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So I talked Patsy into going to see Sin City with me, fired up my account, and we were off to the matinee yesterday. It should be noted that Patsy didnít think much of this film. I loved it. Itís old-style 40s and 50s film noir mixed with comic book and brought up to date although I donít think you can make any conclusions about what year the filmís world is set in. If that sounds intriguing or confusing to you, see the film. I need to see it again for the things Iím sure I missed. It is very fast-paced. Clive Owen and Mickey Rourke were excellent in this. I will have the DVD.

On Saturday night, we watched Roxanne from the beginning. I have seen snippets of this movie since it left the theaters but never sat down and watched the whole thing. Big mistake. This was a fun movie. The main story is warm and funny but this film has a side story going on in the background. Steve Martin, the main character, is the fire chief and the side story is the ineptitude of the volunteer fire department. All sight gags, those scenes, alone, make the film worth watching. It was a good weekend for movies at CrabAppleLane.

Quote of the Day
This is the old days, the bad days,
the all-or-nothing days. They're back!
Marv, Sin City

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Fi said:

Sin City is now on my very long list!

kim said:

I'd like to see Sin City for how it looks, but I don't think I'll like all the violence. I'll wait for it to come out on cable and see how much I can get through.

kim said:

Forgot to add... Roxanne is super. :)

Rob said:

My list is very short, Fi. We'll see Fever Pitch next week.

It is very violent, Kim. It's cartoonish violent but the concept is very real. The look of the film is everything. They knew what they were doing.

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