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Bloghosts shut down on January 1 or so. They were CrabAppleLane’s former host. For the most part, they were a pleasure to do business with. Jace Herring was the driving force behind it. His support was very good. So good, in fact, that I signed up for another year back in July and I also recommended Bloghosts to a few other people. He offered full service hosting aimed at the blogging community, including domain registration and blog software installation. Thankfully, I didn’t need those services. Unfortunately, it seemed to make sense at the time for the two people I sent his way, my sister and an old friend. Bloghosts announced their decision to close a good couple of months before they actually did and I thought that was pretty good of them. It gave us a chance to find other accommodations. I moved all of my files to a new host the weekend I read his announcement and gave him back that server space.

Support has since dried up. He has not responded to any of my emails. He owes me money for the unused portion of the service I paid for. He also doesn’t respond to requests for transferring domains in all cases although he has in some cases. My sister and my old friend will be able to get their domains back in a couple of months when Bloghosts lets them lapse assuming no one gets to them first. What a pain. The letter I’ve been sending to him at least once a week is here.

Jace is a young guy based on what I’ve read. Unfortunately for him, internet search engines will show him to be a bad person to do business with for a long time to come if he doesn’t start rectifying things. I really don’t have a problem with that.

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Take 7 red ingredients (e.g. strawberry joghurt, red gummi-bears, red grapes) and heat until mixed, stir 7 times clockwise, 7 time anti-clockwise then pour into a glass from which lovers have already sipped."


Donna said:

Hey Rob,
Last week, I finally had some time to spend trying to tinker around and start up another blog. I tried to register my domain with ixhosting, but they said it was already taken. Bloghost never did e-mail me to confirm that I had the rights to the blog name....so I tried with another name and actually signed up with ix. After tinkering around for two days with ix, then calling them, and chatting on line with a help tech. I still couldn't put together a blog, so I canceled the service. I've been very busy since then and haven't had the time to look around for another host. Hopefully, someday next month, I'll be able to find the time to do another blog. I'll just be too busy the rest of the week and all next week traveling for my job.
I'm still stopping by your site and the family site just about everyday, which I really enjoy.
see ya soon, Donna

Rob said:

I saved your blog entries at 8AM on January 2. Everything up until that point can be restored fairly easily. If you do get setup again, let me do that before you send out accounts to your family.

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