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Another week starts after a fairly good weekend for me. Iím hoping to take Friday off and have a little more time to prepare for the CFFL Draft Sunday. Itís being held at my place and has been since the league started 7 years ago. I have just started preparing for the draft and the auction the following Friday night. The draft board is finished and the labels are printed. Not real happy with the way the draft board turned out but it will do. This is a big event in a fantasy football season. I have third pick in the draft. What I try to do is know a little something about a lot of players. Have to be flexible in thought and be prepared in the event a player you had your eye on gets snatched just before your turn. That has happened to me more than once.

Free fantasy football is becoming a thing of the past as many are finding out. The truth of the matter is that it never was free. Itís just that someone else was paying for it. The deal used to be that to play for free, you put up with advertising bombardments. Now, some people are having to put up with fees and ads. There is a mentality amongst some internet users that thinks everything ought to be free but those servers, phone lines, software packages, and technicians and engineers cost money and advertising is not paying for all of it any more. This is a natural evolution.

The NFL season is now just 17 days away, Ya Boys Auction is 11 days away, and the CFFL Draft is only 6 days away......

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Quote from said blog: ďHer proposed solution, however, strikes me as fanciful. While the notion of abolishing government-issued marriage licenses is interesting, it strikes me as incredibly unlikely to happen any time soon"


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