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Lured you in with that title, didn't I? Read on. I just love this story. I love the plot and the characters. The plot involves men paying up to $1800 for a 3-day seminar held by pickup gurus. That they could probably get the same advice from their bartender for a fraction of that is not important. That's because you think possibly they're plopping down 1800 to learn how to pickup women? Nay, youíd be wrong.

Mystery insists, as do almost all pickup gurus, that the mission isn't to get a woman in bed. "It's about being a better person," he says.

OK, yeah, I kinda lost it there for a moment but plodded on. And then, this, from one of the characters:

"My game is no game. I'm not a closer, and women say I'm a dork who talks too much," says local Mike Connor, 36, a professional dog walker and recently divorced.

Without making light or even mention of the situation for which he seeks help and without commenting on that lovely quote that Iím sure will send women into orbit (His guru is encouraging him to use that on ďthe ladiesĒ), I kinda think itís cool that there is such a thing as a 36 year old professional dog walker, donít you? Seriously.

No, I didnít sleep much last night.

23 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
These are icebreakers that get you into a woman's zone
Lance Mason, Pickup Guru

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "It's cheap and promises money - how could it be bad?"


Lisa said:

A recently-divorced 36-year-old DOG WALKER that monopolizes the conversation? How is he single?! I'm SHOCKED! ;)

Ole Blue said:

A 36 year old dog walker is a lot of S*&% to put up with for any women

Carter Scott said:

23 days! woohoo!

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Rob said:

I wonder how much our 36 year old professional dog walker talks about work. "I was about to bring Mrs LeBlanc's poodle out for her 2:15 when suddenly Mr Dewey's lab..."

Word, Blue.

Andrea said:

You would think women would be scrambling about to meet a 36 year old professional dog walker.


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