Gorgeous Saturday at CrabAppleLane (January 14, 2006)

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It is a gorgeous day here at CrabAppleLane and this house cannot contain me. Iíll be on the bike in a minute or so and maybe on the chainsaw later but I am surely not going to waste sunshine, blue skies, and temps & humidity each in the 40s. Maybe dinner, coffee, and live music later. I leave you with pictures that doesn't do the day justice. Have a day on me!

Web of Pine Needles

This web was spun by pine trees.

Bradford leaves

Last of the Bradford Pear leaves. Next thing you know, winter will be here.

Quote of the Day
I wonder how long before film cameras are no longer readily available? Aside from disposable cameras, there seems to be little need for anyone to use film.
Kem White, Plugs and Dottles

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "But 'Rob'? There should be thousands of dudes named 'Rob' posting all the time."


Kem White said:

Nice photos. It's windy and cloudy with falling temperatures here.

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