Saturday readfest (June 28, 2003)


Instapundit is heading to the Caymens and his blog will be dormant for a time. My sister-in-law and her husband go there for the same reason. Should be "3rd" Glenn, not "3d", unless you meant three dimensional. No typos, remember? Cheap shot courtesy of yours truly. Just kidding, though. The grammar and typo police would probably find something here without a lot of trouble. Like him, I think it worthwhile to make the effort to eliminate typos.

Ordered some DVDís (Field of Dreams, Led Zeppelin, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and Roman Holiday) this morning. Hope theyíre here in time for the long weekend next week. DVD Empire has free shipping if you order four titles or more. Not bad prices, either. I've seen all of them except for the Led Zeppelin DVD. I will definitely want to watch that one at full volume. The wife and cats will have to lock themselves in the bedroom.

Totally wet here in Bush. Canít say Iím sorry about it. I didnít plan to do much today anyway. Catch up on some reading and website maintenance. Pretty dull stuff.

Blog of the day here from a teenaged girl visiting her homeland, Iran.

Quote from said blog: "In Iran not only do they disrespect peopleís privacy, they donít give them any sort of freedom. They easily enter oneís private life and question them rudely."

Quite wonderful. -Rob

Block Party (June 27, 2003)


Items and items. All I have today.

Fed the hummers last night so I have a little more time this morning. Their feeders were almost dry. Their activity here is starting to pick up.

Casey, my 17lb cat, has been curling up under my desk lately whilst I type/surf. I often forget sheís there. I know thatís going to cost me a toe some day.

This new coffee maker is taking a lot of getting used to. It keeps going off on me. I guess that it doesnít have to stay on because of the thermal carafe but I kinda like my coffee piping hot.

This PSA from the News Banner:
TGIF Block Party, 6:30-9:30 p.m. 200,300, & 400 blocks of North Columbia, Downtown Covington. Music, old cars, motorcycles, and lots of family fun. Cost is free. For information call 892-1873.

Hope to get home early enough to clean up and go to it.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "bwg [adventures of a big white guy living in hong kong]"

Coffee maker (June 26, 2003)


Stopped at Target last night shopping for a new coffee maker. Had never been to a Target store. Think K-Mart. The layout is similar, the designs and color schemes are similar, and the shortage of cashiers is similar. Settled on this one. Everything is removable for cleaning and the carafe is stainless. Those are two features I wanted. It also has too many moving parts which means it probably wonít last very long. Bought some Starbucks Columbian whole bean coffee while I was there. Not quite as good as Royal Blend but not bad. What I bought must be something that they provide only to re-sellers like Target. I couldn't find it anywhere on their site.

Hope business picks up soon. There is nothing discernible standing in its way. This consumer is doing his part. Iíve been hemorrhaging money for about 3 months now but I think the worst of that is over now.

The NBA Draft is tonight. They only finished the season about a week ago. The word overexposure comes to mind.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Steve Jobs has finally announced what we've all been waiting for -- Apple is switching off the Motorola platform to a new 64-bit chip from IBM. It's been obvious for quite a while that this was coming, and now that he's ready to go live, it looks like he may have pulled yet another rabbit out of his hat

Wednesday in June (June 25, 2003)


The truck made it home last night. The best thing about that is I can leave for work about 45 minutes later this morning. The rebuilt engine is running pretty good although it makes some noises I am concerned about. Could be just breaking-in noises. Just give me three more years.......

Broke my coffee carafe last night while cleaning it. Coffee-less mornings are no fun here. Will be at the store today or tonight.

Jana has some nice pictures. Love the view.

Kind of guilty pleasure: Iím reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Iíve read the other four.

And only 71 days until football season......

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Sorry, work's still been kicking my ass lately. I even worked my first Saturday since I started (I shouldn't complain for having to work A Saturday, but this is my blog and I'll cry if I want to)

Seconds (June 24, 2003)


Our phone bill has me a bit agitated this morning. Our phone bill last month was about $30 higher than normal. The culprit was wireless. It appeared we had run out of rollover minutes. No problem (Over the course of a year or two, this seemed plausible). So, we changed our calling habits for a while and figured things would get back to normal. Wrong! This month, it is $30 higher than last month or $60 higher than normal. This, after we changed our habits. Somethingís amiss. The phone company is getting a call this morning. They hide this outrageousness in a 19-page bill.

Second verse, same as the first. Waiting for a ride again this morning because the truck wasnít ready yesterday. It will be ready today.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Forget that goofy Hulk movie, what you really want to see is From Justin to Kelly, which could quite possibly be the dumbest movie ever made, a big-budget version of those NBC TV movies in which the kid from Silver Spoons meets and falls in love with the chubby girl from The Facts of Life. And while I admit to crying when Jo said good-bye to her greasy French beau in The Facts of Life Goes to Paris, that was free. They expect $10 for this mess."

Truck Monday (June 23, 2003)


Even going to bed early Sunday morning did not prevent me from waking up yesterday just after the alarm would have sounded on a work day. Itís a curse. Got some things done yesterday so it wasnít a total waste but would like to have caught some extra ZZZZZZZZís.

Shorter blog this morning because this will be a longer work day than usual today. Hopefully, I can get caught up with whatever I missed Friday. Have a ride coming for me early this morning. Will drive home the truck with its newly installed engine this evening. The cell phone is fully charged just in case.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Apparently, Belgium felt sufficiently threatened by the idea of having NATO's headquarters moved from Brussels to someplace sane... Belgium has modified the "genocide law" that would have allowed all sorts of left-wing nutjobs to bring war crimes charges against Americans."

Summertime (June 22, 2003)


Watched Catch Me if You Can late last night. Fun and worth seeing once. Donít think I could sit through it again. Reminds me of a very similar movie I once saw starring Tony Curtis called The Great Imposter. Thatís another one I probably couldnít sit through again. Except for some film noir and some madcap comedies, I am not a big fan of older studio-made movies. The fake backgrounds are too much of a distraction.

Yard stuff was rained out yesterday. Looks like rain now but I may attempt cutting grass anyway if it doesnít start raining soon.

74 days until football season.....

Ninth image (Slightly foggy) in the mirliton series below. To the right and behind the mirliton vine is a tall plant called a Texas Star Hibiscus. My hands are not small. These are rather large flowers. The Texas Star Hibiscus and the Blue Ginger are my two favorites. They come back year after year always bigger and better than the year before and I donít do a single thing to them or for them. They do it all on their own. The Blue Ginger will be blooming soon. They are gorgeous.

mirl9 (51k image)

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "The Incredible Hulk, despite his general admiration for Ang Lee, is disappointed with the new Hulk film

Rain, rain (June 21, 2003)


Took in the National D-Day Museum yesterday. Wow! It was my first time. The presentations are fabulous. Itís a bit overwhelming. There is one 7-minute presentation (The decision to go) that I really liked. I know I missed some of the smaller treasures trying to see everything I could. A return trip is a must.

Internet connections here are good in the early, early morning and lousy later in the day. I know network congestion at my ISP is the culprit. I also know calling them or emailing them is a waste of time. Theyíll say itís the phone lines and the phone company will say itís them and the seasons, they go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down.........

Apologies to Joni Mitchell for the blatant pilferage above.

We had our first avocado & tomato salads of the season last night. Nothing quite like that first one.

Looks like another all-day rainfest here in Bush. Might get some yard stuff done, might not.

After 4 cups of freshly-ground, freshly brewed, dark roast coffee, it is now time to get up and do something.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "If my blog does not meet your standards, then LOWER YOUR STANDARDS or go away. Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?"

A day off (June 20, 2003)


Took the day off today. With the truck in the shop, we were going to be limited to one set of wheels anyway. We plan to go into the city and do something other than work for a change. I love downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter and donít get down there nearly enough to suit me. Weíre going to take in the National D-Day Museum and a nice restaurant, Katieís, that my wife has never been to. Hope itís cool enough to sit outside but Iím not counting on it. If itís not pouring down rain, it will likely be blistering hot. You can adapt to the heat and humidity in New Orleans and you can survive it but you never grow to enjoy it.

Speaking of the truck, the engine being replaced today has 311,000 miles on it. The first 150,000 miles were mostly city driving. It has been mostly highway driving since. If it werenít slinging oil everywhere, I wouldnít bother. The damn thing still runs fine.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "i'm currently sitting at Noushka's desk at Brisbane office. i have nothing to do except for bugging her. and when she's not on her desk, i use her computer to write this entry..."

WS_FTP (June 19, 2003)


Glenn Reynolds wrote a nice piece about blogging and what makes for a good blog here. I spotted most of the things in his column that I like about blogs, myself. I picked up on his and Michael Moran's on MSNBC first. Started reading others and here I am.

A unique-only-for-a-moment use for a blog: Howard Dean, Democratic candidate for President, is using this blog in his campaign. His is the first but certainly not the last. It can be updated on the fly instantly from anywhere. Whether that proves useful/helpful to him remains to be seen but I am certain entries in his blog will be quoted by media (Already done) and probably his rivals, too.

Spent some of the morning downloading and installing WS_FTP Pro. The current version (8.0) has features that are very nice. Iíve been using the Pro version since CrabAppleLane went online. The free version of it is fine but I like this one quite a bit better and itís worth it to me since I use it almost every day.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "I was on the Fred MacAuley show this morning, talking about blogging. This is what it takes to shame me into updating the site. Oh well. More soon."

Referral (June 18, 2003)


Spent the better part of this morning adding that bit of code to the right. It's just for fun because someone asked me how people find my site. The numbers still floor me. It's a "Thanks and I'm flattered, but why did you stop in?" kind of thing but I don't really care to know the answer. I imagine most of the referrals for the CrabAppleLane Blog come from Greymatter. It is on Greymatter's site list and this blog runs on Greymatter software. How they find CrabAppleLane is another matter altogether. That this is the only one is not a good answer because why would anyone do a search on "CrabAppleLane"? It's probably a combination of the meta tags here and my email address and website showing up on other people's sites. Or not.......

Not wild that ďrecentĒ is in lower case but that is beyond my control on another site. Touched on that lower case thing in this earlier entry. Not a big deal.

If the old truck engine has about 200 more miles in it, I'll be OK. It gets replaced tomorrow.

With the day off Friday, I plan to visit The National D-Day Museum. It will be my first time and I'm looking forward to it. I hope to catch up with some of the great things to do and see in New Orleans some day. Tourists probably know most of those things better than I do and I've lived and worked in and around New Orleans all of my life. Getting to be time to remedy that.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Here's an excerpt from a story already making waves in which Republican doofus Orrin Hatch says he wants to allow copyright holders to destroy the computers of people who illegally download copyrighted music and other files."

I'm not a fan of file-swapping but I think this is overreaction. I expect there will be a clarification in the coming days on that statement. -Rob

Blogoverse? (June 17, 2003)


Just snippets today. Have a few random thoughts but nothing cohesive enough to merit an entry unto itself.

CrabAppleLane Fantasy NASCAR League Playoffs underway here.

Long live the ďblogoverseĒ.

What a miserable existence!

3rd morning in a row of decent internet connections. Afternoons and evenings are another matter.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Yesterday we decided to head out and enjoy the day. So we went to the Hometown Buffet in Milford where we saw a man hooked up to an oxygen tank gnawing away on a pile of baby-back ribs, this being BBQ Night. You are my inspiration, sir

And just some silliness for the sake of posterity:
Site Stats as of 06/17/03 04:25 AM
76 entries currently online (75 open and 1 closed) with 66 archived and 10 marked as current
105 karma votes cast (1.4 on average per entry) with 81 positive and 24 negative for a total karma rating of 57
19 total comments posted (0.2 on average per entry)

Short Week (June 16, 2003)


Yesterday turned out just exactly as expected. The morning and early afternoon were great except that it was very hot, humid, and mostly overcast. It appears all of the digital pictures we took were plagued by moisture on the lens. Too bad. The whole family was in.

We drove through a horrendous thunderstorm after we left. Cars were stopping on the interstate. They were also doing one of my favorite things: Driving with their emergency flashers on!

My tomatoes werenít quite the way I like them last night. Theyíll be super supper tonight.

Taking Friday off so this will be a short week.

And 80 days until football season........

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "So that's what those little sliding thingies in Photoshop are for."

More good photos. -Rob

Father's Day (June 15, 2003)


Happy Fatherís Day, Dad!

Today is starting out pretty much like yesterday. Beautiful morning with thunder showers expected in the afternoon. I finished the yard yesterday just before the thunderstorm. I love when that happens. The yard looks great this morning. Speaking of looking great, these are the 3rd and 4th of the season. Picked just this morning. The first succumbed to some awesome olive loaf sandwiches last night. Perhaps a tomato and avocado salad is in order for supper. Lunch will be in Madisonville with Dad and the family (Most of it, anyway).

The internet connection has given me a reprieve of sorts. Best connection I've had from my ISP in three weeks. Maybe they've straightened themselves out or finished doing whatever they were doing. Then again, it could also be just an aberration. We shall see.

Eighth image in the mirliton series below:

mirl8 (52k image)

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Went to La Jolla. Sat at the beach. Took some photos."

Very good photos. -Rob

I love internet sites that load their stories only after every single ad has loaded. Some of them probably have pop-ups, too, although I only see the new and equally annoying inline pop-ups now. My blocking software doesnít stop them. I know that high volume sites do cost quite a bit of money to maintain. I think they should go the NASCAR route. The big ad on the hood is the primary sponsor and all of the other little ads are secondary sponsors. Sites should have one primary sponsor and a limited number of secondary sponsors. Also, isnít it a tad redundant to advertise your site on your site? Weíre there already. That should indicate that we already got the message.

Just for fun, I cleared all of my caches and unwanted cookies and reloaded the ABCNEWS site that I was at while I was composing this. The site has 7 non-ABCNEWS ads at this moment (They change all day so this is only a somewhat-less-than-complete gage for right here and right now). It also has one pop-up and has loaded 23 cookies into my browser. This is only what I could detect with my somewhat limited resources and very limited knowledge of these kinds of very dynamic web sites. All of these numbers will grow if I click-thru any of the links on the page or leave the site. I find this a bit excessive.

The hunt for a new and better internet connection will resume tomorrow. Gotta work today. Right now, stuck at 26.4bps.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Seems that I missed the theme idea here at Gubbool.org. This ainít a journal, ainít a inspirational page full of affirmations, and it ainít much else otherwise"

Friday the 13th (June 13, 2003)


The College World Series starts today. LSU has made it back to Omaha and will have the closest thing to home field advantage. They will bring the largest following and the locals from Omaha tend to cheer for LSU, too. If they can stay in the winnerís bracket, I think theyíll do just fine. I think they have as good a chance to win it all as anyone. Geaux Tigers!!!

Two of my favorite celebrities, David Brinkley and Gregory Peck, died yesterday. I only barely remember the Huntley-Brinkley Show but This Week with David Brinkley was something I got up on Sunday mornings for. Some of my favorites from Gregory Peckís film legacy are To Kill a Mockingbird, How the West was Won, The Guns of Navarone, Roman Holiday, Other Peopleís Money, Spellbound, and Arabesque.

Friday the 13th. No biggie here. Not the superstitious type. Just the same, Iíll drive at the posted speed limit today.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "PICKLE JUICE IS PEOPLE!!! IT'S PEOPLE!!!"

Wishbone Ash (June 12, 2003)


Got Wishbone Ashís Argus (Expanded Edition - 30th Anniversary) Remastered and Revisited CD the other day. The only thing I can say about it is WOW! Wisbone Ash was one of my favorite bands growing up. I already had their Live Dates remastered CD (That one took a long time to find). I played the Live Dates (Which is essentially Argus Live) double album and eight track (Yes, eight track) until I wore them out. I threw the eight track away years ago but I still have the album around here somewhere. I donít know why I save my albums. I donít anticipate ever playing them again although there is one aspect of albums that beats CDís. The liners and liner notes are readable on albums for my bad-getting-worse-every-day eyes. These are their two best albums and two of the best albums of all time and Iím glad I now have two great versions of them that should last forever.

In another development, no news is good news. My truck and its tired, old engine has to get me to and from work just 7 more times. I have committed to replacing the engine next Thursday. Expensive, yes, but not as expensive as buying a new one or even a used one. For me, now, this is my best option.

And, exactly 84 days until football season.......

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "To paraphrase Bob Dylan, I don't wanna work on Maggie's Farm no more."

Note from Rob: I'm not the biggest Dylan fan but I think that's more of a quote than a paraphrase.

The hump (June 11, 2003)


Short blog day today because I am running a bit late.

Tulane did an about face yesterday and saved themselves some embarrassment by deciding to keep their NCAA Division I status. For me, that whole fiasco raises even more questions. The rhetoric coming out of Tulane the last several weeks indicated to me that someone there, probably the president, wanted to kill the program. The vote yesterday (27-0 with one abstention) indicates to me he never had the votes. There is no doubt the vote was not unanimous when the doors were closed. It was unanimous only after they were open. So, why embark on that mean-spirited campaign if you didnít have the votes in your pocket? Either he mis-calculated or it was all a smokescreen from the beginning. Whatever, that tactic is good for one use only.

Hump day on this six day work week.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "What could you possibly have to fear?"

Tulane Athletics (June 10, 2003)


This is a big day for Tulane University athletics, but quite likely a sad day. Their choices to be voted on as I understand it are 1) Leave things as they are, 2) drop football altogether, or 3) drop down to Division III in all sports except baseball. In the 50's, Tulane embarked on a program of ďde-emphasisĒ of athletics. Though that term is only used in talking of the past now, the fact of the matter is ďde-emphasisĒ never left Tulane. I donít necessarily think the fix is in this time but I think the rhetoric that has come out of Tulane has been nothing more than low-brow scare tactics. I grew up in New Orleans as a Tulane fan. Tulane was always the underdog. What I believe now is that they never wanted to be anything but the underdog. I believe they were scared to death to raise expectations. However, being underdog and/or lovable losers has grown tiresome to the fans, particularly the ones in the city who have no ties to the university. Support has dwindled. It canít be fixed overnight. Theyíre also competing with the Saints (Another group of lovable losers with dwindling support).

The lesson here is that you just canít throw any product on the field and expect people to buy it no matter how it performs. Tulane and the Saints both do that. And theyíre both crying and threatening fans because of it. Apathy flows both ways but they only want to fix it at the fans end.

Any choice but to leave things as they are and try to improve is tantamount to quitting. The vote comes today. The saddest thing for me to admit is I donít really think I care.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Regardless of what you think about his policies or his personal life, Bill Clinton is still exciting to watch."

The Ninth (June 9, 2003)


Yesterday was essentially a waste. Got up early again and lounged around the house most of the day. Got some computer work done on the site and got the network up and running again after some kind of glitch popped up Saturday night. I have no idea how some computer things happen. Spent some of yesterday evening tinkering with a bulletin board for the site. Itís not where I need it to be yet but I like whatís happening so far. A user-friendly bulletin board has always been on the list of things I wanted for CrabAppleLane. The one I installed yesterday was out of reach for me (In a technical sense, not a money sense. Itís free!) when I first saw it.

And a decent internet connection is still out there somewhere. Iím sure of it.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Whoever did Esther Williams' hair and makeup deserved some kind of special Academy award. All that time under water and never a hair out of place, and never so much as a smudge from her mascara."

MSN Sunday (June 8, 2003)

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Thought I had my internet connection issues resolved when I signed up for an MSN account. MSN has six access numbers that are not long distance to me. All of them were consistently getting better connections than I am getting now. Alas, it isnít to be. Microsoft (MSN), in their ever-increasing zeal to control the universe, does not allow mail to be sent to unauthorized mail servers. What servers are unauthorized, you ask? Answer: Every one but theirs. What that means is I can receive my crabapplelane.net mail but any mail I send out would have to use my MSN address. That is not acceptable here and the account was cancelled with extreme prejudice. Iím not angry, though. Not me!

More on that wonderful practice here. Another one of their dirty tricks: Technical support not related to billing is a 1-3 minute wait on hold. Cancelling an account is a 20-30 minute wait on hold. I just love it.

And the search for a decent connection resumes........

Seventh image in the mirliton series below:

mirl7 (58k image)

And a California Splendors bush I planted yesterday here. I have no idea if that's its actual name because I cannot find anything about it online. That name is on its tag.

And some fabulous-looking tomato bushes here. Should have some to pick any time now.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "True north is wherever the heck I SAY it is!"

Early saturday morning (June 7, 2003)


Wet, wet, wet. Thatís the only way to describe this morning. On the bright side, the tomatoes are really starting to look good. They like rain. Should start picking any day now. The mirlitons seem to like the rain, too. They are climbing all over each other. I have yet to see a bud or flower though. Iím not really sure what these things are supposed to do. I had always thought they were difficult to grow and were somewhat exotic. As I was growing up, they were always spoken about with reverence as if they were a delicacy or hard to get. Nothing could be further from the truth. These things grow like weeds.

Itís a shame when you wake up at 5:30am on a day off. I have become a creature of habit. Bummer!

Yet another morning of lousy internet connections ........

89 days until football season .......

Probably the most famous blog in the world is the blog of the day.

Quote from said blog: "and I was wondering when will he find out and if he will be angry because I didn't tell him. I think he isn't

Tip of my cap to you, Salam. Great job! -Rob

It's Friday, yeah! (June 6, 2003)


Identity theft has become such a big story in the news lately. I confess that I have done very little to protect myself from it although I have thought about doing so on several occasions. I wonder just how much I can do. Do you just pay cash for everything? Never show your driverís license to anyone? Information about you is available in a variety of places. Shredders are fine for documents that are going in your trash but the fact of the matter is that the mail comes to you unshredded. The identity thief need not dig in your trash. He or she can get his info from your mailbox. Itís a felony to tamper with the mail but it canít be proven unless theyíre caught in the act. No doubt I can do more than I am doing but I think vigilance is still my best defense. I monitor my checking account and my credit card account online. Nevertheless, I will be working on some sort of comprehensive plan to protect those items in the coming days and weeks.

Itís Friday and Iíll be glad to put this week behind me. Iíve been fairly busy all week but I canít say I have much to show for it. I have no big weekend plans but I canít wait to get to it anyway.

Yet another morning of lousy internet connections......

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog"In the course of libeling, as a racist bigot, yet another blogger with whom she disagrees, the humorless, racially obsessed and not very bright "J", of the tedious, predictable and deservedly obscure blog, Silver Rights, posted something so forehead slappingly stupid it took my breath away."

Take the fifth (June 5, 2003)

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Just now, I thought Iíd lost my internet connection again. It is getting ever more frustrating internet-wise living out here where I do. Broadband is still months or years away but normal dial-up phone connections are getting worse by the day. Yesterday was not the worst its ever been but it was close. I lost my connection no fewer than 6 times. That on top of the fact that I also had to dial up at least three times after each disconnect. It got so frustrating that I just saved my work and posted it later.

One of the reasons I like to do my main browsing/posting early in the morning is so that I can avoid my perceived net congestion and bad connection problems. That theory (Only theory mind you, I donít know, for sure, if thereís any truth to it) is being sorely tested right now.

ISPís are very quickly approaching cable companies for customer dissatisfaction.

Today is going to be errand-running day. Yesterday was supposed to serve that purpose but something else came up.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog"You know you have writer's block when you can't even finish a shopping list. You write "Artichokes," then scratch it out in disgust: "What the hell am I thinking? Only an amateur would lead off with produce.""

Music, sweet music (June 4, 2003)


Warning: Music rant follows!
As someone who grew up in the 70's and with the music of that era, I grate a little when self-important 60's flower children dismiss all or most of it as fluff or meaningless or contend that the 60's music reaffirmed life, the cosmos, made a statement, whatever .... And Iíve surely seen that done better than this. Rolling Stone has been doing it since about 1970. Iím a tad younger than that generation but I was listening to music in the 60's, too. The Doors played AM radio, as did Buffalo Springfield, Bob Dylan, etc.... Just songs on the radio to most people and equally fluffy. Long past time for the 60's generation to get off of their high horse about their music. Thereís good and bad from the 60's pretty much like every other era in history.

Hump day is here and itís time for me to get moving.

Oh, and another thing: Dial-up internet access sucks big time!

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog"There are a few bands that surface over and over again in interviews with rock stars as serious influences on serious musicians

For the record, I knew about Robert Johnson. -Rob

Stat day (June 3, 2003)


It's been a long morning. It started with trouble with my stat software. I'm working on it but I still don't have it right. Will need some help from the software author. This software just devours resources on my machine and slows everything else to a dribble. Makes for a short blog entry today.

The lone bright spot is that our team, Red Ryders, has just about sewed up first place going into the playoffs. That's a relief.

Feed the hummers and I am outta here.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "It's nice to get away and create something every once in awhile..."

The Second (June 2, 2003)


Finally broke down and bought a coffee bean grinder. It arrived just before last weekend but I had so much ground coffee (Ground by the place I bought it from) already that I waited until this weekend to buy some beans and give it a whirl. It makes a difference but it also makes a mess. I think I can minimize the mess somewhat with a little practice. I surely hope so, anyway.

I'm also now trying a product called Guard-IE. It blocks pop-up ads and also has some privacy protection elements. So far, I am fairly impressed with it. I have 19 days left in the trial period but it is almost a certainty that I will register it.

Another week, another month, it is way past time for the economy to start moving forward.

94 days until football season.........

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Quote from said blog: "Whereas, Andy Jackson would kick Margaret Thatcher's butt in a fair fight,"

June Bugs (June 1, 2003)

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The clog in the main line that had filled up my bathtub got fixed yesterday morning in time for me to shower and make it to the dentist. I used some parts off of my old lawn mower (A previous victim of my bad luck) to fix my newer lawn mower (Current victim of my bad luck). That seems to have done the trick and the yard got done yesterday. There was some more bad news when the weed whacker wouldn't start. It did not deter me. My usual diligence in weed whacking makes for very few spots that really need it and I took care of those by pulling up the grass and weed by hand. I'll work on the weed whacker another day. I'm a little tired of fixing things at the moment. All in all, it wasn't that bad a day. It ended up at Isabella's Pizzeria for dinner. That leftover pizza is calling me but I will try to resist until at least 10AM. A Sunday pizza brunch: Life is good.

Speaking of the yard, I call this thing the purple buttercup. I have no idea what it is because I threw away the insert that came with it. It had a single bloom on it when I bought it as a temporary pot filler a couple of months ago. It has bloomed profusely ever since and I wouldn't mind getting a few more. It has been a very pleasant surprise.

Sixth in the mirliton series below.

mirl6 (66k image)

Blog of the day from my home state here.

Quote from said blog: "Today has been dreary and rainy. Can't do anything outside! I decided to change the look of my weblog. I think it has a John Deere look now. ;-) Oh well, I guess I must like it since the look appealed to me."

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