Football on a CrabAppleLane Sunday

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Would love to see the Saints win in Green Bay this afternoon to go 2-0. Next week’s Saints-Falcons Monday night game in the Superdome is already taking on legendary proportions. It will be the first game in the dome since Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath ravaged it and everyone here is looking forward to it. If the Saints are 2-0, I think it will probably be the biggest Saints game ever played, even eclipsing the Saints only playoff win in 2000 against the Rams. But first, the Packers. This game worries me. On the surface, the Packers looked and played pretty bad last week. Underneath the surface, The Saints don’t do well in Green Bay or against Brett Favre. GO Saints GO.

Tough loss at Auburn yesterday for the LSU Tigers. I’m not a referee basher for the most part but there were some curious calls in the game yesterday. A flag for pass interference was picked up without any kind of review. The flag was the right call. Even more curious were the non-calls. I’m a big fan of letting the players play but I saw a lot of LSU players getting hit a yard out of bounds. All of the hits were high, most above the shoulder pads, and some where the defender left his feet to make the hit. There should have been personal fouls called in most of those instances. Still, LSU can’t blame the referees for the loss. The defense played good enough. I blame the offensive game plan. I think they could have and should have thrown downfield in the 15-25 yard range much more than they did. They were too content to run and throw short passes.

One CrabAppleLane backyard image to offer for this beautiful Sunday morning:


I suppose the male hummingbirds have headed south for the winter. Nothing but females at CrabAppleLane this Sunday morning. The female sitting at the feeder fancies herself the guardian and chases off all interlopers like the one trying to come in for a landing. I was fortunate to capture the interloper’s shadow on the brick wall, too. I like that. Hummingbirds are starting to swarm the CrabAppleLane feeders now but they’re not tolerant of each other yet. In a week or so, they’ll all be best of friends and will sit down shoulder to shoulder at the feeders.

Quote of the Day
Our quarterback played extremely well all day. He just needed to put a little air under the ball on that last play.
Les Miles, LSU Tigers Head Football Coach

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "This was the most recent in a string of related incidents that seem to follow Robinson everywhere he goes, no matter how fast he goes."


Mom said:

What's the reason for the antagonism now, and the friendship later? Have you figured that out yet? I thought the shadow was a third bird -- a little rhyme for your Sunday edification.

Katie and Amy and I watched the March of the Penguins last night. I don't know what all the hype was about. We all thought it was a slightly tedious typical documentary. It was nominated for several Oscars, and did win one in some obscure category. Before that, while Katie visited Luke, Amy and I watched a documentary about pythons and alligators on National Geographic. It was most interesting. Have you seen that picture of a python which had eaten an alligator and then exploded? I have it if you're interested in seeing it. Sue sent it to me and told me about the program to watch last night. I talked to her this morning and she was sorry she had forgotten all about it. I believe it will be shown several or many more times on that channel so if that sort of thing would interest you, tune in. What we saw of it was very good. The reason Sue forgot about it is that she spent most of the afternoon in the emergency room with Patrick and his severely sprained ankle, received while playing soccer. The doctor said to wait a week before resuming his soccer playing. I invoked Patsy in telling her that it won't be healing as fast as the doctor said. I think a week would be way too soon. That should do it for this pouring-down-rain Sunday. I missed 10:30 Mass because I wasn't quite ready. Then I missed 11:00 Mass because of the cloudburst. So 12:30 it is. Have a fine day.

Rob said:

I think they just don't want to expend any energy squabbling before they head south. Patsy's ankle wasn't sprained. It was broken in three places. And Patsy is not a teenager any more. My guess is Patrick will be up and around and chomping at the bit to play in a week.

kim said:

Great day for the Saints. :) I hope I can watch next week's Monday night game. Very, very cool. :)

Nightfly said:

I had this one circled on my sheet this week - revenge for that 52-3 unprofessional roll-up. It was never in doubt, man. AND my boys made the huge comeback to beat the Iggles, which is truly awesome.

Rob said:

It should be a blast, Kim.

There was a lot of doubt, Fly. This year's game started out a lot like last year's game. This is an entirely different team, though. Congrats to the Giants and our local hero, Eli.

Kem White said:

I think all my hummingbirds have departed. I thought I saw one zip through the yard Saturday, but last night we ate out on the deck and saw nary a one.

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