On the TV (March 23, 2006)


All eyes are on the LSU-Duke game tonight in the Georgia Dome. The talk around town is that the Tigers have a chance. Theyíre a very athletic team and thatís exactly the kind of team that has given Duke trouble this season. It would bust my brackets pretty good if they win tonight but thatís fine by me. Duke is a smart and very well coached team and I expect theyíll play a very deliberate game tonight. The Tigers are going to go inside and try to get Duke in foul trouble, especially if they see Sheldon Williams on Glen Davis. Of course, Duke could shoot the lights out early in the game and the very young Tigers may get down on themselves. I donít think that will happen, though. They lost by one at UCONN. They know they can play. Iím looking forward to this.

GEAUX Tigers!!!!!

The CrabAppleLane March Madness Pool continues and I rejoice that my entries still have a chance.

Watched Heist last night. The criminals appear to be cool and highly organized and the cops appear to be a bunch of screw-ups led by a kleptomaniac. The thieves are robbing three jewelry stores tomorrow and robbed a bank today to finance it. Actually, they didnít rob the bank. They robbed the bank robbers. Donít know how they can get a whole season out of the next 24 hours but it looks kinda fun.

Quote of the Day
Anything after an upset of Duke would be considered gravy.
Pat Forde, ESPN.COM

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Well, here I am. Diving off into something else that I don't have time for. I really don't have any time to spare, but I know that the public is just dying for a peek into my life."

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