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I recorded MirrorMask about a week ago after reading Andrea's blog entry. Alright, first the stuff I didnít like. After several attempts, I was finally able to get through it yesterday. It starts very slow and youíre never really sure if what youíre watching is supposed to be a dream or if itís supposed to be real. I must admit that I donít read fantasy novels, except Harry Potter, and these fantasy worlds donít fascinate me. I could never get through the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I just couldnít get interested. I couldnít get interested in this movie through the first 15-20 minutes, either. Andrea mentioned the sound, which was awful. Itís not your DVD player, Andrea. The dialogue was recorded much too low and you couldnít hear much of what was being said even on my very good sound system. For that reason, I also had to turn on captioning. The awful jazzy clarinet soundtrack, however, came through loud and clear so this is a movie where you have to keep your finger on the volume button at all times. The entire film is shot in a really soft focus. I'll assume that it was intentional and not a budget or technical shortcoming. That said, Iím not quite sure what that was supposed to convey.

What I did like, though, was the heroine and her mysterious sidekick, Valentine. They had some fun scenes together and there were some funny moments. Basically, it was a quest movie that played almost like a video game. They entered one room, negotiated its obstacles, got a clue, and escaped to the next room. I found the underlying theme, the heroineís problems with her parents and her motherís unknown illness, to be contrived but the quest, itself, was fun and interesting and different. See the BOTD for more on MirrorMask.

Oh, and about the Men and Womenís Final Four this weekend:


The CrabAppleLane March Madness Pool continues today and one of my entries still has a chance.

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I am a very important man. I've got a tower.
Valentine, MirrorMask

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Quote from said blog: "This movie is like one of those covers set in motion for an hour and a half. It looks great."


High school French class pedantry: shouldn't that be "Gheaux Tigers"? Okay, I'll step away from the keyboard now.

I'm glad about that thing wiht the dvd sound. I really don't want to buy another one right now.

Rob said:

That aint French, cher. It's Cajun or Coonass.

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