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Something my sister said reminded me of a story yesterday. Patsy and I were on our second trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando. Our first trip was our honeymoon. Now, it was December 1984 and Epcot, although not quite finished, had just opened. We were in the Italian Pavilion and it was lunchtime so we decided to try Alfredo’s. Alfredo’s is quite famous. Ever heard of Fettuccine Alfredo? This is the guy and they make their own fresh pasta on the premises. You can watch them. That was enough for us. It was not enough for Alfredo’s, though. Tables for two are reserved weeks in advance and we had just walked up. There was an elderly couple from New Jersey also waiting. They asked us to join them because tables for four were more readily available. They were very nice so we gladly accepted.

As we started telling each other a little about ourselves, they latched on to my last name. All of the Italians they knew in New Jersey must have been recent immigrants. Assuming I knew the language of my ancestors, they started speaking to me in Italian. Ciao and spaghetti is about the extent of that language within my grasp. I took German in high school. I was a bit embarrassed that I had to stop them but we had a laugh about that. They spoke to the waiter from Naples in Italian, ordered in Italian, and toasted each other throughout the meal in Italian. Forgot to mention: They, themselves, were not Italian.

The man had been in Italy during the war. A bit homesick, he had carved his name and his wife’s name into the base of a mountain just outside of Florence like any teenager carving those things into a tree. Sometime after he did that, the Allies bombed that mountain and everything around it. He had not been back to Italy since that time until the summer before we met them that December. He and his wife smiled at each other as he told us his carving from 40 years ago was still there.

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