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Underworld: Evolution

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I watched the sequel, Underworld: Evolution, alone yesterday afternoon. This is not Patsyís kind of movie. It isnít my kind of movie, either, except that I thought the first one, which I saw almost by accident, was so much fun. This one was, too. In short, these movies detail the history of vampires and werewolves and the ancient war between them thatís going on in the underworld. The underworld in both films is depicted as dark places with no street signs, no names on the ships or the buildings, no recognizable landmarks of any kind, and there are no humans in this second film except those that know whatís going on. Donít let me mislead you too much, though. There is not a lot of substance to either of these films although theyíre telling a fun story. What makes them work is their style, their eye candy, and their rocking soundtracks. And thatís OK by me. :) Oh, and the fights are pretty good, too.

38 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
You are asking me to help you kill my son - YOU, a Death Dealer?
Alexander Corvinus, Underworld: Evolution

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Ok, so just in case you didnít quite catch that. Foo Fighters. Dave Grohlís band. At the Camden Underworld. A 500 capacity venue. The night before they play to a sold-out audience of 75,000 at Hyde Park. Seventy five THOUSAND. You with me now?"

My blog friend, Delmer, posted an entry every day for the last week via Movable Typeís Auto-Post feature. Iíve never been able to get that feature to work. Excellent. I'm in awe.

The Saints agreed to terms with Reggie Bush last night or maybe it was the other way around. Hallelujah. We will probably see him in the first preseason game although I hope the team uses him sparingly during the preseason. That goes for Deuce McAllister and Drew Brees, too.

I always pay for procrastination. Always. I didnít get the yard work done yesterday because the spectacular thunderstorm in the afternoon prevented me from doing so. That it should have been done in the morning was a subject of yesterdayís entry. The thunderstorm knocked our power out for two hours. I discovered this morning that it also knocked some trees down. Iíll be attending to them this afternoon, too. Weather permitting.

I offer one image from CrabAppleLane this morning.

Crabapples and coffee

Crabapple trees are somewhat nice for about 20 days a year. They are covered in lovely blooms in the spring for about a week and they are covered with green crabapples like the ones pictured above for about two weeks in July/August. It is a fairly nondescript tree the rest of the year. The fruit has to be cooked to be edible. Some people make jelly with them. Here at CrabAppleLane, they just rot and fall to the ground. That used to be a giant green Q on the coffee mug. It symbolized National Car Rental's "Q is for Quality" campaign. That was probably 20 years ago. Patsy worked for them at the time. Nice mug.

39 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable.
Mel Gibson

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "For some damned reason, my mind came up with the idea that someone broke into my basement and cut all the power to stop the alarm from going off. It seemed reasonable enough at 12:15 in the pitch black...especially in the high crime area of North Bethesda."

Been busy doing fantasy football website preparation all morning. Got everything done, too. I originally planned to do yard work this morning and the website later today or sometime tomorrow. I wouldnít exactly call this procrastination from yard work. I would call it getting an earlier start on fantasy football.

Yeah, Iím not buying that one, either. Of course, Iím procrastinating.

Iíll start looking at players and who I might want on my teams this week. There are many ways to compose a team. Sometimes, you find a player or two that surprises everyone. This is an inexact science to be sure but Iíve had most of my luck doing that with rookies. Rookie Clinton Portis was a fantasy football stud that I picked up for a song in 2002. Carried me to a championship. Sometimes, a player goes down to injury or ineffectiveness and his replacement comes in and makes the best of his opportunity and you happened to have or got that replacement. Sometimes, a trade makes the difference. My partner and I made one out of desperation in 2001 with another desperate team and it was the difference that carried us to the championship. Mostly, I attribute my successful years to scheduling. When your team scores only enough points to beat one team in the league that week and it happens to be the one youíre playing against, thatís scheduling. I won two games like that last season on my way to the second place finish.

LeCharles Bentley: He had four good years here in New Orleans and signs as a prize free agent with Cleveland. He injured his knee in the first practice and is now out for the season. Bad news for LeCharles but possibly a good omen for the Saints. Usually, that happens when the player comes to the team. Players that leave the team usually go to the Super Bowl. Get Well Soon, LeCharles.

40 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
We feel terrible for LeCharles, but life goes on.
Phil Savage, Cleveland Browns General Manager

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "We'll see about Floyd. If I were the betting sort, I'd put my money on him being exonerated. There will be a reasonable explanation for an anomalous test result. But the folks who say the damage is done are right."


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Ever heard of Typosquatting? I hadn't. The BOTD talks about it in the linked entry. Basing a website or a company on a URL that depends on people typing in the same incorrect address and spending money registering those various domains seems like poor business sense to me. I have poor business sense so donít go by me. I remember people doing something similar a few years ago with telephone long distance carriers.

One of the TV news magazines did a story some years ago on shady long distance companies. The details are at the far end of my hazy memory but this is how I remember it. One such long distance company was called I Donít Care Inc or something like that. If you made a long distance call from a pay phone back then and didnít specify which carrier you wanted to use, one would be chosen at random. One of the ways to NOT specify a carrier is to say to an operator, ďI Donít CareĒ. The operator would then be compelled to turn you over to I Donít Care Inc. That company would then make the call and would charge considerably above the going rate. It was around $8 per minute when the going rate was $2 or so. I had a lot of trouble calling up sympathy for anyone in that story. The business owner had figured out a way to take advantage of peopleís state of mind. Those people were usually in some distress. Bad business owner. The victim, on the other hand, had to actually say, ďI Donít CareĒ to be victimized. What does ďI Donít CareĒ mean? Instead of an $8 phone call, it was a $32 phone call. Not the end of the world and you brought it on yourself. Chalk it up in the lessons learned column and move on.

41 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
What you gonna do?
Time's caught up with you
Now you wait your turn
You know there's no return
Black Sabbath, Hand of Doom

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "These domains have been specifically registered to catch people when mis-typing the real domain name."

Report to camp


The Saints report to camp today at 7PM to Millsaps College in Jackson, MS. No one expects to see Reggie Bush. Word has it he and the Saints are pretty far apart in their contract negotiations. According to them, Reggie wants and expects to get a fatter contract than the guy who was taken ahead of him. Not going to happen. To the NFL, that would be a ďdisaster of biblical proportionsĒ. Canít blame Reggie for trying, though. He contends he should have been taken first in the draft and that circumstance kept him from being taken otherwise. Yeah, OK, Reggie. Not the best claim Iíve heard but not bad. When the Saints took Russell Gary with the first pick in the second round back when there were 28 teams, his agent claimed that Gary was ďessentially the 29th player in the first roundĒ. My personal fave, however, comes courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings. They missed their turn a few years ago when their 15 minutes of allotted time ran out and had to move down a couple of spots. In an attempt to downplay their screwup afterwards, they claimed they got the player they wanted anyway. Said player then claimed he should be paid according to where the Vikings would have drafted him instead of where they did draft him. Two spots up is worth a couple of million dollars.

42 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
Itís a revolving door there. Sheís not the nice person everyone thinks she is.
Jon LaLane

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "It's not nice to show over and over again that culture on the European continent is vastly superior compared to the U.S, or the British isles."

A continuation...

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Sellout? I hesitate to use that term these days although I once threw it around pretty loosely about bands like Aerosmith, Van Halen, Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson, and ZZ Top. I once said that in many cases, a bandís first album ends up being their best. I stand by that still but itís rather strange when I think about it now. My theory on that is that I tend to like music with rough edges but the truth of the matter is that these bands usually polish and hone their music at clubs, high school dances, and the like for a good while before they enter the studio for the first time. I guess I like music with rough edges but not too rough? All artists grow and so do their audiences. I think we just tend to like the direction some artists take but not others. The list of bands and musicians that I grew tired or bored with is pretty long. That list starts with the ones listed above. If Iím their audience, Iím fickle about these things. If they stay the same, Iíll tire of them. If they change, I may not like that, either.

43 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
She said "Watch it son, stop lookin' now
Listen to me! They got somethin' that'll
Knock you right off your feet"
They got that Mojo Boogie
Sonny Landreth, Mojo Boogie

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Here at the ISB, it's one of my founding principles that I don't just tell you what to read, I actually go so far as to read things for you, sacrificing my own time so that you, gentle reader, can go out and, I don't know, get a girl or something while I'm sitting here trying to crack jokes about Skateman."

July 25, 2003 (Three years ago today): The CrabAppleLane Blog was a few months old and I was fumbling around here much like I still do today when I stumbled on the Blog of the Day for that day. She had only been doing it a few weeks. I have linked that OH BOB post several times. That entry is one of my faves.

About todayís BOTD: There are apparently many, many blogs out there devoted to Keith Olbermann. Many pro, many anti. I read his Bloggermann column but I almost never see Countdown. I suppose I should TiVo it to see what thatís about. FWIW, Iíve always liked him.

Linked...without comment.

44 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
Sex in zero-G is going to have to be more or less choreographed. Otherwise it's just going to be a wild flail.
Jim Logan, NASA physician

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "When you were a kid, you gave Mama Olbermann fits, didn't you?"

American Revolution

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Iíve been watching The History Channelís The Revolution for the past few weeks. I suppose you would classify it as docudrama. It is quite fascinating. Iíll be the first to admit there are some gaps in my American History knowledge, particularly the revolution, that Iím not comfortable with. We covered and I learned much about Breedís/Bunker Hill, Trenton, Fort Ticonderoga, and the winter at Valley Forge in grammar school and high school. There wasnít much new there for me but the Battle of Monmouth, the siege of Charleston, and the winter at Morristown were events we didnít cover very well. Good TV.

45 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
I'm very proud that an American has won again.
Lance Armstrong

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "I suppose that we can say progress is happening in New Orleans with respect to the fact that the news coming from different parts of the city isn't always all bad."

Congratulations to Floyd Landis on his Tour de France victory. I know the French, Italians, and Spaniards are quite properly galled by it. Good Job. Congratulations also to Tiger Woods on his British Open victory. Not a bad day for Americans in international sports.

I went in to work yesterday morning. It was about 110ļ on the third floor of our warehouse with almost zero air circulation. I was very sweaty and fairly filthy when I left work and headed home. The plan was to go home, eat a burger I had picked up along the way, and then just jump on the tractor and do yard work. Itís an awful feeling...the moment you realize you made a mistake. As the door clicked behind me, I realized it yesterday. I had locked myself out. I was getting ready to do said yard work. The only two things I put in my pockets on these occasions are the tractor key and the house key. I had gotten the tractor key out and then answered the phone. When I hung up the phone, I stepped outside and locked the door behind me. No biggie, Iíll just go ahead and do the yard work and Patsy can let me in when she gets home from shopping. The garage is locked, too. I canít get to anything without breaking a window. My cell phone is locked in my truck. One of our neighbors has our house key. Theyíre not home. Another neighbor is expecting us and Patsyís sister and brother-in-law over later for dinner. I know theyíre home because I pass their house on my way home. Theyíre quite a walk from our house, though. Itís about 3:15PM, 98ļ outside with about 99% humidity, Iím sweaty and filthy still, and Iím looking at a half-mile walk. Itís also threatening to rain. I walked over in that sweltering heat and as it turned out, they didnít have our house key (Soon to be remedied) but they had a phone I could use. My sister-in-law arrived as I was making the call. She has our house key but didnít have it with her. Not the way I envisioned yesterday afternoon going when I was thinking about it earlier in the day. I called Patsy and the crisis was eventually resolved but I was now about an hour and a half behind schedule. My troubles werenít over yet. About midway into the tractor work, the belt broke on the mower. OK, Iím sold. It just wasnít meant to be so I stopped. When I was putting things back in their place after I had stopped, I managed to break a stepping stone, too. Just icing.

Two for today from CrabAppleLane:


This morning. Overcast.


This afternoon. Dark clouds and rain.

46 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
The precogs are never wrong but occasionally...they do disagree.
Dr Iris Henimen, Minority Report

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "First off, about the lack of updates to my blog....it rained."

Stolen Inspiration

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When you have nothing in the way of inspiration on a Saturday morning, steal it from someone else. This time from the 3rd daughter: I donít know what the going rate for glasses is or should be but $690 seems high to me. Maybe the exchange rate down under is favorable but she doesnít sound happy about the price, either. My experience with glasses: When I started having trouble reading my computer at work, I decided to have my eyes examined for the first time in probably 25 years. That was eight years ago. Eye exam and prescription glasses totaled about $225. That was for one pair of glasses and frames. The problem was that I kept leaving them at home and couldnít read at work or kept leaving them at work and couldnít read at home. After repeating this idiotic cycle about 20 times, I decided to run to the drugstore a few blocks from work on one of those days when I had left the glasses at home. I tried and then bought some reading glasses for about $10. As it turns out, I probably could have saved the $225. I donít regret it. It wasnít a bad idea to have my eyes examined after all those years and I do see better with the prescription glasses but reading glasses do just fine. Iím probably going to get a pair of computer glasses some day, too. Theyíre slightly tinted and they offer better eye relief. Even though I have cut back considerably from my home computer time in the last few years, I still spend entirely too much time in front of a computer. I blame work.

47 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
It's a total catastrophe. We've been throwing things out for four days.
Louis Panazakos, Restaurant Owner

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "From his reaction, this was well beyond a Hiss of Doom. More like the Four Hisses of the Apocalypse."

Weird and worrisome

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About todaysís QOTD: Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer sustained a bad knee injury in last yearís NFL playoffs. In the reconstruction surgery, a cadaverís ligament was used. OK, that pegs the weird meter. By the way, I have the same trouble with Cincinnati as I do with Caribbean. Always have to look to see if itís two N's and one T or one N and two T's.

Another live tornado blogging entry from Marie at Disarranging Mine. People live blogging weather events is getting to be one of my web obsessions.

48 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
It's kind of eerie. It freaks you out a little bit.
Carson Palmer, Cincinnati Bengals QB

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Our letterbox has seen better days, particularly since at least one of us has either backed into or scraped against it as we have back out of the driveway. The letterbox always gets its own back in the damage that it inflicts on the car."

Just stuff for Thursday

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Todayís QOTD has me thinking about breaking out the Kill Bill: Vol. 1 DVD. Vol. 2 is funnier but Vol. 1 is better. Theyíre both excellent. Iíll probably do that this weekend. As with most good films, the smaller characters and some of the small moments make all the difference. The smaller character to watch here is Gogo. Your mileage may vary but I thought she was fabulous. If you want to see a 17yr old girl look menacing without any makeup or special effects, see this film.

Question of the day: Is there really that much money to be made selling ringtones? The vast, vast majority of the comment spam I get here is for websites selling "free ringtones". In fact, one came in as I was composing this entry. Am I missing out on something?

49 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
She was extremely tough and very sexy. She had cropped hair and was sweating and covered in snot and dirt and fighting a big alien ó and she still looked good.
Shauna Macdonald, Actor

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Well it disappointed me reading it. High hopes, but this explanation is still getting me nowhere. This is not grannie-proof!"

Total Ellipse

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Something I meant to mention a while back after it happened. I was corrected on my offensive ellipse a few weeks ago and I have repented. From now on, you will only see three dots here and elsewhere from me on those occasions when I see fit to use an ellipse. I probably use them more than I should and I surely donít want to annoy anyone on the internet...unless...............

It's past due. The guy belongs in the Hall of Fame while he's still alive. His life in baseball warrants it.

50 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
It's a 40-minute game, and we may need a guy who is going to play five minutes. And he will play those five minutes like they are the most important five minutes in his life.
Mike Krzyzewski, U.S. Basketball Team Coach

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "I still haven't seen the bear. It visits our neighbors mostly, but today the evidence was clear. My bird feeder was knocked over, the steel pole in the ground ripped up and out."

Short Entry for a Tuesday


The person who commented here yesterday is not Naomie Harris but I have reason to believe he manages the tribute site he linked to.

"Could be" the worldís largest photograph. I love the story. I donít know how they can say "could be", though. Since Guinness has to create two new categories for it, I suppose they have to research the previous records in two categories that never existed until now. How do you do that?

51 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
That was the magic: seeing this image come to life in the tray.
Jacques Garnier - Photographer

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "She travels at least three times a year to Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic for sun and sex."

Jes Links for a Monday

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The International Library of Photography is holding their annual free photo contest.

Kem has some nice pics of bluebirds leaving the nest. I have still not ever witnessed that at CrabAppleLane.

People write not very clever things on dirty vehicles around town. Things such as ďWASH MEĒ and ďI NEED A BATHĒ. I wonder how long a vehicle would have to be parked for something like these. There are 10 of them featured. Scroll through them. Amazing.

52 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
I'm a businesswoman, a brand, an entertainer.
Paris Hilton

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "I am always genuinely shocked that people like this exist and that they can be so murderously callous as to kill a 9 month pregnant girl."

As I was walking back towards the house this morning after inspecting my bell peppers, I spotted a hummingbird approaching one of my feeders. Iíve seen that a million times but this time I also noticed his little shadow on the wall. Thought Iíd see if I could capture it because, well...I couldnít think of anything else to do this morning. Here I will illustrate the difference between myself and professional wildlife photographers. They can sit motionless for long periods of time and wait for the shot they want. They can do this while sweating, freezing, or getting buzzed and bitten by insects, rodents, or reptiles AND all the while holding quite heavy cameras steady. I sat in the unmerciful sun for a total of maybe five minutes with my fairly light digital camera and was ready to give up. The image below came right at my breaking point.


The shadow of a hummingbird leaving the feeder for his nearby tree.

Those unfamiliar with Movable Type and comment spam can probably skip this paragraph. Spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon upgrading the blog to MT3.31. Whenever I do an upgrade, I also change the name of my comments and trackbacks script. It took spammers all of 15 minutes to figure them out. I think the smarter spam scripts have a routine to get at the script name. Also configured a new email address for the blog. After resolving the only noticeable issue I had, everything appears to be working although I get a mysterious error message (Is there any other kind of error message?) in my activity log whenever I empty junk comments or junk trackbacks: Internal callback died with: Can't handle date (, , , , -1, 100) at...Util.pm line 117. No idea what it means. The knowledge base at MT doesnít have it and the Support Forum at MT is offline at the moment. No big deal. Like I said, everything appears to be working. Having the tools on the left side instead of the right will take some getting used to. Iím kind of a fanatic about upgrading. I like staying up-to-date on software mainly because upgrades are easier when you are upgrading to the next version from the last version. Ultimately, you almost have to upgrade eventually and it is generally more difficult if you are several versions behind.

53 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
Still feel it all slipping away but it doesnít matter anymore
Everybodyís still chipping away but it doesnít matter anymore
Look through these blackened eyes
Youíll see ten thousand lies
My lips may promise but my heart is a whore
Nine Inch Nails, Last

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "What an unexpected joy it is to be able to regain paradise lost--to go back in time, to a simpler more rustic life, when achieving an idyllic existence through hard work and good times seemed infinitely more possible than it does today in our current culturally complicated world."

Unusual Deaths & Email

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OK, I spent most of the morning perusing bizarre deaths and donít have much in the way of a blog entry. I think my favorite is 1926: Antoni Gaudi.

1926: Barcelona's star architect Antoni Gaudi was run over by a tram. Cab drivers did not take him to hospital immediately, not recognizing the ragged figure who had no money in his pockets. Gaudi was brought to a pauper's hospital, where he died some days later.

Itís a weekend of site updates and rethinking email. Iíve been using the same email address since the CrabAppleLane domain went online six years ago. I can create an unlimited number of them. My current one is getting hammered daily with spam. In the 5 to 7 hours overnight between the last time I check email for the night and the first time I check it in the morning, I get 50-150 emails and almost all of it is spam. Thatís absurd. I think Iím going to create several new addresses. One for all my online purchasing and bill paying, one for blogging, and a third one for family and friends is the way Iím going to go. Iím going to be a lot more careful about who gets them and if I start receiving spam on one of them, I think Iíll better be able to track down how and why.

54 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
I know she's a tracker
Any scarlet would back her
And they say she's a chooser
But I just can't refuse her
Three Dog Night, Chest Fever

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "There are lots of websites that serve up politics and current affairs as it it were cold spinach. This is not one of them."

Slow Morning

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I wonder if BellSouth slows down their website so that people using cable broadband might think the DSL service they want us to buy from them is just as good or better. Their site is extremely slow this morning and I know there arenít that many people at this hour trying to pay their phone bill.

100 geek dinners in 100 days. Via TravelingMermaid.

55 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
Can't you see that I'm here to decide
And the heat of your eyes
Just burns my insides
Give it time
Bachman Turner Overdrive, Give It Time

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "One should not require that a person learn to use a computer before they can obtain information off of a computer network. Those of us who are computer users must act as librarians for our neighbors."


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Another way to handle hustle bustle without being rude. Humor. But I may have canceled myself by digging in my console for 3 pennies.

8 Weeks

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The NFL season starts 8 weeks from today in Pittsburgh. The draft was almost three months ago yet hardly any of the 200+ draft picks have been signed to a contract. There was a time when that made me crazy. The truth of the matter is the players end up signing a contract fairly close to what is originally offered but they do so one to three weeks into training camp and spend most of the whole first year of their contract trying to catch up. This doesnít hurt them at all. Their signing bonus is neatly tucked away. In fact, it probably guarantees theyíll be on the team at least two years even if theyíre a titanic bust. If he has a lousy first year, everyone will chalk it up to him missing most of training camp in his rookie year. You would think a smart owner (Oxymoron, I know) would have thought of a way to deal with this reality. Saints first round pick, Reggie Bush, is almost certainly going to hold out and I have no idea why. He was the second pick. Heís going to get a little bit less than first pick Mario Williams got. The Saints should just have dinner with Reggie and say, ďWeíll give you the same deal Mario got if you just pick up the checkĒ.

56 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
You know, these clothes do not fancy you at all. It should be a dress or nothing. I happen to have no dress in my cabin.
Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Why is it birthday cake? Why not a birthday pie, or a birthday banana split? Who came up with that?"

A billing error

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Got a statement from our power co-op yesterday. I set up automatic debit with them several years ago so there is usually no need to open it right away. It has worked beautifully and our electric bills are always manageable. I opened it this time because I wanted to see what kind of jump weíve had since we started leaving our garage air conditioner on. Much to my surprise, we have been threatened with interruption of service if we donít pay last monthís balance by today. Obviously, something went wrong last month. Iíll be on the phone this morning and I am very curious as to what theyíll have to say about this. And I almost didnít open this damn thing.

Update (8:22AM): Just a glitch in their billing system. It was corrected yesterday. Service will continue.

57 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
I had little old ladies, 75 and 80 years old, who would get my autograph and wouldn't go away. I look up from signing, and there they are, puffed up and holding their breath, wanting me to squeeze their cheeks. That one went over pretty well.
Dale Jarrett, NASCAR Driver

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "My first reaction is: what an adventure this movie is to behold. Not only is it entertainment for the eyes, but the plot moves well. So it has pretty much everything going for it. The comedy is great, the story is well written, and the sets and costumes may even put the first movie to shame.Ē

For Trade: Red Paper Clip

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This has got to rank as one of the coolest ideas ever. From USA Today:

One year ago, the 26-year-old blogger from Montreal set out to barter one red paper clip for something and that thing for something else, over and over again until he had a house.

I wonder how I never heard of this until now.

58 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
If I was one of them Gibsons
Like a '58 or '9
You could plug me in
And play me anytime
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris, Red Staggerwing

Blog of the day via Disarranging Mine is here.

Quote from said blog: "lack of context..."

Cool photoblog. -Rob

Pirates & Boneheads

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While the World Cup was being played, Patsy and I were watching and immensely enjoying Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest at the Sunday matinee. No spoilers here. The worst thing I can say about it is that it is a Part One of a Two-Part sequel. It leaves some unfinished business for the next one but thatís OK by me. Iím in. The best thing I can say about it is that it lived up to expectations. Johnny Deppís Captain Jack Sparrow is a known character so the surprise and joy of seeing it for the first time is gone but the story is strong enough to make up for it. A new character that I really liked was Tia (Naomie Harris), who played a bit of a VooDoo Queen that lived in a nice little place in the swamps. She was delightful.

About the World Cup:

Viva Italia

Zinedine Zidane's entire career was pretty much canceled out. Theyíre not going to remember his great plays nearly as much as theyíre going to remember the one play that let his team and his country down. Heís a bonehead in more ways than one.

59 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
When stern doesn't work, apply slapstick.
Helen, Everyday Stranger

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Unlike other American places where families equal one to three small people and one or two tall people that look alike driving in a van or SUV, families in urban enviros are often a group of friends sharing all of their spare time together, vacationing together, evacuating together in the teeth of an approaching storm."

Mama & Babies

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Mama & Family

Taken this morning at 9:45AM or so. No idea what mama's eating. The babies stuck to her like glue.

TravelingMermaid has a feature called Art and Music Sunday. This Sunday, it features some photos from yours truly. Thanks, TravelingMermaid.

I offer one image this glorious Sunday morning from the wilds that is CrabAppleLane.

Whole corn

Patsy throws whole corn out on the grounds for the larger birds that donít go to the feeder. This one hasnít learned to fly yet. When he does, I think we're moving.

60 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
Before this day be through, you will all get a worse ducking than I.
Grace Sherwood - Healer, Midwife, Widowed mother of three sons, Suspected Witch

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Quote from said blog: "That is their Flag of Distress designed to tell you that despite what you may have heard or assumed it is not OK down there. In fact life in New Orleans is grim. For over 9 months residents have gone through what I would term, The Long Wait."

Mark & Denzel

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All The Roadrunning is a duet album featuring Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris. I mentioned it here back in April. Wish I had ordered it separately now. I only received it Thursday because some backorder items on my Amazon order held it up for a couple of months. These are two artists that have done the superstar thing and only care about making great music now. They are terrific together and this CD is a gem. More about it at Emmylou's site. Speaking of Knopfler, Cullen found and posted a couple of videos I hadnít seen before. One is Knopfler playing Layla with Eric Clapton and the other is Knopfler instructing some young aspiring guitarists. What makes the former special is obvious even to a casual music fan. What makes the second one even more wonderful is that he is instructing them while playing Going Home, the theme from Local Hero. That is, in my estimation, the best instrumental of all time. Knopfler closes most of his concerts with this song and has been since his Dire Straits days. Bummer that he didnít do so when I saw him. Heís also posted a video of John McLaughlin, who has never been my cup of tea.

Another item I ordered was The Mighty Quinn. Iím not sure what role turned Denzel Washington (Crimson Tide maybe?) into a household name but it surely came sometime after The Mighty Quinn. This is one of his best performances and I think this one might have done it had more people seen it. I saw it a long time ago and am looking forward to seeing it again. Naturally, it played on one of the movie channels the day before my DVD arrived. Iíve only had it in my TiVo search for a year or so. Washington plays Xavier Quinn, the police chief trying to get to the bottom of a murder that has a prime suspect, who is a colorful local hero and is also Quinnís best childhood friend, that everyone wants him to find and arrest. His instincts tell him thatís too easy. I would almost classify this as classic noir but I donít think this film would have been as rich in black and white and all classic noir has to be in B&W. See it for yourself with your SO and maybe some popcorn, Jujubes, Snow Caps, or other favorite cinema snack. Itís a great way to spend an evening.

For TravelingMermaid.

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Quote of the Day
They draw the shades on their shops
While we go a-checkin' through the props
And putting on the paint to play the fool
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris, Rollin' On

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Quote from said blog: "It is also a good idea to watch for fresh signs of alligator activity. People should learn to recognize the difference between small young alligator droppings and large adult alligator droppings."


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CrabAppleLane, the website, not the blog, is SIX years old today. Hard to believe it's been around that long. Earlier reports that it was seven were erroneous.

Let there be Pirates

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest opens today at a theater near you. Always have trouble with Caribbean. Two Rís and one B or one R and two Bís? Always have to look it up. While the world has been and will be gearing up for Italy versus France this weekend, Patsy and I will be watching a pirate movie. I am disregarding all reviews of the film. It has a tough act to follow. The first one had ZERO expectations. That it turned out to be so good and so much fun was a grand surprise. It was a good story and had some great special effects but you can plant the success of the first Pirates squarely on the shoulders of Johnny Depp. His Captain Jack Sparrow turned a fairly standard swashbuckler on its ear.

Speaking of World Cup Soccer: It says here that France versus Italy will end in a scoreless tie and Italy will win the shootout.

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Quote of the Day
Itís just the danger, danger
When youíre riding at your own risk
She said youíre the perfect stranger
She said, ďBaby, lets keep it like thisĒ
Dire Straits, Tunnel of Love

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Quote from said blog: "The Eisenhower Interstate System turns 50 this week and IMHO this is one of the greatest engineering feats this country ever pulled off. It has redefined everything from how we plan vacations to where we choose to work to live in relation to where we work.Ē

So Iím channel surfing the other day and I land on Animal Planet. Theyíre showing Mutual of Omahaís Wild Kingdom: Black Mamba. Theyíve found a place in South Africa where a Black Mamba has laid 11 eggs under a house where a young couple live with their infant. For those who donít know, Black Mambas are extremely poisonous and defend themselves very aggressively. The camera is trained on the hatching eggs. ďThis is believed to be the first time ever captured on film, yada, yada, yadaĒ. Have I mentioned this is under a house where a young couple live with their infant? Have I mentioned that Black Mambas are dangerous? So all 11 eggs hatch and they call in professional snake catcher/conservationist/whatever and he searches under and around the house but can only locate and capture 6 of them. So what about the young couple with the infant? Theyíll just have to be careful. Free, unsolicited advice to young couple with infant: Next time you see eggs under your house, call an exterminator, not a film crew.

No charges for Rush. The Viagra prescription was issued in his doctorís name to protect Limbaughís privacy. Well, that worked, didnít it? They outsmarted themselves. I think that information might still be private had said prescription been issued in his name.

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Quote of the Day
Those of us over 50 remember the era when most cars had crank windows, even Cadillac.
Dan Gorrell, Strategic Vision

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Quote from said blog: "New Orleans has long inspired curious trespassing with all its strange vacant spaces, but it feels a lot less comfortable since Katrina. Itís different when you are familiar with the circumstances that forced the people out and left the doors ajar."


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Patsy and I watched the quite wonderful film, Millions, yesterday afternoon. We were on a movie kick during the four day holiday weekend. I think we saw at least one every day. Kemís review of this film is excellent and is the reason I had TiVo searching for it. We, too, had to turn on subtitles. Like most good films, the dialogue is the engine in Millions. This is an unusual film. Quite a bit of it is surprising and you donít want to miss a word of it. The older characters spoke a little too fast and a little too low sometimes for us. However, we had no trouble at all understanding the youngest character, Damian, played by Alexander Nathan Etel. That's him in the graphic. He is the heart of the film and is delightful throughout. His scenes with his older brother are movie magic. See it for yourself.

The BOTD is a photoblog that is new to me. What a great idea for a blog.

64 days until football season...........................

Quote of the Day
God doesn't rob banks, all right? God does not rob banks.
Damian Cunningham, Millions

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Quote from said blog: "Doc just sent me this awesome photo..

Great pics. -Rob

Independence Day


First things first...

Happy Independence Day

Happy Birthday, America

Have a happy & safe holiday.

Decided to watch Light Sleeper last night. Should have read what it was about a little more closely. This is N O T my kind of movie. The main character, played by Willem Dafoe (Always annoying), is a former drug user and current drug dealer. I suppose all movies involving drug dealers told from their perspective have to be downers and this one is certainly that. The title refers to the main characterís insomnia. I have no idea why thatís important to the story. It also has a lot of scenes of him wandering the streets to a loud, whiny ballad soundtrack. The best scenes involve Susan Sarandon, who plays the drug dealerís supplier/manager. She claims she wants to quit this life and get into legitimate business. She is upbeat throughout and this is one of her best roles. She is the only reason to sit through this...unless you have insomnia.

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Quote of the Day
There were no dissenters when we went around the room ... no concerns raised.
Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA Associate Administrator.

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Quote from said blog: "On the bright side, i did get Billy Zane. Which I figure is a bright side. Okay, I give -- who is Billy Zane?"

Kitty asks a simple question about wages and their economic impact. As usual, the simple questions are the hardest ones to answer.

This is why we don't want Congress in the internet business. Didnít someone on Senator Stevensí staff have a water pistol or something? Via Instapundit.

Because of the nature of CrabAppleLane Blog, I think/assume web surfers tend to find it in the most soporific ways (See Blind Cavefishís right sidebar for the best searches on the web). This is an undocumented and unscientific conclusion on my part because I hardly ever look at the logs. I clear out that folder every two months or so and I look at the last dayís entries. I have never noticed anything strange or unusual. Until now. To the person who performed this search at Ask.com and ended up here, please seek help. Not only is that a rather bizarre search but you went to at least Page 5 of it. Besides, how would you distinguish between "real inbreds" and imposters by just looking at a picture? If there really is a way, suffice it to say that it is knowledge I can live without.

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Quote of the Day
I just the other day got, an internet was sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday and I just got it yesterday. Why?
Senator Ted Stevens, R-Alaska

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Quote from said blog: "I never really thought of myself as a "birder" but I guess I must be a bit inclined that way."

Beautiful picture. -Rob

A light rain at CrabAppleLane this morning made for the images below. I love walking around in the backyard after a rain. Something I plan to get back to after posting.

CrabAppleLane Backyard

We donít use this table much anymore but I like having it in the yard.

Tufted Titmice

Rain makes for hungry and not-so-shy birds. These titmice were much more concerned about their rival chickadees, cardinals, and blue jays than they were about me but they did give me an occasional glance. Didnít even have to say cheese.

Quote of the Day
A little elf
Sat in a tree
Painting leaves
To throw at me
From A Little Elf

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Quote from said blog: "As a born-and-bred New Yorker, what I'd say is that out-of-towners (that revealing phrase!) mistake for discourtesy is impatience with those who don't understand local custom, by, for instance, standing in the middle of a busy sidewalk, blocking it, while everyone is trying to get somewhere, or who do the same on a subway platform or by an escalator."

Sorry, Gary. As I said at your place, impatience with out-of-towners, who don't know their way around, IS discourtesy. BTW...I love your response to this. -Rob


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I decided to watch Munich this afternoon in spite of or maybe even because of the many negative reviews Iíve read about it. Itís essentially about Black Septemberís killing of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 and Israelís response. I was 15 and I remember watching those 1972 Olympics. Mark Spitz won seven gold medals at those Olympics. The USA Menís Basketball team was upset at those Olympics on some horrible officiating. Olga Korbut, a Soviet, became Americaís sweetheart at those Olympics. I also remember the horror Black September brought to those games. I remember that horrible man in the stupid white hat. I remember Jim McKay telling us all of the Israeli athletes were gone. Nothing in this film excuses or diminishes the horror of that wretched event. The film does examine the price of swift and certain retribution but Iím not sure it reaches a conclusion. I certainly can believe in the self-doubt and paranoia the team sometimes displayed. Steven Spielberg made it so I knew going in that it was going to be technically superb and it surely was. It was also a pretty good thriller. I think most of the negative reviews are wrong but see it for yourself.

Soccer & Cycling

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Two sports I find amusing even though I do not understand them or the fuss the world makes about them: Soccer and cycling. It should be noted that I donít dislike either sport but my prototypical American short attention span wonít allow me to get too worked up about them, either.

I was channel-surfing about an hour ago and came across the England-Portugal World Cup Match. They were in the middle of the penalty kick phase. They had played 90 minutes of regulation and 30 minutes of overtime without scoring so they had to go to a penalty kick shootout. Germany and Argentina also had to do so yesterday. Is it just me or does anyone else think they should just skip regulation and overtime and get right to the interesting stuff? A friend once told me that soccer is not all about scoring. My response to that still applies. I say it has absolutely nothing to do with scoring.

Cycling, particularly The Tour de France, is amusing for another reason. How can you look at a sport that features athletes determined to cheat and a governing body obsessed with stopping and/or exposing them with anything other than amusement? The current scandal includes frozen blood and urine samples and this lovely tidbit from USA Today:

Under the sport's ethical charter, riders may be barred from racing while they under investigation for doping, but they are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

I have a little trouble with the charter that says that and with USA Today's proofreader.

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Quote of the Day
You cannot put calamari in the sushi and call it sushi
Bikram Choudhury, Yoga teacher

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Quote from said blog: "He said he would go look for those kittens but he was barefoot. He hates to wear shoes. We talked about the old days."

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