Clouds and Compliance

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About yesterday’s images here: For lack of a better term, we’re going to call them cloud holes. Patsy caught a local meteorologist explaining them yesterday and he said they were not unusual. According to the BBC, they’re a little unusual. If indeed it is caused by ice crystals from airplane exhaust as the article suggests, I was extremely fortunate to see it. Where I was is not a well-traveled plane route. Lakefront Airport is about a half mile from where I was standing when I took the photos but it was damaged by Hurricane Katrina and I’m not sure there are any flights to or from there yet. Louis Armstrong Airport in Kenner is about 15 miles away but they’re operating at about 25% capacity and we hardly ever see passenger planes in this area. There’s a military airport in Belle Chasse also about 15 miles away and we do see their planes now and again (They put a little thunder in your chest so they’re very noticeable) but not very often. The reason I have no better term also comes from that article:

Strictly speaking there is no scientific term for the apparition, and what exactly it is has been the subject of much meteorological speculation.

Cool. This is why the camera goes just about everywhere with me now. You never know what you might happen across.

I will try to bring the blogs here into compliance with Firefox 1.5 this weekend. Although you can get it to work here, the comment box isn’t sized properly and the links act strange when you click on them. Firefox 1.0.7 and IE6 both work fine here. It’s probably a CSS problem. I am a CSS idiot. My understanding of it is very vague. I used a stylesheet from a now-obsolete program called Visual Page and adjusted some of the colors and fonts until they pleased me. The blogs here could probably all use a makeover.

Quote of the Day
The Japanese planes came over and the bullets starting hitting the hull, and it made such a noise I knew I had to get the hell out.
Gilbert Meyer, USS Utah

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "This one might put me out on a limb, but I'm going to say that in 2006 we will see a marked reduction in customer data theft cases. Why, because it's on everyone's radar."

It is on everyone's radar but it will be a long time before every single employee affected by it understands it. -Rob


Mr. Bingley said:

Wow, 'clouds holes'. Very cool looking!

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