CrabAppleLane Sunday (January 15, 2006)

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Some things Iíve been pondering this CrabAppleLane Sunday morning:

1) Cliques donít work for me. I invariably zig when I should zag and the whole world comes to an end. I canít handle the responsibility.

2) I prefer my eggs grated in my egg salad as opposed to chopped.

3) I love so many different kinds of music and movies that I donít think anyone can say with any confidence or accuracy that I would like or dislike something.

4) The many, many cardinals at CrabAppleLane are all spectacular and Iíll someday capture that on pixel dust. There wasnít enough light to do it this morning although I kinda like the one I got. Cardinals will always be my favorite birds.

5) Wondering what I might do if I drove the 25 miles or so to Pearl River for a Hubigís Pineapple Pie and the person in front of me grabbed the last one.

6) Although their season is over, we have surely not heard the last of the New England Patriots.

7) I always considered it a mild insult whenever someone called me a turkey. Having watched CrabAppleLaneís two idiotic turkeys for the last four months, I donít consider it a mild insult now. Itís way up there in the four letter category.

8) I am a turkey when it comes to .htaccess files at CrabAppleLane.

9) I love when the only message someone leaves on my machine is to call them and when I call them they ask me what it was about. Turkeys.

10) I may have to take a day off and try a Messier Marathon sometime in March. It's been a while since the last time.

Todayís picture from CrabAppleLane below.

Cardinal in a pear tree

This guy posed for me all morning. He showed great patience with my ineptitude.

Quote of the Day
It was like having someone take your Jim Brown throwback jersey and giving you a Jeff Garcia giveaway T-shirt in return.
Jim Caple, ESPN

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Holy cow, look at that! You want an explanation of what youíre looking at? You know the drill: sit back, relax, and have a listen."


Margi said:

Oh. My. That is a lovely picture.

I'm so glad your subject was so patient! ;o)

Andrea said:

Cardinals hate me. Everytime I try to snap a picture of them, even with zoom, they fly away. That's a gorgeous shot as always :)

Rob said:

Thanks, ladies.

Our most favoritest bird here at casa de Major Dad. No cardinals since Katrina blew through, tho. I think it was the last straw for them around here. Breaks our heart.

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