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Thought/wished I had something brilliant/poignant/useful/funny to say here for this, the 900th, entry. No such luck. The usual drivel will have to do.

Martha, Martha, Martha.

I envy my Minnesota cousins sometimes in the summer. Not so much in the winter.

Testified before Congress in March about his steroid usage in a super high profile manner, knew baseball was cracking down on steroid use mainly because of Congressional meddling, knew he would be tested sometime during the season because everyone will be tested sometime during the season, and still tested positive for steroids? Anything at all going on in that brain, Rafael? Further damaging his integrity and reputation, he goes from not knowing how he tested positive to hoping fans will forgive him for his mistake (See video on the same link if you can get it to work). He was a tough sell to Cooperstown. He made that part a bit easier. That said, there is nothing I care about here. All of Major League Baseball turned their blind eye at growing steroid use because those guys were hitting home runs and that was money in the bank for everyone concerned. To say now that theyíre shocked, shocked that it was going on is more than a bit hypocritical if you ask me.

15 days until Ya Boys Auction, 24 days until CFFL Draft Day, and 35 days until football season begins...............

Quote of the Day
Itís hard for me to reconcile that someone doesnít know that they have steroids in their body. Iím extraordinarily skeptical.
Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "I have always hated being up before dawn. Be it from staying up all night, or getting up at some horribly early time, seeing the sky slowly lighten into morning has always felt unnatural to me, even in my youth when staying up all night was a common thing."


Kem White said:

Us O's fans can't quite figure out why he would bother with steroids at this point in his career. He's 40 years old. Where's he going? Now he's sullied the Orioles, the one pro sports entertainment team I care a little more than absolutely nothing about. Too bad.

Rob said:

You're right about the "He's 40 years old. Where's he going?" part but I think he sullied himself, not the O's.

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