Friday (July 18, 2003)

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It’s Friday. About time!

Neat picture here. Wish I could do that. Done with a digital camera. {Soapbox time} Prices on digital cameras are comparable in price and quality to 35mm cameras now but there is no film to buy, drop off, waste, overexpose, or develop and no time lost doing any of that. There are no additional expenses to your purchase whatsoever unless you want to buy Photoshop or some other software package or a fancy image printer but even those expenses would not match the $10-15 per roll to purchase and develop film. If you take pictures, I can’t think of a single, good reason not to have one. {Soapbox removed}

Bad luck continues on the truck front. Had to replace the battery last night. This must be the last thing I need for it for the foreseeable future. Some good luck better come my way soon.

Red Ryders are experiencing bad luck, too.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: “Some of you may remember my bad experience with a New York comic named Warren Holstein in an entry I called Feelin' Really Old Now.... I had long gotten over it but seems Warren googled himself and found the entry at the top of Google’s list. Thought you might enjoy our reparté. You’d think he’d know better than to immortalize himself in this way where any talent scout could google him for info and find it!"

I disagree with her. From my seat on the sidelines here, it looks like Warren won the exchange. She has a button as big as all outdoors. He pushed it. After all of the silly exchanges between them are over, she essentially has ended up with a sign on her back that says “kick me”. In some places, a thin skin like that is like waving a red flag at a bull. The thing to do was shake it off.

Her site rates a link, though. Check it out.


Lauri said:

You don't have any buttons? I agree that I should have pretended it didn't bother me but there were other circumstances that caused a lot of pressure for me at the time. It was Mother's Day weekend and my mom had just died less than two months before. I was also in NY on a very stressfull project where other people weren't appreciating my hard work. Warren was basically the last straw. After that, I simply vented in my weblog and was done with it but Warren came back for more abuse. As a man, you have probably been trained to "suck it up" and not let anyone know something is bothering you until you eventually get an ulcer or kill someone. I am not a man. I can't find a bio on your site so I don't know your age but I DO know that you can in no way relate to what was bothering me and it's very flippant of you to tell me to just shake it off. Maybe to some people I do have a sign that says "kick me". Question is, are you the type of person who would do it? Warren is and that's why he lost in the big game of life. Thanks for the link, though.

Note from Rob: Comment originally posted 07/20/2003 to the Greymatter blog. Transferred here verbatim

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