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My first thought when I read that law enforcement captured 10,000 fugitives this past week was alarm at the number. 10,000????? Furthermore, the article states that it is only 1 percent of the total number of 1 million fugitives in the FBI database. Thatís a rather alarming number, too.

When Terrell Owens was with the 49ers, he caught a TD pass from Steve Young to beat the Packers in a playoff game. He burst into tears and everyone thought he was a refreshing change from the prima donnas that make up the NFL. How things change.

I feel a bit safer not being on the same roads as this guy. If he canít read, what is he going to do if he sees a sign that wasnít on the test or one he didnít study for?

Some say the North Korean government uses shrill rhetoric. I donít know. The QOTD seems reasonable to me. OK, maybe not. I think they probably have more to worry about with that new South Korean driver getting on the wrong road than with the U.S. setting fires.

Quote of the Day
If the US imperialists recklessly set the fire of war
on the Korean Peninsula despite our repeated warnings ...
we will mercilessly and completely destroy the invaders
so they wonít live again
Kim Yong Nam, North Korean Head of Legislature

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "The first thing that struck me about him was that he was orange."


kim said:

That's a lot of fugitives. Great effort to catch them all in a week, too. It cost $9,000 per fugitive on average. Those fugitives should have to work to pay that back.

Fi said:

271 times? Yikes! Remind me not to be driving around southern South Korean when Mr Seo Sang-moon takes his practical!

Rob said:

I don't know how you can make a prisoner work, Kim. If he just says no, what can you do about it except maybe extend his sentence but even that might be deemed cruel and unusual. I think the $9000 is the price we pay to get them off of the street. Bummer.

Yes, Fi, 272 is a ridiculous number. After, say, 30 or 40, they just should have given the guy a bus pass and told him to go away.

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