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Hurricane Katrina

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6:26AM - The wind has intensified significantly. A big branch landed with a thud just outside my window. The rain hasnít been that bad. Weíve experienced a few power hiccups but nothing major yet. Next entry will be after daylight, power permitting.

Regular Blogging Continues


This is my normal blogging time and I would be getting ready to go to work immediately after I post this. Not today. For those who don't know, I live in Bush but work in New Orleans about 65 miles away on the commute since I drive around Lake Pontchartrain but about 45 miles away as the crow flies. There will be a lot of work to do in New Orleans today and tomorrow and probably for a few months but today's work will be for emergency crews. I don't really expect to go to work tomorrow, either. I hope our good fortune continues. So far, there have been almost no ill effects from the storm for CrabAppleLane although that could change at any moment. My lights are flickering. It looks like Katrina has weakened somewhat and is moving a little faster than it was yesterday. It also turned a little more to the east. All of that is good news for us, bad news for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The preference, of course, would be for it to turn south and die.

CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers) is postponed due to Hurricane Katrina and 10 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
Weíre talking about in essence having ó in the continental United States ó having a refugee camp of a million people.
Ivor van Heerden, Louisiana State University Hurricane Center

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Katrina now has maximum sustained winds of 150 mph, still a strong Category 4 storm. With a track that's slightly eastward of earlier forecasts, local emergency preparedness officials said early Monday that it could result in less flooding in leveed areas of the metropolitan New Orleans area later today."

Katrina Today


4:22AM - Wind has picked up considerably but its still manageable. Its raining, too, but not that much. I am mainly concerned about four things here. A tree falling on the house, flying debris, tornadoes, and being without power for an extended period afterwards. Flood waters are probably not a problem where I am in Bush. Unlike New Orleans, CrabAppleLane is above sea level, we are pretty much at the top of a hill, and the house is an additional six feet off of the ground.

One other note: My bandwidth here seems to have picked up considerably. Could be the early morning time and/or the fewer people online at my ISP.

Katrina #12

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Hurricane Katrina

11:21PM - No sign of Katrina here although CrabAppleLane is just about engulfed in water vapor on this map.

Katrina #11

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11:05PM: Had to turn the news off and hope for a few hours sleep. Still fairly calm here but tomorrow figures to be rough as do the few days and weeks afterwards. Doubt I'll sleep through the night.

Katrina #10

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9:28PM: Very calm here still. We've had some rain but not a lot. We've had some wind but not a lot. It's early. Blogging will undoubtedly be haphazard from here on out.

Katrina #9

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5:28PM - It rains and then it stops. This one was taken from my front porch facing southeast. Katrina is about 250 miles beyound that tree line.

Katrina #8

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Hurricane Katrina

3:45PM - Just waiting now. I hate the waiting. Looks like we won't have much longer to wait. Winds are supposed to start picking up around 7PM here. That's just the outer edges. Katrina in all her ugliness will be here about 12 hours later. Looks like points as far east as Pensacola are going to get a piece of Katrina's action.

Katrina #7


Hurricane Katrina

1:22PM - Still sunshine and blue skies here.

Vibes #6


Vibes, we've got vibes. From The Coalition of the Swilling and from Fish Fear Me.

Slugger O'Toole sends them from Northern Ireland.

Thanks, Lisa.

All good vibes welcome here.

Katrina #5



Wonder if its a Federal crime to tamper with a hazardous projectile U.S. Mailbox. We may find out.

Katrina and our bluebirds

Bluebird Nest

Glad the bluebirds are finished. I waited an extra week to make sure I didn't see them return but the house was going to have to come down today. They've been having two clutches per year for 8 years now. They even had a third clutch one year. They're difficult to service. When one clucth fledges, they go right to work on another if you don't get up there and clean out the nest box almost immediately. They don't give you much time and I think I'm responsible for most of the bluebird population of Bush.

Katrina Again


Hurricane Katrina bearing down on New Orleans
10:58AM - Sunshine and blue skies here in Bush still.

Music List

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Via Sheila, via Michele, via

A) Enter the year you graduated from high school in the search function and get the list of 100 most popular songs of that year
B) Bold the songs you like, strike through the ones you hate and underline your favorite. Do nothing to the ones you don't remember (or don't care about).

For the record, it's 1975 again.

1. Love Will Keep Us Together, The Captain and Tennille
2. Rhinestone Cowboy, Glen Campbell
3. Philadelphia Freedom, Elton John
4. Before The Next Teardrop Falls, Freddy Fender
5. My Eyes Adored You, Frankie Valli
6. Shining Star, Earth, Wind and Fire
7. Fame, David Bowie
8. Laughter In The Rain, Neil Sedaka
9. One Of These Nights, Eagles
10. Thank God I'm A Country Boy, John Denver
11. Jive Talkin', Bee Gees
12. Best Of My Love, Eagles
13. Lovin' You, Minnie Riperton
14. Kung Fu Fighting, Carl Douglas
15. Black Water, Doobie Brothers
16. Ballroom Blitz, Sweet
17. (Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song, B.J. Thomas
18. He Don't Love You (Like I Love You), Tony Orlando and Dawn
19. At Seventeen, Janis Ian
20. Pick Up The Pieces, Average White Band

All Katrina, All The Time

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Hurricane Katrina

CrabAppleLane still firmly in the green. New Orleans is roughly 30ļ N and 90ļW. CrabAppleLane is about 50 miles due north on that 90ļ line. That circle at 30ļN90ļW is Lake Pontchartrain.

A Beautiful Sunday

Hard to believe it is this serene here right now. It is a beautiful Sunday. Thinking of the past when people had zero warning when what was maybe thought to be a thunderstorm just kept getting worse for 10 or 12 hours. Donít know what today and tomorrow holds for us here. Weíll ride it out and hope for the best. We live in a rural area and weíll hope everyone within a 20 mile radius has their trash hauled inside or hope theyíre the ones who have a garbage can lid or a sundial crash through their dormer window. Thatís always the part that concerns me. No matter what I do, some jackass down the street could have left town without securing everything in his yard. We expect the power to go out (No generator here) and the phones to go down but weíll have our cells charged up. Another part of rural life: I have to go out to the street to get any kind of signal, assuming there will be signals to be had during this thing. I plan to blog with pictures here while Iím not outside making preparations.

CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers) is postponed due to Hurricane Katrina, and 11 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a test. This is the real deal.
Mayor Ray Nagin, City of New Orleans

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "But for those open-source extremists, they believe everything must be free, and they must get hold of latest version of whatever software."

More on Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina

Not at all interested in this kind of green.

Saturday Pre-Hurricane Pictures


Figured Iíd save Hurricane Katrina the trouble. My guess is that I slung a rock at it with the weed whacker although it could also have been the lawn mower. Iím betting on the weed whacker because the glass was still crackling when I put it away. The glass loses all its reflective properties when its shattered . That's my ladder inside the garage. On another note: Its 5:30PM and still 86ļ in the shade.


I taught him how to start it but he just sits there.


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All eyes on Katrina now. Due to make landfall Monday a little east of here if projections prove correct. It is wreaking havoc with my weekend plans but Iíll be fine if thatís all it wrecks.

The Movable Type Upgrade seems to have gone OK but there were aspects of it that worry me. Thereís a script that upgrades your database when you run MT3.2 for the first time. It kept hanging on me. I would reload the page and it would pick up where it left off and continue. I had to do this several times. Iím still getting internal server errors on lengthy rebuilds, particularly the daily entry rebuilds. Iím still getting periodic internal server errors in other functions, too. I keep hoping these will go away with each upgrade but no luck this time. I think Iíll do a complete installation one day when I have nothing else to do and see if that solves my problem. Why would something work flawlessly sometimes but not other times? Thatís the part I still donít get. Itís expected in humans but machines were built to eliminate that inconsistency. If you do X and then Y, you should get Z. There should be no internal server errors, no connections refused, and no delays.

1 day until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 12 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
Didn't know you'd think that I'd forget
or I'd regret
the special love I had for you
my Baby Blue
Badfinger, Baby Blue

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Why did it affect me so much? Because from the ages of 3 to 11, all I wanted to be was a bus driver. To this day, I remain a transit geek: a lover of buses and transit systems."


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I just upgraded to Movable Type Version 3.2. I have a few quirks to work out. It seems MT-Blacklist is now broken. Maybe its not required. MT seems to have some built-in defenses although I haven't thoroughly explored everything yet. So far, so good. And Good Night.

Saints, Ravens, and Hurricanes


The Ravens are coming to town tonight to play the Saints in the SuperDome. Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun is hoping to see the Ravens establish a running game. If they commit to that tonight, it shouldnít be hard to do. The Saints starters probably wonít play long. The Saints and their fans will not know if the defense has improved in stopping the run until the season starts. We hardly saw any of Shaun Alexander that first preseason game, didnít see Corey Dillon at all last week, and wonít see Jamal Lewis tonight. My guess at the moment is that they will be suspect in that area again this season. It will be critical for the Saints to get ahead early. Their defense against the pass late in the game is much better. The game is not nearly sold out so Iíll only listen to a few tidbits on the radio on my commute home and probably not even bother to read about it tomorrow except maybe to get the final score. I was offered tickets but politely declined. I have a ton of things to do this weekend and planned to get started tonight. For the paying fans, tonightís game is a large huge gigantic bit of a ripoff. Ravens star running back, Jamal Lewis, wonít play. Saints star running back, Deuce McAllister, had better not play much. Head Coach Ferrara wouldnít even dress him up to play.

I can't imagine what this spate of hurricanes is doing to insurance premiums in Florida. Or property values. Or their state of mind. The latest is Katrina.

As Glenn Reynolds might say: Heh.

2 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 13 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
honestly, if he ever wanted to be analyzed, he would be such a juicy case that psychiatrists would bid for Limbaugh's rights
Keith Olbermann, MSNBC.COM

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "...well, except for the cat-hair tumbleweeds."

I love that turn of phrase. I've seen cat hair tumbleweeds right here at CrabAppleLane. -Rob

Just links for a Wednesday


Lance Armstrong or LíEquipe - I believe Lance.

His company generated sales of $20 million? Reason number 328657 why spam may never completely go away. It works. This guy will take whatever punishment comes his way and say "It was worth it".

I liked Ricky Williams when he was at Texas, I liked him better when he was here in New Orleans, but I like him best now that heís somewhere else in Miami. What would we do without colorful characters?

I voted for Qiang Qiang.

Full disclosure - Today's QOTD via Jess aka the Blind Cavefish and the only thing I can say about it is: Ya think?

3 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 14 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
If youíre talking about sheep or goats, there could be some issues
Sgt. John Urquhart, King County Sheriffís Department

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "My jaw hit the floor about a minute into the first piece they played, and stayed there for the remainder of the show."

Six Feet Under


I had been dodging this entry over at The Coalition of the Swilling for a couple of days. I had recorded the last episode of Six Feet Under but hadnít watched it yet. I got to it last night. Six Feet Under is finally over. As it turns out, there were no spoilers at their blog and their lament is the same as mine. Through the wonder of UltimateTV and TiVo, I never missed a single episode. I canít say I remember many episodes of the last three seasons. The first two seasons were flat out awesome. The show then was funny, quirky, and more than a little morbid, and I loved it. It lost its way the last few years and became a bit too melodramatic for my tastes but it still had a storyline or a flash of brilliance now and again even when it was infuriating me. The last three episodes and, particularly, the last few minutes of the final episode were extremely well done. Where was that the last few years? If you have never seen the show, I recommend you watch the first two seasons and then skip to the last three episodes. I do take away one thing from this show after investing five years worth of Sunday nights. Itís this: Sorry, HBO, but I never need to see an episode of Six Feet Under again. The obituaries are nice, though.

4 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 15 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
You know, I don't know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It's a whole lot cheaper than starting a war and I don't think any oil shipments will stop.
Pat Robertson, The 700 Club

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "After the guy in white lost, his friend in the baseball cap let loose a flood of angry advice."

It's another photoblog. -Rob

High Fidelity

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I am the only person in my family that liked this movie and thinks the subsequent exchange is funny. Don't quite know what to make of that. If youíve never seen this movie, go down to your video store and rent it or set your TiVo to record it. To me, it is probably John Cusackís last decent film and it is easily the best one heís been in but not particularly because of him. The other characters make the movie, particularly the two lovable losers who work for Cusack at the record store played by Todd Louiso and Jack Black. Thereís an exchange between Rob (Cusack) and one of them that goes like this:

Dick: ďI guess it looks as if youíre reorganizing your records, um, whatís this? Chronological?Ē

Rob: ďNo.Ē

Dick: ďNot alphabetical.Ē

Rob: ďNope.Ē

Dick: ďWhat?Ē

Rob: ďAutobiographical.Ē

Dick: ďNo f**king way!Ē

Rob: ďYep, I can tell you how I got from Deep Purple to Howling Wolf in just 25 moves.Ē

That still cracks me up.

I havenít read The Da Vinci Code. I know. I am the only person in America who hasnít. Iíll get around to it someday mainly because the uproar has me curious. Iíve read books that were unflattering to the Catholic Church, particularly the Vatican. I should say that they had unflattering things to say about the church. The church wasnít necessarily a central portion of the plot. Whatís the beef here? That the book was successful, that its being made into a major movie with a big Hollywood director (Ron Howard) and a big Hollywood star (Tom Hanks)? If the goal is to suppress, did The Life of Brian teach you nothing? That film was a medium success but the controversy it caused and the attempts to ban it turned it into a blockbuster. Oh, well, carry on.

5 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 16 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
It's a good yarn, but historically, it's nonsense.
Rev Canon Doctor Michael West of the Lincoln Cathedral

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Apparently, what she meant by different was 'makes me want to scrape the memory of that movie off my brain with a dull spoon.'"Extended Entry:

Too loud?

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The QOTD this morning gave me a laugh. Rock concerts are loud. Theyíre supposed to be. That promoters would stage one in a venue that has noise restrictions is funny. That someone thinks they could have enforced those restrictions is even funnier. 73 decibels? Deep Purpleís record was 117 decibels. The Rolling Stones are not a particularly loud band but I think all rock bands are louder than 73 decibels. I think the city workers assigned to monitor this event were pure window dressing for the local residents. My guess is those sound monitors were instructed to disregard their meters and let the show go on. Or maybe theyíll just fine the promoters $100 or so.

I linked to this entry from Pitcherlady two years ago today. It is still a classic.

Injuries are part of football but death shouldnít be. Thoughts with the Herrion family.

Geaux Louisiana.

Lawrence Phillips had a lot talent and a lot of demons. No sympathy here.

6 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 17 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
If the sound level breaks 73 decibels, the promoters of the concert will be asked to turn down the sound.
Faith Ninivaggi, Boston Herald via AP via USA Today

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "first of all, i interviewed donna summer today."

A rock blog with a picture of Donna Summer on it. Not something you see every day. -Rob

Two pictures for Sunday

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Adventures in computer hardware installation (I hate installation): The scanner/copier portion of our printer/scanner/copier went out on us yesterday and, unfortunately, that is one of the necessities of life here at CrabAppleLane. It was time, I suppose. It was 9 years old. After purchasing a new one yesterday, I determined that a desktop reorganization was required. Almost all printers nowadays use USB ports as opposed to the parallel port I was using. The USB cable I bought, which seemed long enough at the time, was woefully short to put the replacement PSC back where the old one was. Anyway, the upshot is that the PC and the printer are now both on my desktop. And the reason for this long-winded setup? The first thing you do when you go online after this ordeal is register your new product. They ask for some minor stuff like name, address, email, etc and, then, the big one: The serial number. Know where it is? Itís on the back of this now installed, plugged-in, and jammed into place piece of equipment.

We offer female-dominated and male-dominated today in the CrabAppleLane pictures.


And then there was one (See yesterdayís entry). I suppose we know what was for supper last night up there in the trees here at CrabAppleLane. Male spider stew.


A female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird hides out and relaxes a bit in my Bradford Pear tree. Every two minutes or so, she heads to one of my feeders to have a drink or chase off one of the other female hummingbirds she feels doesnít belong there. She comes back about half the time alone and the other half with a male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird just a few inches behind in hot pursuit. Essentially, there are two or three males here squabbling over feeding rights. The males chase off the other males and also chase off the females they donít like. Somehow, they all manage to survive. Fun to watch, hard to keep straight.

7 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 18 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
In fact, immediately after the consummation of her marriage to the smaller and weaker male of the species she kills and eats him.....oh, she is delicious...And I hope he was!
Vincent Price, Alice Cooperís The Black Widow

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "For those that know Dan and I well, you know that we absolutely LOVE ice cream. Even at our rehearsal dinner for our wedding we had a sundae bar. So, on to the best. For those of you that donít know, Iím in Minnesota visiting friends for a few days. And last night I was introduced to Cold Stone."

Spiders anyone?

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Spiders high in the air

You never know who's looking down on you. I was looking out my window this afternoon when I saw a slight glint of reflected sun coming from between the trees. It was the massive web these two had spun. They are about 30 feet in the air and the trees are about 20 feet apart. The web is not visible here because of the camera angle and the overcast. I think they are Argiope spiders. I watched one here one summer some years ago. I named her Charlotte. She spun a web from the bottom of the garden on the side of the garage all the way up to the roof about 18 feet in the air. It broke my heart to see butterflies and dragonflies trapped in her web but I didn't mind seeing the roaches, June bugs, and love bugs in there.

If you want to live in the country, you will simply have to come to terms with spiders. There are entirely too many of them, they get in places you can't get to, and they are more determined than you.

Here's one from Pensacola via tree hugging sister. Hers looks like an Argiope, too.

The first of two fantasy football events Iím involved in took place last night. A good time was had by all and it was a fairly smooth operation. This is my 11th year in this 16yr old league and it is always a lot of fun. These things never go anything like you plan. You know the guys spending habits and their past philosophy but they always manage to surprise you on Auction Night. How you feel about your team at the end of the night is no barometer of its potential. I usually feel uneasy or confident after these things and Iím usually justified about half of the time. A lot of players garnered strong interest and that sometimes left me to ponder what those guys knew that I didnít. Some of the players I was interested in were obtained by me with no trouble at all and that also left me to ponder what they knew that I didnít. I'm comforted by the QOTD. I have Thomas Jones this year.

The 2005 Edition Erasers

Go Erasers

The scanner/copier portion of my printer/scanner/copier finally gave out today. Itís been acting up for a while. It never liked the transition from Windows 98 to 2000 and, now, to XP. We were always rebooting it. Weíre off to Office Depot for a replacement. It is an integral part of our lives due to the convenience it affords us so it will be replaced immediately. Still, we decided to eat first. When our old microwave oven broke, we couldnít get out the door fast enough. Priorities, people.

8 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 19 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
While Bears coach Lovie Smith hasn't revealed where rookie Cedric Benson is on the depth chart, it's clear that Thomas Jones will start the regular season opener, according to the Chicago Tribune.
USA Today, Quoting the Chicago Tribune

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Fantasy Sac Says: (t d f) No No NO NO! Gates is not the only thing going at the TE spot, neither is Gonzo."

Tidbits for a long Friday

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A way with words: I wonder about questions sometimes. How did the journalist at Newsweek come up with this one?

Did anyone every approach you about being his girlfriend?

That seems like an odd question to me. Who would ďanyoneĒ be? Is that how its done in Hollywood? Celebrities have other people negotiate relationships? To answer my own question, I suppose Tom Cruise probably does. And probably must.

Yesterdayís high/low: It cost $50 to fuel my truck last night.

The food: I need a shrimp po-boy, now. Itís because of Fiís entry on bread.

More about last night: The Saints played better this week than last but theyíre still a little too careless with the ball and they still get too many penalties on offense. I like their running back situation, though. Antowain Smith was a good addition. Deuce McAllister is still the main man but Smith and Aaron Stecker can both do the job when theyíre in.

Tonight is Ya Boys Auction (Go Erasers), 9 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 20 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
We really wanted to come in here and get a win,
regardless of what unit was in the game.
Dwight Smith, New Orleans Saints Safety

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Itís official - today is my second blogiversary!"

Congrats from CrabAppleLane. -Rob

File this first part under the heading of ďYou know youíre either going blind or youíre an idiot if.......Ē

Iím looking at the computer monitor this morning and everything is a bit blurry. I wipe my eyes (Itís early, you know) and things are still blurry. I take off my reading glasses and hold it to the light and I notice that thereís a small smudge on the left lense. OK, maybe thatís the problem. I go to the sink to wash it. I wash the left lense and it looks clear to me. I then start to wash the right lense and I discover the real problem: Itís missing. I put them on my head this morning without noticing that and, worse, took them off and held them up to the light and didnít notice that. The screw that holds the right side in is missing and the lense fell out. There may be a screw loose elsewhere, too, but I donít care to think about it at the moment.

Word of the Day: Unopposed.

The Saints take on the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots tonight in Foxboro on National TV (Fox). The local radio gurus are reporting that both teams will play their starters for three quarters. I kinda doubt that. For one thing, the Saints were 8-8 last year and Iíd be very disappointed if they were even settled on all of their starters already. For another, the Pats already know what theyíre doing and what it takes and donít need a tuneup or measuring stick of any kind. That organization is the envy of the league and I can only take some solace in the fact that it was once a sorry organization like ours. Hope springs eternal for Saints fans. Iíll watch some of the first half but I have a long day tomorrow and will need to knock off a little earlier than usual tonight.

1 day until Ya Boys Auction (Go Erasers), 10 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 21 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
I get to my room, insert my Ving, and discover a guy - in bed asleep - already in my room. He jumped up quite agitated as you might expect.
Kem White, Plugs and Dottles

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "To smoke out the baddies, fresh-faced young men and women holding clipboards will stand on sidewalks all over the city, asking everyone if they have a moment for jihad."

Donít bother, Rafael. Just take your big salary for as long as someone will have you and your pension when thatís done and go off into the sunset with your family. Let the chips fall where they may. That's what the vast majority of former MLB players have done and will do in the future. Be one of them. You canít fix this. Want proof? Look at Pete Rose. Is there anyone sadder to look at than him? That's the only kind of notoriety available to you now.

More accolades for yours truly. I was awarded a jelly donut yesterday by tree hugging sister of The Coalition of the Swilling. 18,000! Very nice. Thanks, ths.

2 days until Ya Boys Auction (Go Erasers), 11 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 22 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
I told her I just didn't feel like talking. That's how bad things are going. This is getting old.
Zack Greinke, Kansas City Royals Pitcher

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "What happened was it was her 47th-birthday party and she was doing a bit of riding with her assistant, don't you know, as landed ladies will, on her country estate, Ashcomb House, outside London, when the horse (a new one she wasn't yet comfortable on) stumbled and tossed her off."

Not much

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I can only offer some links of various shapes and sizes and a big sigh of relief this morning.

Not pleasant: Ilyka contends with one of the features of her new abode in New Mexico.

Could have been unpleasant: 2900 gallons of gasoline on the ground from Dave of Fish Fear Me. The real reason Minnesota doesnít have roaches, Ilyka.

Could have been pleasant: Greg from Geese Aplenty writes about something we have all thought about. Yes, you, too.

Pleasant but very hot: Satchmo Fest in New Orleans via Harmony St Charles.

Very pleasant: Kem describes Rehoboth Beachís community project with words and pictures. I think its cool.

It appears everything is back to normal after yesterdayís disastrous crash on our hostís server. I was pretty down about it for a time. I donít have a lot of time on week nights to do major computer maintenance and this was looking to be very major maintenance. The host had restored some of the site but some of the directories were missing and some of the files and directories they restored were 7 months old. I pondered taking the site down temporarily so I could fully restore it without other users adding to the problem or getting frustrated trying to. That option was also depressing. Thankfully, the host was able to recover some of the website from the affected hardware and I only had to do a few minor tweaks to complete the restoration. I have fairly current backups of almost everything I do but that would have still been a lot of work and I probably couldnít complete it in one night. Our host has offered a service credit for the inconvenience.

3 days until Ya Boys Auction (Go Erasers), 12 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 23 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
We had some pretty thick rough in our backyard and thatís exactly what I was thinking on 18, that this is no different from what Iíve done in the backyard since I was a kid.
Phil Mickelson, 2005 PGA Champion

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Anything that can open a beer and make us laugh has to be somewhat interesting right?"

Host of Problems

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The CrabAppleLane host server has been down almost all day. I have no idea what server weíre on now and am hesitant to do anything besides take some ibuprofen and go to bed. Two blogs have been restored to their respective original states and this one has, so far, only suffered the loss of the Sunday image but I liked it so I will try to recover it somehow or simply take it again. There appears to be no real damage to anything except my thinning hair and even more thinning grey matter. To top off this stellar day, it was almost 100ļ this afternoon as I filled up my truck ($2.40/gal thankyouverymuch). I think its time to say goodnight.

4 days until Ya Boys Auction (Go Erasers), 13 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 24 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
We regretfully inform you that about 18 hours ago, the server WEB35 which is hosting your website has suffered a severe hardware malfunction, rendering your website unreachable during this timeframe.
CrabAppleLaneís WebHost

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Quote from said blog: "After the 24 hours or more of flight, who knows what we will be like on Saturday."

Another Sunday here

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I almost want to give this guy points for pulling it off for so long. Movies, always extremely implausible, are made about this sort of thing. Shouldnít they check to make sure people are not married first before they allow them to get married, especially if they have gone through the trouble of passing a law against bygamy? Wouldnít this be information at least as valuable as the blood test? As a potential bride or groom, wouldnít this information also be important to you? We do title searches on property before any legal documents are signed. Maybe we need to do that on people, too.

Just one picture from this morning at CrabAppleLane. Itís hot outside and I have a book to finish today. Maybe more later if I finish the book. I guess I have to push myself away from this damn computer first, though.

Tung Nuts

Those beautiful March 27 tung nut blossoms turn into these green tung nuts by August 14. They eventually turn red, then brown, and fall off of the tree and split open. Picking one of those brown ones up off of the ground will give your hands a nice brown tint and a pretty strong furniture polish aroma. For several days. We donít pick them up any more here at CrabAppleLane. The trees are gorgeous. Iíve never counted but I must have close to a hundred of these around the yard (I live on a former tung nut farm/plantation) from saplings to 30-40 footers. They grow in sun. They grow in shade. They are zero maintenance. I love them.

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Quote of the Day
He pleaded guilty to two charges of bigamy on July 19 at the Wimbledon Magistrates' court, and was given a suspended sentence of four months in prison and ordered to pay 70 pounds ($126) in costs, police said.

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Quote from said blog: "I Have a Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes"

Some Saturday Tidbits

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An item I came across in an MSNBC slide show (The Week in Pictures) piqued my curiosity and I started looking for details on the Knoxville Rubber Duck Race because that sounded interesting to me on this Saturday morning. I never found a site that satisfied that curiosity. I came across many sites that wanted me to register (I find that practice mostly annoying) and this site that didnít ask for registration but I think is asking for something else, maybe gullibility. They did have me for a minute.

More on Rubber Ducks at Rubber Duck Land.

The only positive thing I can take from last nightís dismal Saints performance is that I didnít have to watch it.

I did go outside for a few minutes at about 11PM to try and see a few Perseid meteors. It was a bit hazy and a bit cloudy overall but it was mostly clear in the northeast. I was a little early for it but I managed to see one fairly quick meteor in those few minutes before I succumbed to exhaustion. They thrill me and humble me all at once. Most of them are millions or billions of years old and have traveled millions or billions of miles. That you are in the right place at the right time for that fraction of a second when their travels come to an end and they burn up on entry into our atmosphere is humbling by any definition of that word. I might have put on a pot of coffee if I didnít have to get up at the usual time and go to work today.

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Quote of the Day
The region's greatest anti-terrorist minds; including Carl Sexton, South Knox Bubba, Bjorn Knoxley, Say Uncle and Brehd Patchley have developed a response plan that is currently being enacted.
Brehd Patchley,

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Quote from said blog: "the beginning of the ghost festival and im feeling peckish. :P"

Just Some Stuff

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Good news from Meg at Mandarin Design. It's in the comments.

Every parentís worst nightmare about video/computer games come true: Quit his job to play games and died from playing non-stop. Maybe he'll find his way into the Guinness World Records. Zero consolation.

I think FEDEX took the wrong approach here. Aside from their not having much in the way of a sense of humor, what this guy is doing with their boxes is sheer flattery and heís doing it at his own expense. The furniture he made out of their boxes is sturdy enough to sit on or sleep on and heís demonstrating it. Whatís wrong with that? They should be using him, not suing him. Via The Daily Irrelevant.

Saints play their first preseason game tonight in the Superdome versus the Seattle Seahawks. The goal should be to look at every player they have and get out of the game in one piece. Its not sold out so Iíll just listen to the first few minutes of the game on my way home and cross my fingers that Deuce McAllister or Aaron Brooks doesnít get hurt. Seahawks fans are probably saying the same thing about their team, particularly Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck. For running back friendly fantasy football leagues, this game features two of the best.

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Quote of the Day
I think about it every single day,
What if this is the day it decides not to work?
Nancy Bartley

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Quote from said blog: "Renewable timber called Rubberwood? Yep. This coffee is only milled from rubber trees that have stopped producing latex."

Very unique blog. -Rob

Tidbits for Thursday


Michele and Andrea offer different views of a 9/11 march. Thatís opening day in the NFL. The NFL will certainly commemorate the event in some way although I havenít bothered to look up how. I wonder if football season will impact parade attendance or if the parade will impact football attendance. The Redskins are home that weekend as are the Giants. NFL Games are all day affairs. On a side note: The Saints had to play the Giants in New York after the 9/11 attacks when the season resumed. It was no fun for anyone. That said, Iím glad the Saints arenít playing in Washington or New York on September 11 this year. Football should be fun.

Happy Birthday, Katie.

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Quote of the Day
I think that blogging is going more and more mainstream, and in 10 years I doubt it will be called "blogging." It may not even look like what we're doing today. But the whole idea [of being] able to quickly express what you want to say online is going to be still a big part of what we do.
Mena, trott, President & Co-Founder - Six Apart (Movable Type)

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Quote from said blog: "Now I'm just missing a name for myself on the site. I'm torn between Conquistador and Soulcrusher."

An optimist. -Rob

Lost morning

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Spent the better part of my morning fighting the computer. And losing. The culprit this time was my email program. Thankfully, I made backups Sunday and they work. Didnít lose anything except some time, a few more brain cells, and a little more hair. Some find this sort of thing stimulating. I suppose thatís one word for it but its not one of the many I might have chosen this morning.

I find part of this satisfying and part of it frightening. The satisfying part is that someone had to pay a fairly large settlement for their spamming activities. The frightening part is that they could pay it. I always thought the spamming community was like gnats with PO boxes and fake IP addresses and the like. That any of them have real, physical addresses and the resources to fight back or pay large settlements is a little unsettling.

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Quote of the Day
I have an excellent team of physicians, and we are optimistic about my prognosis. ... I hope before too long to be hearing news of my good health and recovery.
Dana Reeve, Actress

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Quote from said blog: "Mission Specialist Number 2 Steve Robinson won't be too disappointed by the delay in the Space Shuttle Discovery returning from orbit. While he was waiting for Discovery to undock from the International Space Station, he recorded the first podcast from space [mp3 file can be downloaded at link]"

How exciting


People watching is a city thing, I suppose. You see movies where the camera pans back and there are hundreds of thousands of people hustling and bustling to get to work in a major metropolitan city, usually New York, Chicago, Tokyo, or London. I walk maybe 50 feet from my doorstep to my vehicle, drive 63 miles, get out and walk maybe 50 more feet to my workplace doorstep. You sometimes also see ďman on the streetĒ interviews on TV for one reason or another. Iíd make a lousy man on the street because I am almost never on the street. Thereís really no point to this missive except to say that I have rarely ever seen anything on TV, in the movies, or in print that depicts life as I know it. Thatís probably because its too boring.

Discovery is attempting their landing right now as I type. At least, I thought it was. Well, you would have thought so, too, by the way the reporters were talking. They just wouldnít shut up. They just went to a commercial and said it will be about 20 minutes. Iíll have to catch it on the way into work. Hopefully, Iíll be able to find it on the radio. The radio stations are reluctant to interrupt their morning drive time shows. Good Luck, Discovery.

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Quote of the Day
How do you feel about a beautiful clear night with a breeze down the runway in the high desert of California?
NASA Mission Control, To Discovery

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Quote from said blog: "When you go to a brunch consisting of current and former members of a 5 Star restaurant it is practically impossible to not binge a bit."

Saddened at the news of Peter Jennings death. Medicine has made remarkable advances in cancer treatment but lung cancer is still almost always fatal. When Jennings, Dan Rather, and Tom Brokaw were battling for news supremacy, many of us chose one or the other for less journalistic reasons. In my case, when I got to see the 5PM news (I work until 6PM), it was Jennings and ABC because the reception from our local ABC affiliate was better in our metal building than the local CBS or NBC affiliates. No cable for our workplace.

OK, so Dateline spends big bucks just to get an apology out of one porn spammer. How much Dateline spent to find him is not mentioned. It may not have cost millions as the Quote of the Day suggests but it surely cost more than most people have at their disposal for that sort of thing. How much it would cost to do anything about it is also not mentioned. So, whatís the point? The relatively low cost of doing business as a porn spammer, or any kind of spammer for that matter, ensures that they will be around forever. Laws wonít catch up with them but technology eventually will (Blogs are doing it fairly effectively). We have to just bide our time until then. Free advice: Most spam filters can identify and block most of that stuff. Get yourself one or more spam filters (I use Eudoraís built-in junk mail filter and Nortonís Anti-Spam filter) but also get used to the notion that a handful of them will get through. Just delete them when they do and wait until a better solution comes along.

11 days until Ya Boys Auction (Go Erasers), 20 days until CFFL Draft Day (Go Ragpickers), and 31 days until football season (Go Saints) begins...............

Quote of the Day
If you can find the real person without an army of lawyers, without millions of dollars of research staff and investigators, if you could find the individual who actually clicked that mouse and sent that message ó it would be a sight to see.
Ray Everett Church, Spam Fighter

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Quote from said blog: "A foul-mouthed parrot previously owned by a lorry driver has been banished from public areas in a British animal sanctuary after telling visiting dignitaries to f**k off."

A Fungus Among Us

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Just for fun, Patsy likes one of these. I somewhat like the other. Neither of them do a lot for me, though.


Your thoughts?

Not much for this Sunday

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Watched three episodes of Six Feet Under that TiVo recorded last night. Iíve been unhappy with the direction of this show for the last three seasons now but I am committed to watching it to its conclusion. The first two seasons were funny, quirky, and, yes, morbid. Now, itís still a little morbid but overly melodramatic. Aside: Anyone remember when TV Guide used to describe horror movies as melodramas? Anyway, just about every character in this series is worthless and irritates me except Maggie and sheís having more tragedy heaped on her, probably just to irritate me further. OK, I'm caught up. Letís get this thing over with so I can move on.

One Sunday morning picture from CrabAppleLane today. Wanted: Inspiration.

Crepe Myrtle

The Crepe Myrtles are almost finished blooming in the front yard and just starting to bloom in the back yard. The ones in the front are red and the ones in back are this purple. That some Crepe Myrtles are in bloom pretty much throughout the summer was planned. That it actually happened like that is luck. Almost nothing in the yard works like I plan it.

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Quote of the Day
Rode with the muggers
In the dark and dread
And all them sluggers
Went down like lead
Mark Knopfler, Song For Sonny Liston

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Quote from said blog: "Okay, I had the haggis in London... and that's where I am now, listening to the sirens, caught downtown earlier by the transport shutdown."

English 101

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Reading this article, I came across something I do sometimes and it inspired an entry. I'll take inspiration wherever I can get it. I did the same thing as the MSNBC author not long ago in the comments here. A proofreader, if there is such a thing anymore, should have caught this.

There have been 40 games have been played in 12 cities outside the United States.

I think thereís a few too many have beens in that sentence or maybe thereís supposed to be a that in it but I know how this came about. Youíre composing your thoughts as you type, decide to do it differently, and then forget to remove the remnants of your previous version. You then press ďsendĒ or ďpublishĒ or ďprintĒ without realizing what you did or before you realize you did it and then its out there and you canít take it back. I take no comfort in knowing that even professionals in a professional news organization on a major news website make the same mistakes. Iím not a stickler and it should be noted that this sort of thing doesnít really annoy me when others do it unless I canít figure out what the author is trying to say or unless I totally get it wrong because of something the author left out or left in. It only annoys me when I do it. Disclaimer: An editor may change that sentence before anyone else sees it. Thatís the beauty of the electronic media. Update (3:40PM CST): It has been corrected. It now reads:

Forty such games have been played in 12 cities outside the United States.

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Quote of the Day
Women need to be aware that when they say "It's a nice day," men will often conclude "She wants me."
Debra Benton, Executive Coach

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Quote from said blog (July 12? - Departures entry) : "I like the state of being on the way to somewhere, not having arrived yet - probably because that's how my life feels most of the time."

Just a Friday

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Mike Celizic is a twit. Dan Marino was one player on a team as was John Elway, Joe Montana, Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw, etc.... His teams never won a Super Bowl but it wasnít because he didnít play well. At least, it wasnít always for that reason. John Elway didnít win a Super Bowl until his team got him Terrell Davis. Davis was the main player responsible for those two Broncos championships, not Elway. Guys like Doug Williams, Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer, and Jeff Hostetler won Super Bowls. Are we to say those were great players because they won Super Bowls? Were they better than Marino? I agree that Dan isnít the best QB ever but I really donít think a lot of people were/are saying that. By the way, who is the best QB ever, Mike?

Just an idea two years ago, Our Family Blog has blossomed into a family treasure. The formula is simple. Start with a terrific family.

14 days until Ya Boys Auction, 23 days until CFFL Draft Day, and 34 days until football season begins...............

Quote of the Day
He turned his back and walked away.
Sayin: "Little miss, you'll rue the day.
You'll rue the day that you were born.
For givin' me the devil 'cos I wouldn't hoe corn."
Alison Krause and Union Station, The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Sometimes we need big statements to remind us of the small things we should be doing to make the world a better place, and the WEEE man, a beautifully conceived sculpture representing the 3.3 tonnes of electrical & electronic waste each of us will chuck out during our lifetimes, is an excellent example of that."


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Thought/wished I had something brilliant/poignant/useful/funny to say here for this, the 900th, entry. No such luck. The usual drivel will have to do.

Martha, Martha, Martha.

I envy my Minnesota cousins sometimes in the summer. Not so much in the winter.

Testified before Congress in March about his steroid usage in a super high profile manner, knew baseball was cracking down on steroid use mainly because of Congressional meddling, knew he would be tested sometime during the season because everyone will be tested sometime during the season, and still tested positive for steroids? Anything at all going on in that brain, Rafael? Further damaging his integrity and reputation, he goes from not knowing how he tested positive to hoping fans will forgive him for his mistake (See video on the same link if you can get it to work). He was a tough sell to Cooperstown. He made that part a bit easier. That said, there is nothing I care about here. All of Major League Baseball turned their blind eye at growing steroid use because those guys were hitting home runs and that was money in the bank for everyone concerned. To say now that theyíre shocked, shocked that it was going on is more than a bit hypocritical if you ask me.

15 days until Ya Boys Auction, 24 days until CFFL Draft Day, and 35 days until football season begins...............

Quote of the Day
Itís hard for me to reconcile that someone doesnít know that they have steroids in their body. Iím extraordinarily skeptical.
Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "I have always hated being up before dawn. Be it from staying up all night, or getting up at some horribly early time, seeing the sky slowly lighten into morning has always felt unnatural to me, even in my youth when staying up all night was a common thing."

Talk Radio


I am no fan of talk radio. I thought I should say that first. Rush and Dr Laura will both annoy me in less than 5 minutes if my radio finds their show. I digress. One of New Orleans sports personalities, Buddy Diliberto, died earlier this year. When I was a kid, he was on TV and had a column in the Clarion Herald. He had several jobs, all in sports, over the span of my lifetime but he found his real niche doing talk radio after another New Orleans sports personality, Hap Glaudi, died. Buddy took over Hapís ďPoint AfterĒ radio show, which was a kind of Saints game recap with commentary, interviews with players and coaches, and sounding board for callers. It became Sports Talk with Buddy D when Buddy took over and expanded into a pre-game show, post-game show, and daily radio show. Hap and Buddy were both local guys who grew up in New Orleans, both were decent writers, and both were decent readers on the air but they both butchered the language when they were speaking without a script. Was one of their charms, really, and both had a sense of humor about it. Two more local guys, Bobby Hebert (Former Saints QB) and Kenny Wilkerson, took over from Buddy D. Its taking them some time to find their way. However, they have continued one tradition in a fine way as far as I am concerned. From Hap to Buddy to Bobby and Kenny, I can only take those shows in short doses. One of them or one of their callers is going to annoy me and I will turn it off and turn on some music.

Hard getting excited about NFL training camps. Commentators will be talking about how great a guy is doing one day and the guy is on the first list of cuts the next. Iím really not sure that anyone but the coaching staff and the players know whatís going on. The observers surely donít. Speaking of observers, I remember one year the Saints defensive tackle Shawn Knight made the All-Rookie team. This meant the Saints had to pay him a bonus as that was one of the incentives in his contract. The thing is......the guy hardly played that year and didnít make a single tackle. He wasnít hurt that year. He simply wasnít any good. He is easily the Saints biggest ever first round bust and, friends, on this franchise, that is saying something.

16 days until Ya Boys Auction, 25 days until CFFL Draft Day, and 36 days until football season begins...............

Quote of the Day
Delicate is the word we want to stay with while we are at the bottom of the orbiter. We donít want to touch the tile if we can avoid it at all.
David Wolf, Johnson Space Center

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Your UK edition sucks and as such, after my subscription runs out in 2007, I may not renew."

Tuesday Tidbits

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The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville has found its way into my consciousness the last few days. Links like this one from Guy Fletcher and this one from Pitcherlady have contributed to that.

Fi is back down under. I'm glad.

Dave is moved. His mention of the Norden Bombsight piqued my curiosity and I spent 15 minutes or so Googling it to see if I could find a picture of one or a description of it that could tell me why it was so special. It was top secret during World War II and American bombardiers were instructed and sworn to guard it with their lives. I read somewhere during the search that one bombardier had two grenades attached to his after his crew crash landed. Maybe, it still is top secret. I couldnít find what I was looking for.

17 days until Ya Boys Auction, 26 days until CFFL Draft Day, and 37 days until football season begins...............

Quote of the Day
I don't want to work five days a week.
Matt Lauer, NBC Today Show

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "A one-of-a-kind door mat."

Love the photo. -Rob

Photos and Mars for Monday

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I opened a flickr account the other day. Iím proceeding cautiously. I like the idea of free, almost unlimited space for photos and I love the little flickr badges Iíve been seeing around the blogs. In fact, I did it almost exclusively for the little badge. Iím not really concerned about space here, though, and wonít be for a good while. Iím still weighing the pros and cons of flickr. Do you have a flickr account and how do you feel about it?

Cool article on Mars. I'll be dusting off my telescope for its close approach over the next few months.

38 days until football season begins...............

Quote of the Day
Fahd, the son of the founder of modern Saudi Arabia, King Abdul-Aziz, got an elementary school education with a heavy emphasis on religion at a school set up by Abdul-Aziz for his 42 sons.
Associated Press & MSNBC

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Detail of an Indian Peacock (Pavo cristatus) tail feather; wandering gracefully about the grounds of a Hertfordshire estate, these chaps are the picture of dignity."

Another phenomenal photoblog. -Rob

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