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Speaking of blogs...

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Spent a portion of my Saturday morning upgrading Movable Type aka procrastinating from four weeks worth of accumulated yard work. Fairly smooth upgrade although I wish they would make them a little less cumbersome. 4MB worth of uploading and 30 minutes or so rebuilding just for a minor upgrade from Version 3.31 to 3.33. I know all of those files couldnít have been changed.

Iíve been doing a stint of guest-blogging over at Goodboys Nation this week and I really regret that my home internet cable was down for a substantial portion of the allotted time. Iím a big fan of this practice. It gives your readers a little something different and it gives some of your favorite bloggers and non-bloggers exposure to a different audience. There are other advantages to doing this, too. Through guest-blogging this year, I had an opportunity to try WordPress and The Great White Shank and Dave E both got to try Movable Type. This is all win-win in my book. The CrabAppleLane Blog will continue to be available to guests for one or two weeks per year and Iím always available for duty for my friends in this mostly joyous hobby. Besides, the money is great.

Quote of the Day
Still, with Darwin Avenue in Puerto Ayora already becoming depressingly chock-full of souvenir shops selling "I love boobies" T-shirts and other Asian-made tourist bric-a-brac, the Rasts feel lucky they're seeing the islands now, before tourism ó both by land and sea ó grows any bigger.
Gene Sloan, USA TODAY

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "My knee couldn't fully bend, nor could it fully straighten. It was locked in a 45 degree angle."

Man, do I know that feeling. -Rob

CrabAppleLane is Back...

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A day earlier than the third promise but 8 days and 6 days later than the first and second promises respectively.

What Iíve missed while I was away:

From the She Said Yes Department: Congratulations to Nightfly. AllTheBest from CrabAppleLane.

From the Who Said They Were Dead Department: Congratulations to the Minnesota Twins. They looked hopelessly out of contention 12 games behind the red hot Detroit Tigers in June. This morning, they find themselves tied for first place with those Tigers with three games to go. Go Twins.

From the Why and Wherefore Department: Fun game Monday night for Saints fans. On to Carolina. Thatís all that should have been said but it wasnít. 1) Not going into the whys and wherefores of renovating the SuperDome instead of working on and spending money on other priorities in New Orleans and Louisiana except to say that it was absolutely the right thing to do. 2) I will also not go into the whys and wherefores of the regionís viability in the NFL. Donít know why anyone had to bring these two issues up other than their inability to let people have the moment. A pox on all of them. TravelingMermaid says essentially the same thing about the first why and wherefore.

From the Another Positive Step Towards Normalcy Department: One of my favorite New Orleans eateries, Liuzzaís, is back. They took on about 6 feet of water after the levees broke. The boss and I went there yesterday. It looks almost exactly as it did the last time I was there pre-K. They donít have their full menu yet so I couldnít get what I was really craving but thatís OK. Iíll do that next time. Liuzzaís is a New Orleans institution. It features great Italian food and other New Orleans favorites along with the coldest beer in town served in frosty mugs aka fish bowls. Had to do root beer yesterday, though. What I was craving was a meatball sandwich on garlic bread with mozzarella cheese. What I had to settle for was a delicious shrimp po-boy and onion rings. Liuzzaís is an old time neighborhood bar and grill frequented mostly by locals. It is always overcrowded because there are about three too many tables in the place. Your chair will almost always get bumped by a waitress or another patron. Whereas that facet normally would annoy me, here it is just part of the experience.

From the Where You Are Now to Where Youíre Headed Department: To Terrell Owens: This is where you are now. This is where youíre headed. You had big bucks and Hall of Fame written all over you at one time. Youíve squandered that but you can still have a good career, comfortable retirement, and maybe a Super Bowl ring or two if you can just figure out how to make headlines with your play and not all those other things.

Quote of the Day
As I serve my country, I do so with no doubts about my future. I am coming back. My family will come back. My city is coming back. After last night, all New Orleanians with a heart and some fortitude will come back. I cannot wait to get back to rebuild my home town.
LTJG Dan Buras

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "I think I just caused a fire by walking in my corduroy pants."

Light Blogging

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CrabAppleLane's internet cable is down. Literally. It's posing quite a driving hazard at night. This was taken just before sunset. My neighbor plowed into it 15 minutes later. It's about an inch in diameter and quite heavy although I didn't and won't touch it.

An Awfully Big Adventure

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We watched An Awfully Big Adventure over the weekend. Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant are in it but Georgina Cates plays the central character and the film is about her characterís coming of age. Georgina is a bit of a chameleon. In this film, she looks nothing like her IMDB photo. Uneven and slow is about the only way I can describe An Awfully Big Adventure. It had a handful of funny moments, a handful of poignant moments, quite a few tedious moments, and a lot of moments I simply didnít understand. There are a lot of films I like to see again for the little things I might have missed but it has to meet a threshold of interest. This one is well below that bar. It was better than a poke in the eye. But not much.

Saints QB Drew Brees offers one view of Saints-Falcons week:

But Monday night, the first home game after Katrina, we're 2-0, they're 2-0, a divisional opponent. I mean, does it really get any better than that? It's going to be awesome.

In the QOTD, someone else offers another, equally realistic one:

Quote of the Day
You guys are going to start feeding these guys a bunch of cheese and everything else. But this is the third game of the season. That's what it is.
Sean Payton, Saints Head Coach

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "My husband just called to order a pizza from the nearby pizza place. They make really good pizza, but they must have some kind of rehab/training program for the recently cranially-injured. They hire the dumbest kids available."

Football on a CrabAppleLane Sunday

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Would love to see the Saints win in Green Bay this afternoon to go 2-0. Next weekís Saints-Falcons Monday night game in the Superdome is already taking on legendary proportions. It will be the first game in the dome since Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath ravaged it and everyone here is looking forward to it. If the Saints are 2-0, I think it will probably be the biggest Saints game ever played, even eclipsing the Saints only playoff win in 2000 against the Rams. But first, the Packers. This game worries me. On the surface, the Packers looked and played pretty bad last week. Underneath the surface, The Saints donít do well in Green Bay or against Brett Favre. GO Saints GO.

Tough loss at Auburn yesterday for the LSU Tigers. Iím not a referee basher for the most part but there were some curious calls in the game yesterday. A flag for pass interference was picked up without any kind of review. The flag was the right call. Even more curious were the non-calls. Iím a big fan of letting the players play but I saw a lot of LSU players getting hit a yard out of bounds. All of the hits were high, most above the shoulder pads, and some where the defender left his feet to make the hit. There should have been personal fouls called in most of those instances. Still, LSU canít blame the referees for the loss. The defense played good enough. I blame the offensive game plan. I think they could have and should have thrown downfield in the 15-25 yard range much more than they did. They were too content to run and throw short passes.

One CrabAppleLane backyard image to offer for this beautiful Sunday morning:


I suppose the male hummingbirds have headed south for the winter. Nothing but females at CrabAppleLane this Sunday morning. The female sitting at the feeder fancies herself the guardian and chases off all interlopers like the one trying to come in for a landing. I was fortunate to capture the interloperís shadow on the brick wall, too. I like that. Hummingbirds are starting to swarm the CrabAppleLane feeders now but theyíre not tolerant of each other yet. In a week or so, theyíll all be best of friends and will sit down shoulder to shoulder at the feeders.

Quote of the Day
Our quarterback played extremely well all day. He just needed to put a little air under the ball on that last play.
Les Miles, LSU Tigers Head Football Coach

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "This was the most recent in a string of related incidents that seem to follow Robinson everywhere he goes, no matter how fast he goes."

NCAA Football today

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Can we say it all together now, ďPoor, poor, pitiful USCĒ? Allegations and hand wringing, after the fact, are a waste of time. What good can come from this now? You canít get at the player and itís unfair to punish the school and its current crop of student-athletes. And excuse me if I donít buy that all of the blame for this ďscandalĒ belongs to a teenager. Itís time the ridiculous and convoluted NCAA rules were abolished anyway. Also time to abolish the sham that is amateur athletics in big time college sports. Let the kids go to school, play sports, and make whatever deal they can and let it all happen above board. As they say, sunshine is the best disinfectant. In fact, try to help those kids with it. Universities are all for kids avoiding sleazy sports agents. At least, thatís what they say. Done openly, most of the sleaze will be replaced by better firms and that would surely benefit more kids. Iím certain thatís the only motivation for big time college sports anyway, right? Benefitting the student-athletes? If Steven Spielberg took notice of a young film maker and wanted to give money in return for future considerations while he was still in school, weíd all say, ďgood for himĒ. If a car dealer wants to pay a kid $2500 per month to wash two cars a week just so the kid will go to his alma mater and play sports, let him. Whereís the harm? If your alma mater doesnít have any well-heeled alums, get some. It would be wonderful if all university students had parents with the wherewithal of the Mannings, who could send Cooper, Peyton, and Eli to school, fully-insured against career-ending injury (Like Cooper's), with enough resources to enjoy the college experience. We know thatís not the case. If the righteous can't bring themselves to do that, then abolish big time college sports and let the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, their farm systems.

Speaking of big time college sports, ALL eyes around here are on the huge LSU-Auburn game today.

GEAUX Tigers
Quote of the Day
Well, three years ago, the millionaire Auburn power-broker who hires and fires football coaches, wanted to send Tuberville packing and bring in Louisville's Bobby Petrino.
Peter Finney, New Orleans Times-Picayune Sports Writer

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Today Elayne and I are both full-time, working artists. Thatís the phrase that means that you no longer ďworkĒ in some other field, while struggling or wanting to be an artist."


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Just my opinion: Security is becoming so burdensome for the always struggling travel industry that I think that some day there will be NO luggage, carry on or otherwise, allowed on passenger flights or trains and thatís if we still have any airlines or rail lines in business. Travelers will have to send their luggage via another carrier ahead of time or just buy what they need at their destination. Whole industries will pop up or change to accommodate it and industries that depend on sending their people on business will just have to adapt.

Meant to link this gorgeous photo earlier. Kudos to Dave's sister, Patty.

Alrighty then.

Quote of the Day
Were Al Qaeda to start treating our troops the way we treat them, it would represent a dramatic improvement over the torture and videotaped beheadings that are their usual style of prisoner management.
Glenn Reynolds to The Washington Post

Blog of the day via TravelingMermaid is here.

Quote from said blog: "For three days, Iíve tried to articulate my feelings about that day. Iíve drafted, revised, and deleted endlesslyÖ but I just canít write about it."

The Marinello Story

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Here in New Orleans, we have quite the scandal going on in the news. If youíre outside of New Orleans, this story was just a blurb. Vince Marinello is/was a local sports personality here in The Big Easy. He was on TV for a good while but his latest gig was as part of WWL Radioís broadcast team. He was doing mostly call-in shows covering sports and call-in shows covering Hurricane Katrina recovery. On air, he was bright, articulate, funny, quick-witted, and very likeable. He went on vacation a few weeks ago. While he was on vacation, his wife was shot in the face twice and died. It was portrayed as a botched robbery attempt. No money taken. A scruffy man was seen leaving the scene on bicycle. That was the story in the news on Day One. On Day Two, Marinello was already under suspicion in the news and Iím sure the authorities were on to him even before that. He was in the middle of acrimonious divorce proceedings with the murder victim. He voluntarily came in for questioning. Marinello told authorities he was in Jackson, Mississippi watching the Saints football game with friends. That story held up until the authorities talked to his friends. On the basis of those talks, his FEMA trailer was searched and a checklist of sorts was found that included noteworthy items such as, well, read the quote of the day. My opinion of Marinello has changed. I now think heís an idiot and a murderer. This was amateur hour and he somehow thought he was going to get away with it. Heís out on bond now and not thought to be a flight risk. I think heíll be caught if he attempts flight because, well, heís an idiot. My sympathies lie entirely with the murder victim and her family.

Iíve seen acrimonious divorce up close involving dear friends and I simply donít understand it. Theyíre consumed by it. Theyíd rather their lawyers get $50 than let their spouse have $5. They contemplate violence. They lose their minds.

Quote of the Day
We were absolutely shocked. It mentioned the bike, the gun and some other things. Almost like a checklist of what he had to do.
Harry Lee, Jefferson Parish Sheriff

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "A year ago today I was in Virginia at my parents' house, the place I grew up in, with no idea of when I would be able to live at my home. All I knew about my new house was that it was still sitting in fetid water (assuming it was standing) and at the time government officials were telling us that it would take months to pump all the water out of New Orleans."

The Who

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When I saw The Who in Baton Rouge for the first time in 1975 on The Who By Numbers Tour, they were amazing. They played for a little over two hours with no letup, no slowed down acoustical stuff, and only a handful of pauses. It was non-stop, high energy, electrifying rock n roll and it was one of the best shows I ever saw. I saw them a few years later, again in Baton Rouge, after Keith Moon had died and they were still amazing and still performing at a high energy level. Iíve seen them a few times on TV since and theyíre nothing like that any more. Iím not going to say they put on a bad show these days because their music and their sound hasnít changed much over the years but the excitement is just not there any more. I prefer to remember The Who the way I saw them that first time.

One of the many things I didnít expect to see this year: This rebuilding 2006 Saints team is a 2 point favorite this weekend in Green Bay over a Brett Favre team. Last season, Deuce McAllister was lost for the season and the Saints lost to the Packers, 52-3, in Green Bay.

Quote of the Day
We have said that we want to offer more context and perspective to the news. If that's not considered 'hard news' by critics, so be it.
Sean McManus, CBS News President

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "In the great city of Boston, something very unusual happened on January 15, 1919."


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I blame Dooce for getting me started on sunburn (Not all images safe for work). I am not a sun worshiper. Never was. Thatís not to say I donít get out in the sun. I get out in it as much as the next guy but I'll concede I used to get out in it a bit more when I was younger. I just donít sit or stand still in it as much any more. Probably because of that, I donít get nearly as dark a tan as I once did. I donít burn easily anyway. I pretty much have to be still in the blistering sun for a good while to get a sunburn. Only then do I have the joy of the sleepless nights sweating under the covers or freezing above them, the hypersensitive and then dry, itchy, peeling skin. Been there, done that, donít care much for it. What I wonder is this: With all of the known risks associated with sun worship and all of the preventative products on the market, why does anyone still allow themselves to get burnt to a crisp like the people in some of those images did? To quote Jimmy Dugan, ďAre you ... stupid?Ē

Quote of the Day
In the 21 previous shutouts over the past three seasons, 12 of the losing teams came back and won the following week.
Pat Kirwan, NFL.COM

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Just a day after suffering their first shutout loss since 1991, the Green Bay Packers made a bold but risky move to improve their offense, agreeing to terms with troubled wide receiver Koren Robinson."



Got Crying Towel? Via delmer.

Week One - 2006


September 11: Ring a bell. Say a prayer. Set aside a moment. The world changed five years ago.

Well, the Saints got out of Cleveland with a much-deserved win. They outplayed the Browns in a surprisingly physical game. The Saints lost both of their fullbacks and the Browns lost their star wide receiver, Joe Jurevicius. Reggie Bush was all over the field contributing any way he could. I like what theyíre doing with him. Deuce is running hard and that was nice to see but Iíd like to see him protect the ball better. Breesí throwing accuracy is still not where it needs to be but I think that will get better as the season progresses. The defense, particularly the linebackers, played much better than expected. Nice to get the win but the Saints have to improve. I think they will.

I think my two fantasy teams will split this weekendís games. The team I thought to be the most suspect put up a good effort and has a pretty good chance at a win. The team I thought to be the most solid will probably lose. After doing this for 12 years, I think it safe to say that I still have no idea of what I'm doing.

Quote of the Day
I'm happy for two reasons. We're 1-0, and there's no hurricane in the Gulf.
John Carney, Saints Kicker

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Today used to be just another day."

A slow Sunday

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One from the CrabAppleLane backyard today:


Not sure what these are called but theyíre kinda nice. And plentiful at CrabAppleLane.

Some football items: The Sean Payton and Reggie Bush era for the Saints opens on the road today at Cleveland in about 30 minutes. The team is full of new faces. More than half of the roster was somewhere else last season. The old adage that ďyou canít tell the players without a programĒ is much truer now than it was when it was said the first time. In fact, the programs go to print a few days ahead of kickoff and even they donít have all of the right players listed. Go Saints Go.

Another football item for a Sunday morning: This one from The Sports Guy at ESPN:

What if my wife beats me? Would that throw 10 solid years of NFL handicapping down the drain in one fell swoop? Am I risking a wave of negative picks karma from every female reader who will be rooting for her to beat me?

For what it's worth, Iím rooting for The Sports Gal, too.

Quote of the Day
In Lindsay's case, she's a chain-smoking, club-hopping tramp who spends her spare time getting tanning sessions, shopping and forgetting to eat. She's going to look like a leather purse in 25 years no matter how much Proactiv she takes.
The Sports Gal

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "i have HAD it. IT. with admin staff/
it is a total myth that they exist at all.

V for Vendetta

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I watched V for Vendetta last night. Alone. I really had no idea what this film was going to be about. I expected it to be a standard action flick with a masked super hero. At least, thatís what it looked like from all of the trailers Iíve seen of it. Kinda what I was looking for, too. Mindless entertainment for a Friday night. Not the wife's kind of movie. Besides, she was busy on the computer last night. Was I ever wrong about this film. On all counts. Yeah, there was good action and excellent special effects as advertised in the trailers but there was quite a bit more. There was a fairly standard, fairly familiar story behind it. The story was elevated through great performances by a handful of terrific actors. This was a delightful, engrossing movie from start to finish. Natalie Portman and Stephen Rea were stellar like they always are but it was Hugo Weaving who just knocked me out with his performance. He did it all with his voice and his body language. Iíll be watching it again sometime this weekend with Patsy and a couple of big bowls of popcorn. Itís a blast.

Quote of the Day
Remember, remember
The Fifth of November
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot
Evey Hammond, V for Vendetta

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "A fascinating story of feudal laws, an Angry King, a long forgotten insult, and an interesting punishment."

Crank It Up - Part 2

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Didnít want to do another football entry today but this gem from the Associated Press via MSNBC.COM was just too good to pass up:

The Steelers and Dolphins meet Thursday night in the NFLís opening game, but one that originally wasnít planned to match these opponents. A rematch of the Steelers-Broncos AFC championship game was anticipated, but the Broncos pressured to get out of the game and the Dolphins took their place.

The Broncos pressured? I have some rather obvious questions about that and an unsolicited, unwanted opinion for the NFL & the Denver Broncos. For the NFL: Whom did they pressure? How does that work? Why was it allowed to work? For the Broncos: Was this game going to interfere with your TV night? Bingo maybe? This is football, man. Strap it up and play. What a bunch of powder puffs...

The ďcoming apartĒ of the Steelers season was postponed by at least a week. Itís a long season and a lot can still go wrong but from what I saw of the game last night, the Steelers look like theyíll be one of the six AFC teams in the playoff chase. I think theyíll get better as the season progresses.

Quote of the Day
My picture got taken. It was a perfect picture, but all I was trying to do was get uptown.
Ed Fine, Businessman

Blog of the day here

Quote from said blog: "Is there one remaining state or federal officials who is neither corrupt nor a vain careerist, one who is prepared to start treating the insurance industry for what is has become: a criminal, racketeering enterprise?"

Special Sauce

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I'm a self-invited guest blogger. Try to stay awake as I tell you about my day.

I went on a road trip to unfamiliar territory today and took along a co-worker, whom I'll call "Lucky" for the purpose of this story, to deliver and pick up some things for our office. We were on the road from midmorning to midafternoon. As lunch time approached and we began to discuss possible restaurants, we passed a newly popular fast food restaurant. I don't find the food at this restaurant all that special but, having noticed Lucky's proclivity for it in the past, I asked if she wanted to eat there. She declined, explaining that she'd learned, from a discussion held in the office lunchroom recently, that the restaurant's special sauce recipe calls for an excessive amount of mayonnaise - an ingredient that the mere thought of is quite repulsive to my co-worker. Because the information was still new and surprising to her source, whom I will call "Ms. Source", my co-worker continued to be tormented beyond the initial disclosure as Ms. Source waxed indignantly - ad nauseum, if you will - about the exorbitant amount of mayonnaise used to make the sauce. The following day, much to Lucky's dismay, the secret sauce ingredient was again the main topic of the lunch room conversation, further imprinting in her mind the association of mayonnaise with one of her heretofore favorite fast food restaurants. Apparently, prior to this disclosure, the sauce was perfectly palatable to her.

As you've no doubt discerned, we chose a different restaurant for lunch. However, around 2:00, on our ride back to the office, Lucky purchased a drink from the drive-through window of the restaurant in question. It was the most convenient place at the time. With the drink, she was handed a promotional scratch-off game card. It wasn't until we were back at the office that she scratched the card to see if she had matched three items (the requirement to win). Lucky did, indeed, have a winning card. She won a pack of special sauce.

Crank It Up

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I surely like tonightís Dolphins-Steelers game. I think these are two Super Bowl contenders. I give a slight edge to the Steelers even without Big Ben.

Are all sportscasters idiots or just the ones at MSNBC.COM? First, we have JT the Brick:

Why would you want to root for a quarterback other than the one that is leading your home team into battle against your most hated rival?
JT thinks fantasy football fans should get out more. Battle? Itís a game, doofus. CrabAppleLane thinks JT should get out more.

Then we have this gem of a title atop Mike Celezicís column:

Steelersí season coming apart before it starts

Not a single game has been played yet. Their QB had an appendectomy and canít play tonight. Heíll be back soon enough. Even if they were to lose the game tonight (As they might have with Big Ben) and maybe lose next weekís game, too, there is no way any sensible person could characterize this situation as ďcoming apart before it startsĒ.

I offer one more image from yesterday's lunch in City Park:


Sign at City Park in New Orleans. One of the saddest signs of the times. Most of the litter we see today is the result of pure carelessness ... and a certain amount of attitude.

Football season starts tonight ... Crank It Up.

Quote of the Day
We don't try to mortgage the future. We try and put a team on the field each and every year that has a chance to win ... and for the most part it's worked.
Art Rooney, Pittsburgh Steelers Club President

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "And I got to experience a great moment in the history of hairstyling."

City Park - New Orleans, LA


The view from lunch about an hour ago.

Some links for Wednesday

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Cool beyond words from one of my favorite sites. Donít touch.

Why itís in the national interest to help rebuild New Orleans. I like the article but one part of it bothered me. I wish articles like this could be written without blame or comparison. It stands on its own. The instant you add those two unnecessary elements, it gets political and then nobody sees anything else. Via TM.

City Park has been one of my favorite places to have lunch post-Katrina. Itís beautiful to me in spite of Katrinaís devastation and I usually have the place to myself on weekdays. It shouldnít be that way. It should be filled with people on bikes and roller blades, people walking their dogs, people feeding the ducks, and kids laughing and screaming on the seesaws, swings, and monkey bars. I knew the park was short-handed and had no money but I always figured it was because of the City of New Orleansí money woes. There are other reasons, too. Itís always a shame when bureaucracy kills anything. Communities need places like City Park in New Orleans. Communities in despair especially need them.

1 day until football season...

Quote of the Day
It gives people the sense that while they may be making progress on their own little space, the bigger picture is not making progress.
Conrad Abadie

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Together, New Orleans bloggers represent what might be the best example to date of how bloggers are enriching and enhancing mainstream press coverage of the world with personal perspectives."

Nice Three Days

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. My goal this weekend was to recharge the batteries. The only strenuous activities I engaged in were yard work Sunday and a bike ride yesterday. The bike ride was on a course I mapped out a few months ago. Itís mostly downhill early when Iím fresh and uphill late when the legs have a good deal of fatigue. It was just what my arthritic left knee needed but it turned my legs to jelly a little sooner than I expected it to. I like that to happen just as Iím getting off the bike and struggling up the stairs at home. The mile marker at which this occurred yesterday is a little too embarrassing to mention here. It wasnít a total workout ride. They never are. I always bring my camera because the scenery around CrabAppleLane is diverse and beautiful although weíre in a bit of a drought so not much is in bloom right now. We have cattle, sheep, horses, a couple of orchards, and houses that would fit well into any suburban neighborhood all within a mile. Certainly not typical city life but not altogether country. Itís a nice mix.



2 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
Lucifer goes walking
Down for you to meet
Minutes pass so slowly by the
Hands on your clock
UFO, Rock Bottom

Blog of the day via delmer is here.

Quote from said blog: "I've been aware of this usage since I read "We'll go no more a-roving/By the light of the moon.""

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day

3 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
He died doing what he loved best and left this world in a happy and peaceful state of mind. He would have said, 'Crocs Rule!'
John Stainton

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "In fact, their business concept is to take Automat and marry it with modern fast and convenience foods that today's under 30 crowd love to eat."

Gunga Din

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There are some movies on the top whatever lists that I still havenít seen. 1939's Gunga Din, universally loved by most film buffs, was one of those. Itís been on a thousand times but it just wasnít a priority for me to see. I let TiVo record it for me a week ago and I gave it a go last weekend. After twice putting me into a deep sleep better than melatonin ever did last weekend, I finally got through it last night. How this movie makes anyoneís list of great films is a mystery to me. Itís essentially a buddy picture with Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. playing the buddies. This is a film that just wasnít interesting enough for me to not be distracted by the outdated technology. Iím not talking about the film being shot in black and white. That doesnít ever bother me. The choreography, particularly the fight scenes, is 1930s. Pronunciations throughout the film also mystified me. All of the characters pronounced Din as dean and thugs as tugs. Not sure why. I donít think thatís a British thing and I don't think either are correct. All said and done, it wasnít a bad film. It just wasnít the great and profound film I was expecting or led to believe it was. The BOTD has a different take.

One from the head of the trail at CrabAppleLane this morning:


I think trumpet vines have enjoyed a little expansion at CrabAppleLane since Hurricane Katrina. Sure seems like there's more of them around here now. They attract hummingbirds and all kinds of insects. The large bumble bees crawl in and go all the way to the bottom. I like the orange against the green.

4 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.
Rudyard Kipling, Gunga Din

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "It is a great movie, but not one of my top five."



I watched Ultraviolet this afternoon. I recorded it last night but was too tired to get through it. Milla Jovovich is fun to watch in this kind of role. She did something similar in The Fifth Element, which I also liked a lot. Here, she plays a killer in a constantly changing wardrobe. The wardrobe changes with her mood, her injuries, or the events going on around her. I wasnít really sure how that worked nor did I care. In fact, the movie starts with the line, "Hello. My name is Violet and I was born into a world you may not understand.". Fair enough. This is a movie you may not understand. I surely didn't but that was OK by me. It was silly, mindless Saturday afternoon matinee material and was perfect for this Labor Day weekend. As William Hurt said in The Big Chill, "Sometimes, you have to let art flow over you."

5 days until football season...

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Number of weapons found ... many.
Computer Scanner, Ultraviolet

Blog of the day here.

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You probably havenít noticed but I thought Iíd mention that CrabAppleLane hasnít plugged into the YouTube phenomenon that is sweeping the web. Thatís because the very first video I tried to add to an entry here was removed by its owner almost immediately after I published. Iím sure it was pure coincidence because it happened so soon afterwards that I know there wasnít any significant traffic from here to concern him. Three or four more videos that I added to my favorites on my YouTube account have been removed for one reason or another or theyíve gone private. Iíve only been going to that site for a month or so. It also seems to be down for maintenance a lot. Still, I like the resource even when stability is an issue sometimes so I present my second attempt below.

This is my all-time favorite instrumental. Forgive me if Iíve said that a couple of thousand times. No live version Iíve heard is as good as the original soundtrack version (That's the soundtrack CD pictured). I have just about worn out my Local Hero CD. I also have the vinyl album and it is just about worn out, too. The video is Going Home and it is the closing song for the film, Local Hero (Terrific movie). Mark Knopfler wrote it and is performing a pretty good rendition of it here.

6 days until football season...

Quote of the Day
Do your worst
Mark Knopfler, Going Home Video

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Quote from said blog: "Thing is, I had to go down to that stinking hell hole two times and place more than two dozen calls in order to have one employee after another tell me "No, managers esta aqui" over and over and over."

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